Fallacies of Religion

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Religion is a universal cult and is dying. After centuries of driving us to the brink of extreme fright, we slowly begin to discern its deceptive ultimate plan. Believing God is a dynamic belief in all parts of the ancient and modern world. The only thing that stinks, is that religion uses God's name indescriminately and without compunction for its personal selfish agenda.

The Fallacies of Religion

What is Religion::

?Religion is a private organization cleverly constructed by a group of cunning individuals in order to sell the concept and the existence of a Creator or God to the masses. Built with its own rigid internal laws stricly imposed on its members,leaders and congregations. It use the name of thy God in vain in all of its religious endeavors and vocations. It is conceived under the principle, as the direct conduit to God for the transmittal of divine and earthly laws for man to follow in order to access the guarded portal of heaven. It purports to be the sole distributor, preordained and licensed to operate, implement the divine laws and moral codes trasmitted by God for man to follow and abide to please the Almighty.

The Fallacy of Earth's impending Doomed
Religion taught man that Earth is the habitation of demons, fallen angels, and watchers. A condemned place and a prison cell for the watchers and nephilims who rebelled with God and corrupted mankind. These watchers taught man to commit sin, magic and all forms of sorcery. Earth shall passed away soon for God will destroy it.
Earth is around 4.5 billion years old. It has survived numerous catastrophes from universal flood, asteroid bombardment, ice age epoch and so forth. While modern homo sapiens is about 90,000 - 100,000 years old. Man was fashioned from clay by God and from dust he shall return. Earth is perfect, awesome , beautiful and a gift from God for man to administer it. The law of universal constant is employed by the architect designers of Earth.. Earth is here to stay for another biilion year into the future, unless man will chose to decimate it.
The Fallacy that the Church Leaders are the representatives of God to Earth.
This is pure crap , the church and other religions have been found guilty of committing crime against humanity in the name of their faith. They acknowledge their crimes , admitted their guilt and apologized for it, albeit several centuries late. They go to war in the name of their God, indescriminately killing anyone who challenge their creed and beliefs. Whoever stood in their path were not spared. Mass genocide, ethnic cleansing, suicide bombings to name a few were used to punish and struck ultimate terror among the heretics and non believers. What rational God would fancy being associated with these sickos, religious fanatics and bigots?
Some leaders are unabashedly perpetuating sins hiding behind their thick veil of religious function and designation. Church officials are confirmed pedophiles, child molesters, rapists, corrupt church officials lusted on women behind secret doors, the lists could go on and so forth. God is not retarded to bless and acknowledge these great pretenders. They are fake. Wolves dressed in a sheeps clothing.
The Fallacy of Go to the world and multiply
Religion said, God's wish to fill the Earth with humans as many as the grains of sand in the seashore from the Abraham bloodline. Therefore it is fine for people to keep on multiplying, for they are following the wishes of God, besides he will always provide the needs of every man. Then he will bless your descendants.
A bless or a curse with many people hungry, the effects of famine and global economic recession.
Earth's resources is vast but limited and depletable. It can not keep up with man's exponential growth. As a result, rain forest were stripped, coral reefs were destroyed, virgin forest and protective sanctuaries are denuded to make way for agriculture. The delicate ecosystem has been altered forever only God knows how severe is the damaged. With the high demand for fuel, it resulted in the greenhouse effect, hole in the ozone layer and melting of icebergs in both the Antarctic and Arctic regions which in turn will rise the sea water level worldwide and sink islets, islands and low lying landmass to name a few. Man filled Earth with his filth, and make it his personal septic tank.
The Fallacy of Go to war in defend of your God and Faith
Religious dogmas and leaders order you to kill people, in defend of your faith, what kind of irrational concept is that? It is tantamount to murder .
The accepted universal concept is that God is a forgiving, a loving and a just God. God did not create man to be automaton machines, man has been provided with built in free will to decide for himself on what road to choose. Therefore it is crap to go to war and kill your brethren because you do not share the same faith and beliefs with him. God would not sanctioned such despicable acts. God is not a dictator nor a fascist. And certainly he will not authorize mass genocides, ethnic cleansing, bombing public places and killing innocent bystanders, childrens and civillians. Unless God is a war freak.
The Fallacy of existence of Heaven
Heaven is a beautiful place, where everything is good,holy, sacred, sinless, a place to exalt God and glorify him. The final destination for the chosen few who live according to the word of God.
