Man is an Enigma

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic
Man is an edifice, an institution, a legend and a vintage bee. Imagine a world peopled with women only - It would be downright boring. So why men do exists? I guess God is a man. Man is what makes the world ticks. What do you think?

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



Man is a Handsome Bee

To forge a long term partnership with man, it is paramount that you will walk with him and hold his hand, not ahead nor behind him. Man has been and always will be a free spirit, a restless wandering bee who aspires to conquer the world beyond his fingertips. He detests being put in a petri dish subjected to various laboratory tests and tinkering under the auspices of a magnifying lens, manipulated by a control freak who happens to be his mate.

And before the ultra right wing feminist group throw rocks on my port I beg you to read further below and reserve your judgment later. The parameters I set here only applies to the good, smart and successful bees exclusively. Relationship formed based on intimacy and the merging of principles,complementing and blending the personality together without losing his/ her own identity with enough room for personal growth and career advancement is the ideal recipe for a successful partnership of the heart. Relationship is not about personality drowning and exercising dominance and control over the other nor it is about zapping the strength of your partner and bleeding him dry.

A woman carrying a big chip on her shoulders is an emotional trainwreck who will never make a good mate. Man is not your anointed shrink nor your shock absorber for him to carry your own burden between his shoulders. Mutual contracts forge is not about draining the life of the other..

To understand man is like walking in a field full of landmines. Those who threaded carefully using utmost caution and trepidation are able to walk away without scarring themselves for life. Some are in too much of a hurry and were permanently maimed. The rest are fools thereby blown to pieces. Man is an enigma, a puzzle, and the written words haved failed to define man in the context that is decipherable to a woman. To decode man is a life long vocation, a mission in unparalleled dimension.

Man is encoded with a hidden matrix of complex traits, potentials and talents waiting to unleash and manifests itself to the world. Finding the right buttons to push the man to reveal the different facets of himself is a daunting task and at the end of the day what you will have are only good impressions of him but never his blueprint. To put him on the crosshairs of your scope, subjecting him under intense pressure and extreme stress are some of the keys to unlock the jigsaw puzzle. Even that will not be enough to unravel the mysteries of man.

You need to be up close and personal with man to be able to understand what makes him tick. Man is like a sky diver out on a free fall. He derives pleasure in basking on various jaunts and death defying stunts, challenging fate and playing the russian roulette. He abhors being accosted by you or anyone else while he is navigating a difficult terrain. He prefers his landfall free from external interference without you meddling on his affairs. For man is a free spirited creature, out on a limb to taste what nature has in store for him.

Man is a perfectly crafted architectural wonder and an immensely beautiful sculptured work of art. A stunning design borne out from the clever hands of the designer of life and architect of the universe. He is the chosen landlord pre ordained to exercise dominion all over the creatures on Earth.

Man is also a tough game player, a flamboyant hero and a ferocious villain. He is a good strategist, gallant fighter and a fearless avenger who resiliently hold on to his last bastion of hope until he croaks. Bravery, valor and persistence are his secret weapons to triumph against all odds. And to top it all he is beautifully endowed with amazing anatomical appendages.

Man is impeccable, perfect in his own right, a knight in shining armor shrouded in a kaleidoscope of images and intrigue.

He possess distinguished and good facial bone structure, well defining cleft chin, perfect shaped nose, beguiling pretty eyes of smoky amber green that change its color into deep hue depending on his mood, thick eyelashes, smooth silky ringlets hair, the unblemished skin, kissable lips, powerful caring hands, the massive chest, the herculean thighs and the deep baritone voice.

A man in deep contemplation is perfectly immortalized through the famous artwork of Auguste Rudin, called The Thinker.

Man is the most remarkable creature in motion. Imagine how the muscles rippled when he moves. A masterpiece captured in a palette. A splendid work in progress, roughened around the edges.

The perfect chiseled bones, the sculptured muscles, commanding height, jaw dropping sex appeal, the brilliant mind, and the priceless winning smile have bewitched and captivate women for eons and held them spellbound.

Man is a genius in his own right. The milestone achievements in medicines, agriculture, economics, architectural wonders, the beautiful literary pieces, hydraulics, thermodynamics, metallurgical feats and so forth. Man carries superb brain cells and excellent logical concepts, yet warrants recalibration and cyclical tune ups.

For Eve is at a total loss, discombobulated trying her very best to comprehend the complicated logic of man and his fathomless behavior as her chosen mate ever since the dawned of time.

Man is a fascinating and tempest provocateur igniting the most erotic and instinctive response from the female herd. The raw sexual allure and potent charm excites and stirs the deepest primal need of a woman since primeval time.

His comforting and passionate embrace, the cuddles and snuggles that tickles your bones. His intoxicating warmth breath fanning on your face. The adorable look evident in his eyes when he looks at you and the dazzling smile that captures your heart.

