The overlords sword

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A adventure story.

Submitted: April 03, 2008

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Submitted: April 03, 2008



Peter Heitsmith

9-6-07 The overlords sword





Peter and Chris are ok friends who both live in Greeshire and lived the good life until the evil overlord sent attackers to destroy it. They fought them off but hardly, every peaceful foke had to fight. After the battle they decided they needed to destroy the overlord to live in peace.  The only way to destroy him was to steal his sword of power and bright it to the land of the black sage and destroy it with blue fire it can destroy anything). They called a meeting to see if anyone would do it but no one volunteered. To show there bravery Peter and Chris took up the task. But they god separated in the woods and went for it alone, but I’m sure that wont be the last time they meet.

Uh-oh Chris said as the large egg cracker open, he was at the top of hunch back MT. in the overlord’s castle. He was in the armory one room away from the chapel which contains the sword. The egg shell ripped open and a big black dragon emerged from the whit orange spotted egg. Its eyes glowing red like coals. A thought appeared into Chris mind his only hope was to get the sword and slay the dragon; he started running to the chapel the dragon close behinds wailing balls of fire all around him. He turned the corner and there it was or at least should be…….but it wasn’t instead there was a small peace of parchment. The dragon hadn’t turned the corner yet her quickly picked it up and read it.


Dear Chris,

Good job at getting into the castle but I honestly don’t know why you went into the castle through the front gate there’s a perfectly good back door it was unlocked to.

Ill sees if I can find you in the woods if you escape P.S. there’s a dragon in that huge egg.

From peter


Chris heard a noise behind him and so he turned around and standing right behind him was the dragon. The dragon moved swiftly and whacked Chris against the wall with its tail Chris cut his hand from a decretive dagger on the wall, but luck was on his side and the back door was right next to him. He ran out and slammed the door shut it left a bloody hand print on the wall. Her turned around and gasped he was standing on a cliff above a rushing river. He could feel the dragon pounding against the door. He felt a crinkle under his feet when he stepped back it was another note he read it.

Dear Chris,

I forgot to tell you watch out for falling rocks, peter.



He felt a rumble then a crack beneath his feet the rock had broke underneath him and by the time he look down he was about to fall into the  river. Splash!!!

He landed on his back owwwww I think I need a M.R.I. Peter was close by in the woods and heard a splash so her started to run to the river. Chris got sucked down the stream and kept getting submerged by the powerful rushing water. After of what felt like hours of getting beating by rocks, and almost drowning thousands of times. The rive finely calmed and turned into a shallow stream. He felt the ground beneath him; he was lying half unconscious on the side of the river bank. He felt a war hand on his shoulder and then he was being pulled out of the water and the next thing he new he was unconscious dreaming of the sword, the notes, but most of all the warm hand.


Peter was still running along side the river trying as hard as he could to find Chris. There were little drops of blood every wear, but then he saw something pretty far in the distances it was a small hut.

Chris started to awaken and he felt the warmth of a fire on his face, there was a man in gray robes holding a brown staff with a white beard and hair smoking a brown pipe. So you have finally awakened from your slumber his voice old but cheerful, Chris sat up quickly. Who are you he asked?  My name is gauldren I am a wizard the man replied I saved you from nearly droning. Here drink this gauldren handed Chris a cup of some strange tea.

Chris drank a little bit then spat it out ever were Yuk! What is this? It’s an herbal tea it will heal your wounds and restore your energy. Peter had finally mad it to the door of the hut and knocked….there was no answer .Hello any one home he decided to go inside and saw Chris declined on a chair. Hey Chris peter said cheerfully. Peter if I wasn’t so tired I would pumble you. Peter heard footsteps out side he quickly turned around and drew the sword, Gauldren walked in and was surprised to find peter and have a sword pointed at him. The wizard mumbled some words and the sword flung into Gauldrens hands. Now gauldren had his staff out and the sword. Wait gauldren he’s my friend, oh than welcome said gauldren he gave the sword back to peter. Chris hoped out of the chair, thanks for your help Gauldren but I must go with peter, the sword that peter has is the overlords sword peter and I vowed to destroy it so we are journeying to the pit of ice fire. That is a dangerous journey said gauldren let me accompany you and see to your safety…No! Gauldren you have already done enough I don’t want you risking your life for our sake. Fine but take this gauldren handed Chris I vial of what seamed to be purple liquid drop this on the ground we you are in parel. Peter and Chris started to leave gauldren stopped them keep your eyes were your heading other wise you might lose your barring and with those words as advice they left. Peter took out the map and glanced at it ok lets go he started to run. Wait peter said Chris we have a long road ahead of us lets take out time. To be continued

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