A handbook for Internet Dating

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People come on net for a variety of selfish reasons. Read and find out who are these folks you will encounter on dating websites, social networking sites and in chat rooms. And discover the secret to beat them on their game. A rich concoctions of sane, not so sane, borderline insane and the wackos. If you are fated to meet the right guy then you are in for a luck

Submitted: February 05, 2012

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Submitted: February 05, 2012



Handbook on Internet Dating for Beginners, Toddlers, and Ancient Searchers

Internet dating is the most popular and shortest route to finding a sexual mate, friends with benefits, a prey, and a predator.. This is a must see and read article for the victim, prowler, the sinner, crazies who fancy finding a quick or long term relationship doing their marketing and shopping from dating websites, social net working sites, and chat rooms.

Rules of the Game:

1. Do not ever let your heart rule over your head. Always use your brain as your think tank and not what your heart want to perceives. Flattery and deception are the subtle nuances of the game and if you will succumb to its hypnotic spell , then you will be tumbling straight down without warning 90 degrees vertically down the cliffs.

2. Remember not all male members on dating websites are honestly looking for a serious relationship or a life time mate. About two thirds members of both sexes are in there exclusively for the excitement and the fun. One half of them are currently married or still in a relationship. One third are still pining for their love ones or exs', emotionally bruised and looking for someone to dump their shit - on you. Many are alcoholic, on prescription drugs, substance abuse, a packet of bipolars and liars. Jobless, suicidal and living in their own bubble world concocting tales of their otherwise non existent life.

Interracial dating is selling like hot cakes on net, crisscrossing continents , is outright complicated and dangerous. Both sexes have share of its lunatic members. The male predators preselect the country to have their annual vacation, they will then enlist themselves in the country where there is a cheap and free market for girls under the guise of dating websites. They correspond with the ladies they fancy best, the criteria will be the best bodies and the dumbest brain, meet them on pre scheduled dates, have fun and sex and that was it. The sex objects is left in the cold after wondering whatever happen to the protestations of love expressed by the man she had sex with


On the extreme end is an old man, wrinkled withered but loaded with money. He only wanted the best merchandise, young, sexy, robust without brains but pretty and terrific in bed. The leech girl with invisible claws would then move for the kill, aim for the jugular vein, singing praises to the old toad. When she gains his trust and affection she will then bleed his wallet, break his fragile heart and bloated manly ego.

Be wise, be wary and choose wisely. Berealistic, if it sounds too good to be true then it is just fantasy.. Do not let your guard down. Trust is something he must earn first, for you to grant it to him and vice versa. Take your time, enjoy the moment while it lasts, dont rush but don't dally either. There are ways to catch a sparrow, ask personal questions, delve further on his likes and dislikes, provoke him into an argument and make him sweat with worry and apprehension . Test his tolerance level on emotional issues, anger management and his cup of patience. Poke him left and right subtly. It is very important you know his identity, residential address, his contact numbers both landline and mobile phone, and all data must freely given to you. The fact sheets of his life is your insurance that he is what he says he is, otherwise he is a phantom that only exist in your head.

Be emphatic, straight forward with the person regarding what you want in Life. There is no use beating around the bush, do not waste your time, energy and money chasing a predator or a basket case. If the person is trying to dodge on personal questions you throw at his court and prefers to talk about getting intimate with you on cam - for whatever out of this world cajoling spell , bottom line is - the man is dork. Do not create excuses for his behavior. Kick him hard out of your life for he is a parasite.

Be yourself, spontaneous, have fun, and do not expect wedding bell tolls. The only way to find out if you have established some deep emotional bond is once you two will meet for real. If what you felt on cam is magnified a thousand fold in real life or flush down the drain. Seeing each other in the flesh, exploring and sharing intimate moments and thoughts is a good indicator for you to find out if ithe quest is worth going further or better call it quits.

Like a moth drawn to a flame, we come and troop down on these various dating websites, to taste the delicacy they offered and try our luck, or perhaps or we simply just want to de stress. After perusing the home page, we immediately register ourselves like bees converging on the beautiful colors and aromas of the bunch of flowers that behold our sights, wanting to sip the nectar and drink from its glory to quench away our thirst.

Why do ever we choose this option instead of a real date? We did it for a variety of reasons but mostly it is curiosity that made us go there and dip our hands on the game circuit. A mixture of odd and regular enthusiasts we are excited to meet someone in the virtual world each participant brings a particular hidden agenda in mind, mostly for selfish reasons, come on admit it folks.

But there the bad omen lies ahead, for you do not know if the person you are chatting with is really what he purports to be. Like in a movie , he will carefully edit on cam what he wants you to see and hear. For all you know he might just be Dr. Jeykll and Hyde hiding under the guise of an angel.

Advantages of Internet Dating:

1. Internet dating has many advantages, for one it will not make a dent on your daily schedules and priorities in life for you have the option to establish the parameters and boundaries as to when you will be on line, the duration and whom to appear online.

