Code of Ethics for A Mistress

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A mistress life path is never easy. She is both a predator and a prey. Keep insanity at bay by practicing a few tips on how to live a stress free life being a mistress and how to free yourself from the bondage of an illicit affair. Your choice, your call.

Code of Ethics for a Mistress


Recorded history attest that kingdoms, empires, dynasties sheikdom and fiefdom were built, and maintained by the treasures and wealth looted from the spoils of war and tyranny.  Rulership transferred, defeated, crumbled and over timed were abandoned and forgotten.  Men reverts back to being an idiot, until he is pick up from his knees again, train, educate  and taught the art of going to war with other tribes.  Trophies of war  were swallowed and lost in the mist of time save for a few rubbles and relics that are buried in the sands, swallowed by vegetation, submerged at sea reclaimed by nature , forgotten until some curious seeker, adventurer or a neophyte archeologist stumble on the ruins left as a testament of the grandeur of the man's conquest.  Kingdoms were united, alliances were forged through marriages of warring factions or teaming up with a mistress  like Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba for political gains and expansion of territories and beyond borders.  

For every ruler, and tyrant who oppressed people for centuries or freed men from bondage of slavery, there is always the presence of a mistress by the ruler's side, manipulating behind the scenes, or a dumb spectator listening to the ruler as he dictates the destiny of the lives of thousands in his fingertips.  Mistresses magic charm and services are seek by men and rulers alike ever since men learned to fight  and go to war with his fellow men.

 Mistresses will here to stay to add colour to a dull life of a ruler and make the life of a wife a living hell..


Definition of a Mistress—

A  mistress  is  a woman who latched  unto a de facto  sexual contract with a married man as his kept woman or concubine for  an indeterminate period of time  with one purpose  and motive--- to advance each other’s  separate and self serving agenda.


The Bartering chip:

A married man offers an illicit relationship unto a woman because she exactly fits the bill.


Who are those that exactly  fitted  the bill.

1. A woman who is financially ruin or financially broke.

A woman who is destitute, jobless, suffered several failed financial investments, or  incurred a large debt will be on the look out for a man with lots of disposable cash to offer and share.  When her options runs out ,  debts  are demandable, worsen by numerous  bills piling up on the table, the woman is force or seduced to take on the bait offered by a married bloke to bail her out from her financial  woes and worries.

On the extreme end are habitual bad debtors. These women always maximizes their credit cards.  Investments or business endeavors they entered into habitually flushes down the drain, capital gone.  In other words everything these women touched rots and crumbles unto dusts.  They never learnt to analyze the reason behind their repetitive self made destruct habits.  Among the top of the lists are compulsive shoppers, social climbers and yes suckers looking for a prey in a form of a redeemer to save them from financial meltdown.   No amount of severe penalties, accrued interests added on on top of the principal amount they borrowed for the debts they owed to banks and lending institutions scared them to stop. 

I have personally talked to an American friend of mine who was  married to a habitual bad debtor.  For many years he performed the herculean feats of a savior saving his damsel in distress from financial ruin and debts.  

Regularly the pretty wife regresses and go back to her old bad habit.  After 15 years, the husband have had enough of the numerous bail outs and told the wife  that he is tired of the vicious cycle, and for the last time it will be her problem alone.  The frantic wife immediately looks for an escape goat to rub unto her  problems.  Entered into the unfolding drama is the arrival of her knight in shining armour, a secret admirer for many years.  Sure enough the man offered her cold cash as a safe haven from an imminent legal battle with the banks.  What happen after is predictable, the wife leaves the husband, filed for divorce  split their conjugal property and marry the knight.  Her share of the proceeds were then paid to the bank and the balance was financed by her new husband.  Five years later the woman did it again, but now she is more  wiser in hiding her financial woes, for how long I do not know.  The last time I was told, she approached  her  ex husband and borrowed money from him to pay her numerous bills in exchange for sex.  The ex wife becomes the mistress.


2.Young and naïve 

No grumpy old toad holding a fat bank account, stinking rich will get attracted to an old hag or an ugly woman that is the universal truth.  Old toads always lusted after the beauty and the body of young nubile women.The younger  the  woman, the better for the male ego and morale of the aging bull.  Grumpy toads prefered sexy young women with no brains to fulfill their self serving agenda which translates to no rational  discussions, and only sexual calisthenics in bed.

