What is a Filipina

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People mostly foreigners are at loss on how to define a Filipina lady, her outlook in life, attitude, habits and the relevance of her culture and upbringing to the rest of the world. This is my attempt of making a comprehensive look on the life of a Filipina.To anyone who likes to get to know her, this article will serve as a guide.

Submitted: March 09, 2012

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Submitted: March 09, 2012




A true bloodied Filipina is a natural born female produced from the loins of one or two parents that have a droplet of Filipino blood circulating in one or both of their genes. eam. Her genetic heritage is enrich and enhanced by a hodgepodge of different concoctions of races that walked upon Earth, binding their genetic make up and forever altering her DNA blueprint for the last five centuries. From the Spanish conquest, to the Dutch, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese and Americans that shape up, mold and left its fingerprints in her physical features, habits, attitudes, personality, customs, and traditions. She can be found to inhabit in all the nooks and crannies of Asia and the rest of the world. A pocketful of native Filipinas on the one hand living in the hinter islands - prefer to isolate and continue their inbreeding with the native males thus preserving the pure Filipina gene pool.


Predominantly exhibit a malay facial characteristics. Eyes are usually dark pools of black, a few have chocolate brown eyes, when there is a tinge of caucasian blood. Skin is brown, smooth and usually bald or hairless and the pores are very refined. The mixed breed varies from very light skin tone to black depending on how intense and diluted the foreign genes she inherits. The dominant genes will play a crucial role in determining the color of her hair, her eyes and shape of her nose, and influence her height and body figure. She stands from 4 feet and 8inches tall to 6 feet plus tall. Petite, slim while the gluttons are naturally obese and overweight. The inbreed locals are of darker skin tone, thick lips, sporting kinkier hair, with a strong similarity of the Negroid race but of smaller stature. Exotic and attractive depending on how the others view her, she can be pretty, nondescript or a knock out.


Top most priority is her family, at the bottom is herself. Loyal, selfless, shy. She will love and serve her man like a king until he expires. The modern Filipina is more aware of her basic rights as a woman and will not let herself be a punching bag of her partner. She has basic ideas on how to cook for her family as for her culinary taste it depends. Some are health conscious while some gobble anything on sight.She will forego and sacrifice personal endeavor and advancement for the sake of the husband and the kids. . She is expected to be a femme fatale inside the matrimonial chamber. She supervises the household and the kids under her watchful eyes and tutelage and must preserve the family, whatever the circumstances and that makes her a martyr and a fool for other people.

The new breed Filipinas are thrill seekers and like to experiment on sex. Some are into drugs and alcohol binges but very crafty in hiding their vices. Projects a dual personality outfit. Appear innocent and sweet, but deep down cunning and manipulative, operate under subtle guises to make the foreigner fall on her wicked charms and evil intentions. It is about ego boosting, money she could sucked out of the relationship and if she is luckier, a passport to escape poverty.

Tip: Hire a private investigator to do a through background check on her. This is only the foolproof solution and no other else.


If you love me love my family ---- Yes, family and clans are important extensions up to household pets and adopted appendages. The approval and blessing of the parents and the whole clan is a very important landmark, otherwise the future with your partner looks bleak and not bright or rosy.

Tip: Let her work to support the upkeep of her family from her own sweat and labor.


She is looking forward to meeting her soul mate, somewhere out there in the shape of a man. Ideally she would prefer someone who is a mature, robust, healthy and has a good job. But if there is an aging toad who fancies marrying her, the probability of her saying yes is 99%. Financial security is her top priority it wont matter much wether the Man is young or an old toad. Does she love him? No way!


She often tolerate her man for his indescretions and mistakes, this is for the committed Filipinas. Like a proverbial fish in a pond his words are infallible. She likes to believe he owns a good heart and his intentions are pure and hermitically honorable. She has a propensity to lean on what her heart wants to perceive. For the less committed Filipinas out there, this will be a perfect oppotunity to escape the bonds of marriage, divorce then alimony. either way a win win situation for her.


She is typically accommodating, soft spoken. She can charm even the most intractable rogue on earth.


She is typically a laid back type of woman. But do not let it fool you for she can be conniving and manipulative in a subtle way. To avoid further discord in the relationship she will let the man do most of the talking and decision making. She pretend s everything is smooth sailing even if there is a gale brewing.


She has a sunny disposition in life and is forever an optimist, and if fate will choose to play a cruel joke on her, she will stand, and fight back like a perfect lioness.


She attends church services regularly. It is important for her to have some sort of direct contact with her God. But it might be also only for the appearances' sake or personal gratification bordering on selfish motives and morbid beliefs. Local superstition is also part of the package, the severity depends on her religious background affiliation.


She is hospitable, a signature mark.


This new breed Filipina is highly independent, sophisticated, educated, well breed and career driven. A fraction of them grew up in western societies thereby assimilated to the culture they are living with and imbibed some of its attitudes, mind set and mores. She knows what she wants in life and very focus on her priorities, which is to work, enjoy, invest, save and get married later. She will not let a man lorded over her.


This is a silent and prevalent mind set attitude deeply entombed in her persona. A Filipina is jealous of anything or anyone that will try to encroach or threaten her territorial rights, especially when it comes to serious affairs of the heart. She is feisty to anyone that will try to encroach, inveigle or enter into her domain.


She wants to display her affection to the man she is smitten with. On the other hand she does not want the man to think she is cheap.


Her blood is a cocktail of different types of lymphocytes and leukocytes, impure because her genes have been diluted for so long. She carries a toxic combination of different gene pools influencing her over all personality, hence nationalism is somewhat non existent. Like a bunch of crabs racing to get out of the basket, she will compete with the other crabs, pulling and stamping the others that stood in her way. A Filipina back biting another Filipina is but natural for it is an ingrained attitude embedded in her culture.


She has manage to conquer the world by the sweat of her brow and showed what she got, her potential and talent – that she can compete with the rest of the other races out there and emerge as a winner.


She desires the comforts in life. And if there is a way to appear and mimic the life of those who are born in a privilege family set up, she will do it. She will not hesitate to splurge her meager earning for a pair of costly branded shoes, jeans and bags..

Do not be shocked if you will see her dressed up in style but living in a squalid, decrepit tenement.. Society on the other hand tolerates her and has turned a blind eye on her copy cat act. This is not the case for every Filipina.


Morality is an important barometer of how she judge and be judged by other people. She has this mind set that women in western societies is in perpetual moral decay, therefore she is better than them. She can be so narrow minded, fickle and bias even to her own kind.


She likes to go out and have fun when the mood suits her and there is money to spend. She likes to enjoy and have a good time eating with friends or drinking with her buddies, bonding with them. Watch a movie or dvd tape at home, dancing, swimming and the like.


The most racist people can be found no other than in the continent of Asia for Asians looks down on their own kind. She detests or is indifferent to the skin color darker than her own. If she is honest she will admit it.


She is prepared to get a collagen injection, botox or goes under a knife or laser surgery, apply different varieties of beautifying drugs and supplements, creams, serum, soaps in order to improved her appearance or changed it altogether.


.The truth is, having a child is not an inherent right for every woman, for a child is a luxury, an expensive luxury that not every woman can afford with. But in her culture having kids is a must, and a blessing, the more the merrier, church will reaffirm and say God is pleased. The government is alarmed of the rate of growth of babies born annually and have taken steps to reverse the process, but here comes Church who likes to play an ordained counselor telling her what to do. She does become a breeder no wonder her kind increases exponential number.

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