"A mistake"

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It was supposed to be a nice family vaction, they were supposed to come back home feeling rested and look trough the pictures just like they always do. But when something starts banging on the door in the middle of the night,someone makes a terrible mistake.

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



A mistake

"Did you hear that?"

"What?", the mother said with a tired voice.

"Someone's knocking on the door mom."

"What? Who would be knocking on the door now? It's the middle of the night."

"It just keeps getting louder and louder. Seriously, who is it?! I knew that we shouldn't have come here, I hate the countryside! It's probably a drunk or murderer or a..."

"Calm down! I'll go check who it is, it's probably your brother that's had a fight with David. Uh, I told him not to sleep over there, those two are fighting one second and then the next they're best friends."

Suddenly, they heard a loud boom sound. The knocking and banging had stopped. It was the middle of the night and the mother and the daughter were completely alone in a big house on the countryside. The next house was two miles away and it took at least half an hour to get to the nearest town, and now somebody had rammed in the door.

The father had left four hours ago to go drinking. He had said that he was going to see his brothers och go celebrate someone's birthday, men the mother knew. She knew that he would go and drink away his problemes. That was the only reason why he suddenly had decided to take the whole family to the countryside by his relatives and family; to forget his troubles with work. They had a house there that his father had left behind for him, and they used to go there at least once a year. It was a very beautiful place with spacious fields, cherry and apple trees, and it was close to a beach, so it was the perfect place to spend the summer. However, at night there were few who could sleep, beacause they weren't used to living so far away from the city and from other people.

Now, the daughter and mother, who were not used to the countrylife at all, and had seen too many scary movies, sat frozen on the bed . There was nowhere to go, they were far from the city or even any other homes, and the father had taken the car. They couldn't even get out of  the house without risking to hurt themselves badly because they were on the third floor. And they were completely alone and the father would probably sleep at his brothers place and come home the next day with a hangover. The daughter knew it too, but she never told her mother because she knew that her mother wouldn't want her to know that. The mother cared about her husband and children more than anything in the world, she just wanted them to be happy and healthy. She had tried so hard to keep the family together and give the children a happy childhood and life, but the daughter was 16 years old now, she couldn't hide their troubles from her anymore. But the mother would never give up, this family will have a happy ending together, she couldn't imagine anything else.

They heard the whining wind and started to feel the cold from outside. The door had definitely been rammed in. They heard heavy, slow steps walking up the stairs. The mother wouldn't let anything happen to her daughter. She had to think fast. If they couldn't escape, she could hide the daughter och hit the man to make him unconscious with a frying pan, or maybe she could use a knife, or....



The mother was terrified, but she would do anything for her children. She knew that they couldn't hide forever, she had to do something.

"Quick, to the attic, hide there until I tell you that you can come out! the mother said.

"What? But what about you? What are you going to do?"

"I'll be alright, I'll hurt him before he hurts us, that's the only way we can survive."

"But what if something happens to you?"

"You have to listen to me now, go!"

The daughter hugged her mother and went reluctantly up to the attic through the roof hatch. The sound of the footsteps kept getting clearer and clearer.

"I love you, said the daughter before she closed the hatch."

"I love you too."

The footsteps had stopped. The mother knew what she had to do. Was it too late? Maybe he was already standing on the other side of the door? She looked trough the keyhole, but didn't see anybody. She had to take the chance. She slowly opened the door. The hallway was completely empty and dark.  She ran very quickly to the kitchen and started looking for a knife.

"Hi baby, w-what are you doing here? The father smiled liked those scary fellows who don't seem to be quite sane or well.

 "John? When did you get here? Oh, you have to help us! Someone broke in the house and Lisa's hiding in the attic and we got to... But where is he? Have you seen him?

 "W-what? The attic? I like the, the attic, it's so cozy, but there's s-so many dust bunnys up there.. Ha! Dust bunnys! They don't really look like b-bunnys, now do they?

He was reeking of alcohol and you couldn't deny that he was drunk. He couldn't do anything to help them, instead he was just another important person to the mother who could get hurt.She started to panic. She rapidly took the biggest knife they had, without thinking about why the man who had rammed in the door hadn't shown himself yet. 

"B-but why don't you just take the g-gun under the couch instead? You're so stupid, guns are much better, the father said.

The mother didn't have the time to ask him why he was secretly keeping a gun in the house, instead she ran to the couch and found the gun. It was a simple gun, anybody could use it. She could just treathen the man with it, and if he still wouldn't want to leave, she could just easily pull the trigger. She hated the thought of having to take someone else's life, but it was better to take his life than someone in the family losing their's. She came to the conclusion that it would be best to just shoot him immediatly, you can't negotiate with a killer. It has to be a killer, she tought, a burglar would have gotten in the house quietly in order to not wake them up. 

She slowly walked over to the hallway again and she could barely see anything, but she managed to separate the contour of a person from the darkness. Without giving it a second thought, she shot aiming for the heart. The person let out a scream and fell to the floor. The mother ran to the kitchen to call the police, or should she just bury the body? She started worrying, she had just killed someone. She knew that the father was drunk, but she had to talk to somebody.

"John, help! I shot him! He's dead and I'm going to end up in jail or hell right? she said, stricken with panic.

"What did you say? You shot somebody? Damn, that's so cool! Who did you s-shoot? 

"He broke in to our house! It was self-defense, sort of.

" W-what? Someone broke in, how?

"He got in trough the door, he was pounding on it for a long while and then he finally rammed it in."

"No he didn't, 'cause that was me! Aren't I strong?"

"What did you say?"

"Well you wouldn't open the door even though I knocked and knocked..."

"So you mean to say that you're the person who broke in? But who did I shoot then? There's nobody else here except for..."

The mother couldn't believe it, she didn't want to believe it. Her heart was beating faster than ever, she had never been more afraid in her entire life. She went to the hallway quickly and walked up to the body. She turned on the lights. Then the father heard a scream.

"What are you screaming about now for? he yelled from the kitchen. Then he got up and walked over wobbling to the hallway where the mother was crying and shouting louder than ever.

"What is it?" the father said annoyed by the noise.

"I, I killed her, the mother said quietly while the tears were streaming down her cheeks. What have I done! LISA!






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