A younger woman more or less gets attracted to a rich sophisticated old toad or a crooked old toad depending on her taste and desperation.  When he  continues to shower her path with lavish gifts and attention, the woman will bend, twist her principles.  Women worldwide want to be loved, needed , appreciated, and cared for.  The unexpected arrival of the aging bull on her doorstep who exhibits the finesse qualities of being empathic, attentive, caring and sensitive to her material needs, wants and luxuries is too good an offer for a young woman to refuse.  The young mistress closes her eyes to the despicable monster,  immerses herself on the illicit affair with the old married bull and practiced the art of pretension.  Lost in the cocoon of her make believe world making love to a prince instead of a joker..

What is being described above is a typical, sophisticated art of seduction initiated by an old leery bull unto  a young naïve woman who sacrifice her youth and body, by agreeing to sign in situ a de facto arrangement as a kept woman in exchange for money and other mouth watering deals..

3. Selfish predatory Bitch  --  A woman enveloped in greed and selfishness will always desire for more material goodies, and attention because she can not be satisfied of what she have accumulated, hoarded and own.  Contentment is completely absent in her psyche.

 She will never have contentment on anything and everything that she fancies.I personally know of a pretty lady, that is if you like a chinese beauty for many years before she transform into a greedy siren right in front of my eyes.  The woman in question is educated, sophisticated and comes from a middle class family.  She has a stable job, living in a good furnished home and has no problems with finances,  yet she latched unto  a married man because she wanted more, more and more.  Her appetite for luxuries is insatiable.  She is not typically a bad person, in fact she saves part of the monies in the bank .  She has no plans of abdicating her throne as a mistress of a fiefdom.  Her past time is spent regularly surfing on dating websites, making a fool on foreign men who have no idea of  the web of lies she weaved onto them.  Men are caught in her spell in a heart beat because she exudes financial independence, little did they know.

4. Scorned  Woman—  Some women latched unto married men for a different personal strange reason.  They want to exact revenge on men in general as a form of exacting payment for the past failed relationship they have endured with their boyfriends and partners who betrayed their trust, love and  loyalty. 

One personal friend of mine and several acquiantances  have high paying jobs, annual vacations on top tourist destinations in Asia experienced being rail roaded by the men they love.

She got tired of her gullibility being unable to discern the real deal from a traitor.  After several failed relationships she changes her tack and vowed to exact revenge, on married men.

Her illicit arrangement is a pure cold bloodied self serving agenda  to milk the married man for money and freezes her heart out from any form of human attachment. She uses her body as a vehicle and her feminine wiles to trick the unsuspecting married toad  towards her bosom until his purpose is done.

5. Women who are Vulnerable---women who are broken hearted or emotionally suffered from the onslaught of emotional break ups are most vulnerable to trick and debauchery. The split created an emotional upheaval on the psyche of the woman who used to have a one happy relationship or a family.  Self pity, inadequacy and insecurity bubbles on the surface and out here comes a married man who take advantage on her susceptiblity, spouted lies to make her feel needed, wanted and loved. 

The Self serving agenda


a. Job promotion --A single or married woman  will go to  extreme measures to have an   illicit affair with her married superior, employing seductions and subtle variance there for salary increase, bonuses, and additional fringe benefits.The relationship becomes complicated when the mistress is a good seductress in bed compared to fat boring wife at home.  The married man eventually rents a pad for the secret rendezvous.

b. Fun and adventure  --- the woman desires money sandwich into her fun, sexual escapades and adventure.The husband seldom comes home because of work, wife missed sex and is bored.

c. Milking cow---predatory lazy women who abhors real job disguise themselves as naïve, wearing the masks of  innocence prefer to sit back and relax.  She wants a milking cow to finance all her earthly desires in exchange for her body to cater to the sexual appetites and lusts in exchange for cash.


d. Money and Luxuries ---Most women who enters into an a forbidden affair with a married men or married women having affairs with married men did it for the money.  The disposable income of one or both couple  might  not be enough to pay for the bills, hence the extra marital affairs.

e. Pure Sex  -- the partner at home is most likely boring or is not a sexually attractive or active anymore, hence the secret affair with a man who can give her what is essentially lacking in her life.

f. Fall out of Love  --- she falls out of love but to file for a divorce is not an option because it translates to becoming destitute or there is a large fortune at stake or a costly litigation will ensure, so the woman finds someone who fills the void in her life, albeit secretly.


 Mistresses are cunning, selfish, ego maniacs and pathetic creatures whose sole aim is for the fulfillment, success and attainment of their self serving agenda and so is the married man they have an affair with.  They are attention seekers and wanted to be needed and appreciated for their efforts and accomplishments may it trivial or damaging. 

The life of a mistress is not  plain and simple, it carries an invisible twin.  Mistresses will have plenty of stress by the time the affair is partly over or completely over and done with.  There are instances when the married man suddenly and for no apparent reason  terminates the relationship without an explanation and the woman is left in the cold on how to manage the smooth transition. 

