My Immortal Pet Cat

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Have you ever own a pet? How special is your pet? Mine was special, after his death I vowed not to get attach to an animal again. Ming was buried with a funeral procession, accompanied by hymns and eulogy. Ming is not just your run off the mill cat, he is special and become an instant celebrity in my neighborhood during his untimely demise.

My Immortal Cat Ming
When I was young and awkward skinny girl of 11, I owned a loyal, handsome male cat . His named is Ming, a cross breed of bengals and oriental short hairs. He had piercing large amber green eyes, long legs sporting a delicate fur coat of colored gray and light tinge green haphazardly scattered around his muscled tone body, from a Serengeti bloodline.
Ming is not your typical pet cat, far from it. He receives a special shower every weekend, he would be shivering once he is all wet and gives me a menacing frozen cold dagger stare. But my wishes always prevail, in time he get used to his unique hygiene.. He is a playful, charismatic and precocious cat who loves to eat fresh fish or sardines in can..
Back then our home was built exclusively on wood, roads are unpaved, and there is no running water pipe yet installed indoors. The faucet is located outside and the supply is like a trickle of dew. But we have a very sturdy well that is conveniently supplying water on most of our neighborhood for free. I would fetch water from the well propelled by a rope attached to a bucket then I would maneuver it downward and get the fresh water. Ming's ritual bath is very swift for he abhors the sight of water wetting on his coat and has made him shivers. Of course I will shampoo his fur all over, rinse him well and pat him dry with a cotton cloth and whisked him off in the direct path of the sunlight, so that his fur will dry quicky. I would then put baby powder all over his body.
I love my cat, I personally take care of him and I adore Ming like he is part of the family . I have no idea if my hygienic ritual is good for him,but its nice to smell a shampooed cat.. Ming likes to sleep with us at night. He would find a way to get inside the mosquito net, that is put up every night to protect us from nasty mosquito bites, we are located in a tropical land hence the presence of mosquitoes. He loves to lie down at our feet, bellies or at the side of our face, purring contentedly.
That is why I also imposed mandatory teeth and fangs brushing every night for Ming before we go to bed. How? I would put tiny amount of toothpaste on my index finger and applies it on Ming’s mouth and rub it briskly right thru his teeth and fangs. At first Ming would revolt, perhaps he hated the taste of the unfamiliar chemical in his mouth. After wrestling with him for several days, he finally surrendered and has get used to the daily routine. His paws is next to be washed. I would apply soap, rinse and pat it dry. And off we go to bed, Ming me and my sister.
Ming is a vocal cat, he would make different meowing sounds, for this type of cat likes to talk, his way of communicating with his human companions. He is very active, agile and make graceful jumps. He love to prance around swaying like a typical model demonstrating a cat walk. Ming’s favorite toy is a ball of yarn that is stored in my mothers jurassic sewing machine compartments. He would lie on my moms foot while mom is sewing her fancies and Ming would wait for the ball of yarn to fall on his lap. Once it landed on top of his head down to the floor made of bamboo stilts, Ming would excitedly grab it using his front paws. He will jabbed on it, bite on it, drag it around until it is tangled and wrapped on all of his four legs. He would roll all over trying to free himself, sometimes it gets so worst, I will help him to remove the spool of yarn. After untangling himself, he would take a respite, then I will play with him using a broom stick. I would pat it on the floor and it would make a hissing sound, Ming would then attempt to latch , grab and try to catch it.
The best talent of Ming though is catching mice, and anything that is moving and crawling when it try to stray or trespass in his protective territory. He would drag the helpless mouse around until it becomes so exhausted . He will then hold it by clamping his teeth on its body, then he would present it to us, perhaps to seek for approval and wanting of praise for his effort and cleverness. We would pat his head and tell him how a good boy he is but told him to bring it somewhere else of which he readily obeyed.
We have fishermen neighbors, and sometimes Ming would steal and bring the fisherman’s catch a fish as big as his size. He will be struggling hard to carry and balanced it on his clamp mouth, to keep the fish from falling off his mouth. He likes to present his find and the fish he managed to steal. There are moments the neighbor would come in our house and inquire if we have seen a fish, for Ming likes to hoard more than one fish. Mom will end up paying for the fish. Ming likes to rubbed his body on our legs and arms, and he would look at us straight while he is making this cat meowing sounds.
Some mornings Ming is in a bitchy mood trying to wake us up licking our face with his leathery tongue and making that scratchy gesture using his claws on our body. The moment I can’t no longer withstand the welt of red marks on my skin , I would castigate him ,and he would stop. He was only trying to kiss us ladies.
Then one day Ming just died. We are not certain how he did it., the consensus was that he probably must have eaten a puffer fish,for there is a season when there would be plenty of dead puffer fish wash off ashore. And our modest home is built about 30 yards away from the shoreline.
Imagine our utter despair, we cried. torrents feeling the loss of Ming. We planned to give him a grand funeral complete with pomp and circumstance that same day to honor Ming's memories.. We ask some playmates to find us a carton box that would fit Ming wih room for flowers, and they promptly provided us. Then we laid Ming carefully inside the make shift coffin. We then picked different kinds of flowers, the most popular household items at that time were santan , bougainvillea, tiger orchids and dancing lady orchids that is attached on the stem and trunk of our fruit trees. We filled his coffin with a sprinkle of pretty tiny flowers, and sing church hymns and popular songs together with our playmaytes. Our tears keep on pouring, even our playmates are crying with us. We choose to bury him in a special plot in our backyard, but before we interred him, we offer prayers. I could not remember what prayers we wrote on the papers that were folded and buried with Ming. At our young age then we already knew animals have no souls.
After Ming was buried, we were so sad and the topic that was talked among us is like what you will hear in a typical human wake , discussing the life of Ming and his petty crimes. It took us a while to snap free from our sad state, we missed Ming so much. The special interment of Ming was broadcast to the neighborhood the next day by our parents and playmates, and it cause quite a stir. Ming’s funeral was special. Ming is a special cat, we love him and he made us happy, nobody will take his place. From that moment on, I chose not to have a pet again.