Heaven is right here, on Earth. If heaven or a shangrila is out there for those who followed the word of God, I beg to differ, man is not worth it. What have we done so far that merit us a medal? We are the appointed landlord of Earth, but what man did is, he is remiss in his duties. He is busy trying to hoard vast amount of wealth that he can not bring with him in death. He discovered atom bomb and almost blew Earth to dust. He worship prestige,power and money. He defile the creation of God and altered the dna of plants and animals, the crime lists could go on why man is not worth saving. Besides if Man ever access the guarded portal of Heaven , in a short time he will stage a mutiny. Why? Do you remember the coup de etat staged by Lucifer? Free will still exists in heaven, so seeds of doubt and rebellion is in the minds of those who has the capacity and potential to challenge the power and intelligence of God.
The Fallacy of Resurrection
Your church priest or leaders, open the bible and other religious books purportedly written by some individual who receives the spirit guidance of God. It will then quote you a verse and passage, telling you there is resurrection after death if you have live your life according to the will of God.
How can you reassemble again something that has turn to dust. If man has a soul, then the repository is the mind. The mind is still a box waiting to be unwrapped, a mystery and its full potential has not been fully dicovered yet. While the bodies would have been destroyed man's consciousness would have survived because consciousness is energy, and energy is indestructible. It can only be transmuted into a different form. I can only speculate how it will transform into another form once the host expires or chokes to death. Resurrection is here now, by dna cloning and through the lives of our children we left behind once we die, for our children are the repositories of our dna blueprint. We will live again through them.
Famous frighterners:
The existence of Purgatory and Hell
Are we suppose to rejoice because there is a hoarding area called Purgatory , a temporary zone to cordone off people whose record books are either lost or messed up? It is nice . You have to wait until Saint Peter has finally sorted out the records you left behind, in the meantime your relatives and family can offer prayers to plead your case. Then your case will be decided. How ideal, how convenient. However if your trangressed repeatedly and violated the covenant of God, off you go to Hell.!
Hell is a hot burning inferno the final resting place designated as the stamping ground for all the condemned and damned souls. The souls in hell are perpetually crying 24/ 7 from torment and anguish. Who would not be scared out of his wits of a burning place where in there is no cessation of pain?
Popular misnomers of Religion:
1. To save souls from eternal damnation.
If you live right, you will reap good rewards. The law of Karma, do not do unto others what others do not want to do unto you. But I am not you, you are not me, I cannot live your life, nor can you live mine. We come from dissimilar backgrounds, you might be born from a good privilege family or from alcoholic and drug addicted parents. Who am I to judge? What is certain is that your religion will take advantage of your predicament whether you make good with your life or mess it up.
2. To provide hope for desperate and hopeless individuals.
Not everyone has good coping mechanism about facing up their problems. Some went crazy, some committed suicide. Many factors contributed why man choose to end his life triggered by a series of unhappy events.. Genetic predisposition , environmental factors, wrong choices, and chemical imbalance in the brain are the right buttons to push a man on edge. Religion will offer an alternative by giving man hope.
Salvation is free and available for everyone. But the religious organization needs to survive for the success of its mission to spread the word of God, and you are being ask to give part or fraction of your earnings to your religion , because what you give to them, you give honor to God. In turn God will multiply your blessings and give you more success for your altruistic gestures.
The Truth
1. Religion is created for Profit. Can you name any religious organization that is destitute and living on a dole out? How can
your religion go on pontificating the concept of God while it is also busy enriching its coffers?
The radical extremists and other religious bigots and fanatics engage in suicide and mass bombings in hope of being rewarded with 72 virgins in heaven for going to war in the name of their religion. Is there sex in heaven then ? If God is love, why would he promotes aggression and bloodshed? Religions perverts the teaching of God.
The church proclaimed itself as the sole representative of Christ on Earth. With the crimes committed by its priests and previous popes. I wonder why God in his infinite wisdom would appoint a vicar from their midst. God would not be that silly. Do you remember in WW2 the Holocaust, what did the church do? It chose to look the other way.
2. Religion is created to manipulate Man.
Religions issued memoranda spanning centuries to go to war in the name of thy God. Massacres were stage,mass genocides were justified and ethnic cleansing were
employed. If God is love, how could he sanctioned such despicable acts? God has nothing to do with it, man staged it all.
3. Religion is design to imprison the minds of men into mental stagnation.
Your religion wants you to cling and solely depend on its wonderful wisdom in the conduct of your life. Religions love the influx of many people for it means more money on its coffers. More people, means more poverty, more chaos. And more troubled souls....

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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