Swastika eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story for the insane world of the Anonymous republic.



Monica was a regular girl. A teenager with a beautiful anorectic body. She liked to watch herself in a mirror as she found herself very sensual. She didn't attend any school. According to her, it wasn't important. And when she needed money, she made it by prostituting herself. Her life was worriless. And she was mostly high and rambling through existence. She came from a broken home and lived with her mum who was a notorious alcoholic. Her father was a fuckster sitting in prison for a double murder and thought of Monica solely not as a daughter but as an object serving to gratify his lowest and foul instincts. She didn't blame him. That was what reality was like.

The weather was nice. People were rushing. The Sun was shining for them. They were worried about their very lifes. Due to stress, they grew grey and went nuts. Monica was standing on the street and waiting for a customer. She was young and thus had plenty. Some of her older colleagues had a hard time when it came to it. Those who got really old, transformed into the homeless and then, into beggars. Against their will, of course.


Andy was a naughty ned. Vandalism is what he perhaps liked the best. His grandpa took care of him. Andy's parents were shot by the police during a bank robbery. They commited it since both of them lost their jobs and the unemployment rates were around 20%. It was virtually unimaginable to find a new one. They scrimped and saved, as the government told them but you need something to stay alive. When they were absolutely desperate, they had no reason to hesitate. They made primitive paper dummy copies of guns and sailed to this impulse action even though they knew they weren't going to succeed.

So, this is how Andy lost his parents. A welfare worker passed him along to his closest relative to take charge of him. He was 98 and was about to decease. Once he did, Andy chekced his pulse and when he figured that he was really stiff, took a heavy hammer and beat the 3 golden teeth out of his grandfather's mouth. Then he visited a junk dealer and exchanged them for money.

I found Andy really sympathetic from the very beginning. He awakened a deep and sincere amorous emotion to him.

He took charge of me. We screwed like bunnies and then, he did crimes. It was so profitable that I didn't have to tart anymore. I just took drugs and thought about life. Existence itself seemed fine. But as you grow older, you lose ideals. Soon, I was going to turn 20. More and more often, I felt motherly instincts. I wanted to have a baby.

Andy agreed. As I never took contraception and always used a sheath while making love, I didn't have any problem with getting pregnant. A girl was born. Suprisingly enough, she was healthy, even mentally. Both of us were very happy. We named her Illumination.


I got tired of family life. Monica wasn't physically attractive anymore. She was 5 years older than me. At first, I just cheated on her. But then, I left her. She would have been an obstacle to my career anyway. I got interested in politics and joined the Injustice Party. Thanks to my perfect character qualities, I soon became its chairman.


Monica was back in the streets. She carried her child around in a plastic bag, shagged and was worried. That was not what life was supposed to look like. Illumination was constantly hungry. Now, she was crying and trying to catch her mum's attention in this unpleasant and irritating way. Monica crushed down her little head in a fit and threw the corpse in a dustbin. A bum found it there and, instead of calling the polcie, ate her. Hunger…, real hunger…, robs people of judgement.

Monica got married. Her husband was an eccentric poet who made millions of tantims with his writings.

Monica sat down to an arm chair to watch a telly and never stand up again. The poet hired a servant to take care of her.

Monica got fat and degenerated.

The poet called a famous painter to propose an united project. He'll make his woman available and the artist will remake her into a work of art.


Besides being the youngest Prime Minister to ever govern the Anonymous Republic, for some irrational reason Andy was extraordinarily interested in art. Accompanied by his bodyguard, he visited a gallery of its modern variant. There was an object that he found the most appealing. It was an obese woman with scarlet swastikas for pupils in her wide eyes. She was tied to a chair submerged in an aquarium full of alcohol; she resembled someone. He wasn't able to recall whom precisely, though.

Thanks to corruption, Andy was a rather wealthy man. He decided to buy the work. It costed unbelievable 200 million.

Andy wasn't mad, so he paid it from the state budget.


Submitted: April 18, 2013

© Copyright 2021 PetrMerka. All rights reserved.

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Future Compost Heap

Gave it an "I Like it" vote. Happy trails, Future J. Compost Heaply Sr.

Thu, April 18th, 2013 6:28am


Thanks for the like :-) I appreciate it

Fri, May 10th, 2013 8:35am

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