Eternity is my path

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Something I thought up after a meditation section.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012




True mindfulness forgiven sight in light of thought which I mark my own identity from my past into my future

Looking deep and contemplating what was there and what could be explained by simple definition of my own conciseness

I struggle to come to terms with myself so our minds expands and opens to new and exciting creations to fill a void of empty emotions which become of no use to the world

I grow up expecting and find experimenting to build up force and energy to break free the tight shackles and to look ahead further beyond what’s known and to believe in what’s an unconditional life expense

With fear, hate, anger and jealousy expectations of a shield I break free to unearth the true fact of myself and ability of what I really am

No depth or awareness to them but to others around I see the colours of blue, green, orange, red, black with many more coinciding into their true lights

Hold them back from the sense of forgiveness and heritage from their own demise and destructions

Onto them we shall forget and I shall forgive at peace to them with the signs ahead are clear and I shall be forth and swift

To live apart and break free for them to see how easy it has become

To stop and stare and take breath from here I look deep and ask is it all worth it?

I stop and gasp for air

Is it that easy I ask myself?

This bending of sight to see to mark a stone of believes onto me with open wide eyes and open friendly hands

I take the first step a leap on to the sand and leave only prints of my past I vanish only leaving and imprint for all to remember

I took that stand

I took that hand

Forever is my path onto the universe living long into time without ever looking back?

I release my thought and energy into the unknown

Forgiveness, friendliness, kindness and love the true sight of what I have become and shall be

Eternity is my path

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