2. The option to be able to edit your fact sheets or dossier depending on what aspects of your life that you want to reveal on the person you are chatting with, which you cannot possibly do if you are dating a local. You may embellish, trim or add sweeteners in your dossier to make yourself appear more palatable and sumptuous towards the other person.

The Hidden Agenda of Why a Person Seek Internet Dating

People seek internet dating to fulfill a temporary or long term need, want, fantasy , or a game of mind control and manipulation. Always approach the internet dating game circuit with utmost caution and wariness. Self conceit is the major downfall for anyone who think she is pretty, devastatingly handsome or marketable enough to warrant undying affection, loyalty, and honesty of the person they are chatting with.

Members of the dating website Clubs

1. The sane sloth - slow and cautious in his approach and dealings but his intention is pure and serious of finding a soul mate.

2. The confuse badger - He does not know what he wants or why he is there as a member or what his goal upon registering on the site. He is hot, full of excitement and will pursue and chase your butt as if his life depended on it, but once you capitulated and give up your flag, the excitement and hot adrenalin of pursuing and chasing you will take a sudden dip and eventually wears of. He is lonely and curious to meet the other social creatures who do not have an iota or inkling about his hidden agenda which is mostly for selfish and personal gratification. He is shy and insecure, perhaps stemmed from his childhood that scarred him emotionally for life. Commitment is absent nor he fancies a long term relationship with you. He is sort of chemically imbalanced in the brain, but you will never find out because he is a master manipulator.

.3. The Raccoon pervert - His sole purpose is to hunt for innocent sloths or fellow perverts like him. His brain is solely program to view human specimens on cam to cater to his sexual or perverted pleasures. He is totally engage on ego boosting spree. Bankrupt, jobless, destitute, is what he is but he will not take you into his confidence with that important piece of information about himself.

4. The Leech sucker - He will zaps you off your strength, and energy by feeding you with false hope, and promises and bright future with him replete with attractive accessories of picket fences, nice neighborhood, annual overseas vacation and nice candlelight dinners and a life of happy together ever after.

5. The scammer – a typical player whose agenda is motivated by money and money alone. Unfeeling, indifferent, selfish and a liar. She will appear so sweet, an innocent birdie, she is poised to set a trap with you inging to the tune she wants. The next thing you knew, you have been seduced and raped, money wise.

6. The Peter Pan Stallion - He will continue to refuse to grow up indefinitely and is under the spell of an extreme denial in facing the sad truth that he is already an old toad and should retire from the game of chasing women half his age. He will pretend not to see his wrinkled neck, sagging jowls, liver patches on his skin, graying hair, shrinking dick. He only fancies younger sexy kittens to make him feel young and reclaim that lost youthful look.

7. Cougar woman – She is a pathetic self centered hag, whose body is littered and marked with numerous trips to cosmetic surgeons, and expensive saloons obsess with the fantasy of preserving her lost glory. Selfish, egocentric parasite running after the butt of a young stallion.

8. Drama King and Drama queen - Are lunatics of different shades and guises. They think there is a conspiracy hatch against them by their ex wives, husbands and lovers. They seek sympathy, empathy to anyone who is too willing to fall on their craps and bullshit. Tales carefully crafted for your eyes and ears alone in order to deceive you. Once they got you under their noses they will find another victim to play with. They are either married, widow, single, or separated. They are not seriously looking, and just want someone to pass away the time.

Tips to remember when you are playing the Game of Internet Dating:

When you start to play the game, always keep a spare tire in tow, just in case what you might fished out from the lake is one of the 95% I mentioned above. Do not trust the person you are chatting with even for one tiny bit, even after a date. This is to safeguard your heart from possible meltdown or major avalanche. But just in case some feelings will germinate between you two then enjoy and embrace the euphoria while it lasts because once it is over, you cannot summon him back even if you will have to send prayers and novenas to all the saints, gods and goddesses and ask for their divine intervention, it will fell to naught..

Keep those spare tires somewhere in case he turns out to be a complete bloke. segregate proportionally your feelings and affections among two or three persons who are in a standby mode in your blue book. Do not ever dump all your affections to one person alone, this is to keep insanity at bay.

Ladies remember, men have different compartments for their different feelings, so always deal with these rascals like you are about to go into battle complete with weapons and ammunitions wearing your armor vest over your heart. It is better to anticipate the worst than being left alone in the cold, wondering where in hell did the bloke go, and whether he is six feet buried under, rolling on his grave laughing his ass out, or just busy chasing his own demons.

A very rare few made it to the finish line, and come out a winner, happy and contented. You can only take a deep breath after he has put a ring on your finger in a wedding ceremony.

The sad fact of internet dating is, once you feel in love, it will be too late to backed out and tell your heart to suspend all those feelings and longings. The option to forget the bloke and delete the episode from your memory banks is short of a miracle if ever you do succeed, and only God knows when. Can you survive the long haul? If you think you can, then be a fool, and welcome to the club.

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