Best Friend's Disgusting Boyfriend

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Submitted: January 20, 2015

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Submitted: January 20, 2015



The truth I hold, took a while to unfold,

I locked it all up for it to never be told.
But now I will speak,

For I am done being weak.

I found a place to confide,

No more shall I hide.

This man was eighteen,

And my best friend was keen.

He asked her out,

But I had a doubt.

I thought he was bad,

But she told me I'm mad.


Around her at school,

He'd play it cool.

She had no clue,

About what he would do.

He wouldn't give up,

He was far to stuck up.


When she went away,

He asked me to stay.

To drive to his place,

To meet face to face.

He wants to have fun,

So I decide I should run.


When she came back,

He cut me come slack.

But when he was alone,

He'd give me a phone.

Describe what he would do,

If I gave him chance to.


He'd send picture to me,

Of things I didn't want to see.

Tried bribing me to play,

No, was all I could say.

Delete him and block,

For no more pictures of his cock.


I thought things were bad,

Couldn't tell mum or dad.

What else could I do,

A police interview.

It made me feel stupid,

But that's what I did.


My best friend found out,

All she did was shout.

It reduced me to tears,

We'd been friends for 5 years.

She thought it was lies,

So we said our goodbyes.


I got rid of this beast,

But then he was released.

Got off completely scot-free,

After what he'd done to me.

She still loves him so,

And will never let him go.


Now I thought it was done,

And I could have fun.

But he still speaks to me,

When he is lonely.

Guess I'll never get rid,

Of this guy that's stupid.


It fucks up my head,

When I'm thinking in bed.

I lost my best friend,

Friendship's come to an end.

Did I cause this? me?

Do I deserve misery?


Now I am lonely,

Only friend of mine's me.

Hated by all,

I'm destined to fall.

I'll try to stay strong,

My life will go on.

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