Submitted: April 12, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Petra Joss Kent. All rights reserved.

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Well written! I felt a lump in my throat, and I felt your loss. I have had many cats and I felt so sad with every loss. Each cat is so unique and special. My cat is named Andy. I saved her when she was a tiny kitten, and living beneath a dumpster at a shopping center, where I made deliveries in a large truck. The town was Andover, in Nassachusetts, so I named her Andy. She follows me everywhere, and thinks of me as her Daddy! I believe that she has traits from some of my former pet cats.
You should try picking out another cat someday, maybe some of Ming's old habits will surface and make you feel the closeness you once had with him. Nice story!

Tue, April 30th, 2013 6:21pm


Nope my doors are closed indefinitely about getting another pet. Yes I live in Asia, south east Asia to be exact, right below Taiwan. I am prolific in the English language coz I have spent 4 years surfing yahoo chat rooms meeting an odd assortment of wankers, smarty ass pants and loony tunes chatters. I do prefer English speaking countries though and faultless grammar as well as spelling is something I wont negotiate nor compromise. In time I move on to another field, went on dating websites. I met online a variance of professional Europeans. It is nice being able to express myself well conversing in the English language and meeting other races that are also equally flawless in their grammar, educated and very well read and informed. I learned lessons in life everyday, and I was thankful that I was able to follow my childhood instinct and interests to speak the English language fluently- because of the English language, I am able to express myself and communicate effortlessly to interesting foreign individuals who enriches my life, encourage me to pursue my untapped passion in writing and support my interests and personal endeavor in order to better myself, find my self worth, in turn learn to love and trust another man again. I am slim and petite by your western standards. I have a body of a 20 years old, a temper of an 8 year old and a strong headed personality of a bull.

Thu, June 13th, 2013 10:22pm

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