Floating love Part 1

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Part 1 of 2 on my new short story series Reconstruction. For those who love Pokemon and Floatzels this is the story to read. Also I need more story characters to base mine off of so please feel free to leave a comment and spread the love!

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



On a peaceful sunny day floating around on my back as peaceful as a Floatzel can me a young, but handsome Floatzel with no parents and a young, but adorable little brother, a Buzel. This all started when the battles between some weird people with a big red ‘R’ on them. Our parents died on the battle field, I to was in the battle but I got wounded and then knocked out, when I woke up I found myself hidden from the battle with other people cheering saying that we won! But when news came that my parents are dead I snapped and went through apathy. I also have a friend who did the same but she miraculously evolved into today’s beautifully stunning, and young, Floatzel. She has been taking care of her little sister, a Buizel now a month and a week old two weeks younger than my brother.

Mid way down the river I examined my scars, even if the on my stomach healed up fully it still hurts and the one on my head doesn’t any more but has a nasty light orange mark. Just before I went back to relaxing I heard some one calling my name so I lazily tilted my head to the right and saw Asaga! Asaga, a Charmander who got separated from his pack and is now under my protection “Hey! Aram! Airi wants you!” Asaga said waving his arms franticly “What for?” I asked getting to my feet and shaking myself dry “She didn’t say, but I did see her picking berries and had some fish next to her when she told me to call you over.” Said the little dragon “Really!? Then I better get going, huh? Ha ha ha.” I joked with the little dragon but I found myself shuffling nervously back and forth. “Maybe I should give her something, right?” I asked staring at the little dragon nervously until I found it!

A small, sea blue, gem in the shape of a heart! “That’s it! I’ll give her this! Just like the humans!” I said to the little dragon “You mean in a ring?” said Asaga “Ya, a ring.” I said looking back at the gem. “You should go to Golark maybe he can help you.” The little dragon said “You think? Alright I go and bring some berries to trade.” I said determined to go. Golarks cave wasn’t that far from the forest clearing that Airi picked so I’ll be there soon after I get the ring ready

“Yo! Golark! I need your help!” I yelled out a few feet away “Aram? Is it really you?” He said from inside his cave “Yes! Of course it’s me! Listen I need your help with something.” I said blushing a little but it wasn’t visible thankfully “Reilly? What do you got to trade?” he said now finally revealing his face “I got some berries that I recently picked,” I said presenting the berries then looked at him “Deal?” I asked, Golark is now staring down at me with his beady little eyes “Deal.” He said now presenting his arm so I gave him the gem.

He stared at the gem like he knew what was happening then he stared in timidly at the gem the from the spaces of his roughs, cracked fingers I saw the gem get in crusted In some metal then it rose to form a round piece of metal formed with the gem. After he was done he dropped the ring on the ground and I walked towered him with the berries and gave him them and took the ring with me “Thank you Golark.” I said turning my head to look at the cave “Your welcome and good luck!”

As I walked to the clearing I could see through the gaps between the trees and saw Airi’s back was turned to me and she was already busy with something. So I tip toed so that I can only hear my steps and it seemed to work because she hasn’t looked back yet. So I snuck up close enough to grab her when I saw her tails were tucked to the side of her body so tip toed till I was breathing on her neck gently and warped my arms around her belly then I heard a moan come out of her as her shoulders slumped placed her right arm on my right and her left arm wrapped around my head. “Hi beautiful.” I said to Airi as she moaned some more “Hi handsome” she giggled “What are you cooking?” I said holding her tighter and slumped my head on her soft shoulder which smelled like fish.

“Your favorite, berry stuffed fish” she said tilting her head on mine. “I got something for you to.” I said revealing the ring in my head when she saw it her face lit up “*Gasp* It’s beautiful.” She said as her emerald green eyes glimmered on the shine off the shine of the gem “T-Thank you.” She whispered as she placed the ring on her finger “Only for you Airi.” I said and lifted my head to kiss her on the cheek and saw her reaction. Her eyes were wide with surprise and she seemed sort of stunned then looked at me her face was blushing ruby red and looked numb with her glimmering, emerald green eyes staring at me. Then for the finish I let her go and spun her in a 360’ then grabbed her arms, to stop her, kneeled then I said “Airi, Will you marry me?” Afraid of the answer I bowed my head and closed my eyes “Yes,” I heard her say with a trembling voice.

In disbelief, I raised my head to see Airi, all teary with her face smudged up with joy, “Yes!” she said again and slumped her body weight on mine and then she barred her head on to my chest almost knocking me off balance. I hugged her back and felt her tears wetting my fur, but then I felt a pain on my stomach, Airi had placed her hand on my stomach scar and it felt like it was on fire and it made me clutch her tighter to me, another moan came from Airi but it was more like a moan of bliss. Then I heard a rustling sound my ear twitched towered the sound, it was close, I lifted my head to see “who’s there?” I yelled, the rustling sound didn’t stop “Come on out, out to where I can see you!” I yelled again.

The rustling stopped, I move Airi behind me but she still poked her head out, the creature in the woods was no other than Asaga! “Asaga what are you doing here?” I asked the little dragon who has a huge grin on his face “Congrats Aram, Airi!” the little dragon said as he walked towered us “Uh…thanks.” I said blushing lightly “Let’s make it official.” Said Airi, who was now next to me on my right “Right!” Asaga said as he made tracks to tell every on. “The Quean of the sea shall do the honors.” Airi said as she pulled out of my grip “Yah.” I said letting it all sink in. The rusting came back after a few minutes passed which startled me again but then I realized it’s just Asaga coming to tell us what’s going to happen next.

“Ok so Quean Lugia has been informed about this and she ivied all of us to her under water palace isn’t it great!.” Said Asaga “Wow, the Quean’s palace, and to get married there! That’s especially great!” I said grabbing Airi’s hands and lifting them half way up, staring at her plush face with tears of joy smeared everywhere and her glistering eyes. Then I heard a munching noise and turned my head to the left to see Asaga Munching away at the food, staring at him in annoyance “Wha-? *loud gulp* waste not want not *burp* excuse me.” The little dragon said blushing a little bit.

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