The bargaining chip  is her reputation and the murder of her self respect in exchange for the material luxuries she enjoys.  Society on the one hand governed by morality, skepticism and religious bigotry will redicule, condemn and branded her a cold hearted snake.  

Mental stress is the invisible twin of a mistress.  Being labeled a harlot is branded on her skin, an identifying mark of her indiscretion and foolishness. The passage of time toughens her hide as she continues to bathe in the river of sin. Mistresses do it for the money or material wealth,  for sexual growth, fun and deviation from the boring  bed time routine with their spouses.  The rest of the pathetic women went to the extreme of wanting permanent arrangement by trying to steal the married man from his family.  Like cancer  gnawing the gut, obsession eats her soul until nothing is left but an empty shell of her former self. 

A mistress is a master manipulator, however naive, innocent and sweet tempered she appeared to be, so is the man she have an illicit affair with.  The relationship is aim for the guaranteed success of their separate self serving selfish agenda.  The forbidden affair drains the energy of the people that surrounds her and the family she victimized.  Unsolicited advises fell on deaf ears,  the mistress will cultivate and nurture the cloak and dagger defensive mechanics over time to justify her immoral acts.

There is a code of ethics that a mistress or a potential mistress must adopt to maintain the status quo.  These guidelines came straight from the horses mouth.  They experienced what they have preached in here. And here are the important  protocols every mistress must remember:

1.Never expect the man to leave his wife and kids for your own sake.  Neither shall you demand  to replace the official consort in your favor.  This is the reality of your situation.

2.Never ask personal questions about his family.  Topics about his family is a complete off limits, a forbidden territory.   Avoid sticking your nose on someone's else windows].  you will only invite stress and pressure.  Why bother?  You are but a ship passing in the night.  


3.  To manipulate your emotions is his creed, henceforth do not be a slave to your emotions.  The forbidden affair is nothing more than a business venture of the flesh.  He delivers the goods, you deliver top performance in bed.  Do not put face value on his protestations of permanence.

4.Never fall in love and trust a married man.  He could never be trusted , a liar and a traitor to his family, remember?  Hence his capability of lying to anyone including you is his blue print.  He is only loyal to himself.

4.Do inner introspection.  Find your self worth.  Be independent, look for a job, investment or alternative source of income. 

5.Do not get involve with his financial worries and obligations.  financial issues is exclusively his own look out.  Your role is to spend his money.   Concentrate on how often he  provides  your wants and needs.   Be his perfect bitch in bed, no more no less.  A therapist and shock absorber is not part of your job description unless otherwise he pays you extra for such services.

6.Never think of yourself as the under dog.  Do not expect people to admire your deed.  Do not seek sympathy and empathy on your behalf.  

7. People will brand you a whore, society will reject and scorn you.   It is to be expected.  Keep a low profile and do not call undue attention on your presence.


8. Save for the future.  Do not boast what you hoard, for the wealth you reap did not come from an honest labor.

 9 He might terminate the relationship anytime he pleases. Your body is a vehicle he sits upon as long as the ride suits him well, in turn use him to your advantage.  Watch your steps and learn to analyze your methods.


10. Enjoy the moment while it lasts. Think about the possibility of  a better life of peace, and contentment aside from the shit hole you are in.  

11. Act with humility.  Official functiond and duties are solely for the wife, learn to respect it.

12.Do not be a fool by getting pregnant with his kid.  Your child will be a laughing stock.  Limit your foolishness only to yourself.

13.   Suck out whatever money you can get from him, and immediately abandon the relationshipwithout ever turning back.  The man deserves what he got.  Make these guidelines your personal mantra.  Turn your ways and follow the right path to emancipation and freedom. Get back your self confidence and self respect.

14.  If the man you had an affair with is logical and rational, he would have filed for divorce first before having another woman into his life.  

The truth always hurts.  Your choice your call.  Decide now or forever be an incompetent fool!

Submitted: April 28, 2013

© Copyright 2023 Petra Joss Kent. All rights reserved.

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I enjoyed your writing and found it very interesting, to the point where it actually made feel chills!
Could it be that my former lady friend actually followed this code? I wonder, because as confused as I was about her, after 16 years I think this guide that you wrote has helped me to better understand my loss.
Any one of my three short books will describe the problem, with only a few tweaks to each one. I only wrote about it because I cannot talk about this with anyone. I find that it helps to pour it out on paper.
Thank you for your story, it was enlightening!

Tue, April 30th, 2013 5:58pm

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