Man is eternally a hopeless romantic rogue. He will brave the stormy seas, climbs treacherous mountains, crosses deep chasms, explores unchartered horizon, captures the moon and the stars to legitimize his pure intentions and untainted love towards his consort.

Man stings like a bee. Man may inflict pain and make Eve’s heart heavy laden with the whip of his tongue and brute of his strength.

Man in a moment of fierce anger, hatred and worst provocation is the most formidable foe on the planet. It is wise to stay away from him and let his head simmer down or take the risk and be the unlucky recipient of his foul mood.

Man is a lethal weapon, a runaway train and a misfired bullet. He is sensitive, extra caring and thoughtful to the people he deeply cares about but a total frigid cold stranger, indifferent, and merciless against his foes.

Man is goal oriented, mentally focus and driven to pursue relentlessly whatever he wants to achieve in life. Self fulfillment and success in his crusade is paramount in his heart.

Man is a relentless crusader in his passions, and beliefs. He is an educator, an activist, a healer, a philanthropist, romanticist and a father. The achievements in sciences and arts, fortunes amassed and honorary degrees bestowed are just some of his predilections. Good reputation and prestige is measured against good will and good deeds upon his reign on Earth. Contentment wills continually elude him until he realizes what are the missing pieces lacking in his life.

Like a roving bee out on a play and adventure man loves to flit, hop and explore habitats far and wide inhabited by different species of women

The more abundant, colorful and diverse are the flowers on the meadows, the more excited and happy is the bee. The more exotic, pretty, demure and mysterious is the woman, unadulterated passion and pure lust is evident upon the eyes of man.

When I look at the body of a naked man in all its splendor and glory I appreciate The Creator a lot better in his infinite wisdom to conjure a perfect mate for Eve that make her knees buckles, and turn her world upside down. The splendid anatomy of man bespeak the diversity and multifaceted, talent of the Creator.

Not every man has the capacity to smile back and weather the savage attack of gravity and aging. The smart bee has found the guarded secret in freezing his killer looks, powerful charm and has gracefully acclimatize to the passing of the seasons similar to a vintage wine.

The mediocre man hopelessly degenerates and become the poorer image of his former self. While the lesser endowed ordinary mortals have mutated into gothic, grotesque gargoyles. Self abuse, bad genes, sedentary lifestyles, neglect, self conceit and gluttony brought such downfall to man.

Man is a good judge of character. His downfall is a woman. A few good men are blessed good discerning power, are able to evade the trap and sharp talons weaved by the predatory females. Some men learnt the hard way. Some men are just plain incapable of lessons learn and wisdom gain.

Man morphs during the onset of puberty. The testosterone hormones surge upwards, lost control and short circuited. The moment his sex drive will tip off the scales, he will be chasing a woman’s butt towards the end of the Earth.

Like any machine that has an estimated life span and depreciates, the body of the man also gets cranky with its cacophony of bangs, rattles and whams. But the mind behind the shell refuses to accept what is deemed inevitable and inescapable. Man is trapped in an hour glass forever fending off his personal demons, chasing his own personal fountain of youth, a child chasing his own shadow and redemption.

Man is an arrogant and territorial lord. He may exercise his brute and strength outright or in a subtle of different styles. He demands respect and allegiance to the one he is in consort with and to the woman he is intimate with. Man is happy to go home at night being fussed to the hilt, instead of being smooth over by a dominating screaming tigress or an ultra feminist skunk and thereby reduce into a helpless toad strip off, of his male pride.

Man is similar to a complicated maze, difficult to study and dissect. A woman’s effort has come to naught trying to size up man. For man defies known logical premise and theory, a parcel wrap in a never ending package.

You never know what hits you until you got a taste of him. Man can be pliant as a bamboo, hard as steel, arrogant as a hippo, stubborn as a bull, brilliant as the sun, smart as a baboon, persistent as a badger, swift and agile as a gazelle and cunning as a cheetah.

Indeed after 30,000 years of being a man’s anointed partner, the woman failed miserably to decipher the convoluted mechanism and the subtle nuances of a man’s behavior encompassing a broad spectrum of hypothesis. Man has a different brain circuitry pattern. Displaying of emotions are repressed and discouraged for it is a sign of weakness and vulnerability

Man posseses a smart brain that needs minor overhauling, repairs and change oil in the area of the emotional department.

However, the passage of times does not deter man and woman to cohabit and procreate together in the midst of the wide chasm that separates them. While engage in a contest of wills, man and woman have learned to tolerate each other’s differences, respecting each other’s individual domain, nurturing a peaceful coexistence, thus assuring the future of mankind not go extinct.

While the less evolve man with less develop brain is left flapping on the evolutional tree ladder stagnating, envelop in a cocoon of blissful ignorance and denial. Trap in a Neanderthal epoch and treat the women herd as second class citizens, a property that an be bought, dispensed and repossessed. An accessory with a depreciable useful life and waning market value.

Continuation part 2

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