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This is a story that'll strike close to the heart when a guy tries saving a girl from being hit with a truck. He loses his memory of all the people he loves, even his girl friend, and then almost falls in love with the girl he saved =P

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




On a warm partly clouded after noon at the park I was riding on my bike, no worries, until I looked to my left, shocked to see a pickup truck racing towered a girl running to get her volleyball. I stopped and jumped off my bike and started running for her ‘If I can’t stop the truck then I will push her out of the way and take the hit!’I thought to myself. When she just saw the truck it was too late, so I pushed her out of the way and BAAM! The truck hit me and I thought I was a goner, but I was alive, broken, but alive, although I could not say anything or move I could still hear them talking “Oh my god” a shaky woman’s voice said “what should we do?” “I don’t know….umm… call an ambulance!” a man’s voice cried “is he dead?” a younger girls voice said almost crying by the sound of it “NO! He can’t be!” the man said with a shaky voice. “Let’s get him in the van and meet them half way, NOW!” yelled the man, but after they started to lift me a groan slipped out of my mouth and then I passed out due to the pain.

 After that I woke up in the van of the strangers, my vision was blurry at first then it gradually cleared up, I saw that I was restrained on the van’s front and middle seat by the seat belts and a big blanket. “Oh, thank god, he’s awake!” cried the woman “the ambulance! I see it let’s hurry up and get him to the hospital!” cried the mom of the girl next to me, who is putting a wet rag on my forehead, I didn’t know it yet but when I turned my head and saw blood, my blood! “Wha…what…” I started “SHHHH…” hushed the girl trying to keep my nerves in line but my nerves is shot “you have lost a lot of blood from your head.” No wonder I felt light headed, then she taps the rag on my head gently “SSS!” I hissed in pain “sorry” the girl said looking sorrowfully I wanted to say ‘It’s ok’ but I was unable to. Finally the ambulance arrives and we stop at an empty parking lot, the people in the ambulance got out and opened the back door of the ambulance and lifted me to what they called ‘the transport bed’, the pain, so unbearable,  was so bad that my whole body felt immobilized.

I think my rids were broken, my leg definitely broken, my left arm is broken I think can’t move it the way they restrained me, after they got the I.V. running thru my vanes the world started looking bleak then blurry and finally black and I’m out. The next thing I know I’m on a hospital bed still in pain but not as much because of the morphine “Oh, you’re awake!” said the girl that I saved that’s sitting on my left side. “What happened? Where am I?” I said even thought I know what happened and where I am, “you’re in the hospital and you saved my life…” the girl started to cry “what’s your name?” she looks up “M…*sniff* Mary” “Mary huh? Well I thank you for sitting next to me here; I wouldn’t know what to do if you were not here.” Mary starts blushing “what’s your name?” I did not see this coming “uh…I-don’t know to be honest I don’t remember any names of my past just images” “w-what do you mean?” Mary looked scared now “the accident, I-the head wound!” I sweated. “Oh, my god, hold on let me check your bandages…” Mary took a step back “Nurse!” she screamed, the nurse, in a pink and white uniform, rushes to the room, upon looking at my head wound she jumps back “I’ll get some bandages, stay here and keep pressure on the wound and keep it clean!” then the nurse scattered away for the bandages.

“Mary what happened?” I asked worriedly “your stitches opened up and are now bleeding and holed still so I can clean it, ok?” “Ok” but soon as she touches the head wound “argh!” I yelled as the pain shoots through from my head to the rest of my body “sorry” Mary squeaked “he he he” Mary seemed annoyed “what’s so funny?” “Your voice, when you get all giggly, it gets small like a mouse” I giggled again “he he he” Mary giggled in her small voice. Then the nurse walked in and saw us giggling “what are you two giggling about? He’s bleeding and you’re not helping by sitting there, are you?” the nurse smiled, but that quickly faded when she looked at the sad state of my stitches. “Ok, now I need you honey to restrain his arm and chest so I can put him to sleep.” Said the nurse “ok” said Mary “are you ready to undergo this?” said the nurse “yes, yes I am, let it rip!” I said. Mary positioned herself so she's on my chest and holding my left arm still, it was just seconds away till lights out, but before that while Mary was posisioning her self on to my chest she stoped half way so it was  more like she was laying down on the my shoulder, she smelled of lavender perfume that was not as heavy as I thought it was, she also had long blond hair and emrilad green eyes. When the nurse gave me the shoot first my head started spinning then the world got blurrier and blurrier till I passed out, when I woke up again there were fresh pillows and fresh bead sheets but when I tried sitting up a sharp instant pain shot up my spine.

“OW, my chest still hurts a lot” I said to myself ‘Hmm I wonder if I can walk?’ I checked my tightly wrapped leg it looked fine now let’s try it out, what I wasn’t ready for was when I jumped off the bed I hear a audible *crack* and a enormous shot of sharp pain  from my left leg shot through my spine to the rest of my body “AHHGG!” I screamed as I dropped to the floor in a fit of pain ‘son of a snap, crackle, punch! My leg, it’s still broken despite the tightly wrapped bandages.’ Just then the door opened and a figure enters the room, a doctor maybe 30 to 40 years old asks “Oh my god, are you ok?” I looked at him in discontent “Ya just need a little help getting up though.” I said still clutching my broken leg. “Oh sorry, here let me help you, you know you shouldn’t get out of your bed yet,” he glances at my bandaged leg now exposed and bleeding, maybe the bone cut through the skin! ‘Oh crap!’ “Your leg, here let me look at it, hmm?” “Y-Ya, thanks” I said squeamishly, as soon as he lifts my leg a jolt of pain zaps up and down my spine and the doctor gasped and gently dropped my leg on the bed and ran to the door. “Wait ware are you going!” I shouted worriedly then shock hits me right in the face when I look down, the bone of my leg is sticking out all bloody and jagged. The blood gushing out of my leg wound is causing me to lose grasp on consciousness but just before I loses all consciousness I see blurry a doctor injecting me with morphine into me and then I’m out cold.

After a long almost unending nightmare, I hear the door opening frightened I said “H-Hello? Who’s there?” a dark shadowy figure materialized in front of me and with a look of no remorse in his eyes “Who are you?” I asked but no answer just a gun with a silencer on the muzzle loaded and ready to draw blood. “Why are you doing this?” still no answer just a cold look in his eyes, then he says “I’m here to kill you but before that I will torture you till you pass out then I will kill you” cold, that’s all that came out of his breath coldness “Why? Why are you doing this what is your purpose?” I said getting ready to die “I’m just following orders” orders? He gets pay to kill kids just recovering from the hospital? “Now let’s begin” he says calmly as if he did this before ‘monster’ I thought. First was a pot shot at my right arm and he hits it right in the bone, when the bullet hit me I saw my blood fly out of the riddled bullet hole in my arm and splat on the bed, the pain, so intense that I screamed loudly but he catches me just in the beginning and hits me in the head, the impact should have knocked me unconsciousness but it didn’t. Then he goes for my leg and naturally I tried to stop him but I was too weak to raise my arm and he just pushes it off like nothing but before he shots me again he ties my mouth with a piece of cloth and then starts for my leg. When he got to the right pose he put pressure on my knee to keep it down and then shots, the pain, oh the pain, it hurts more than anything like a punch in the gut and lower. I was now in shock and could nothing but wait for him to kill me but no, not yet, I’m not unconsciousness yet, no, he said he would kill me after I passed out but I managed to press the nurse button to get some help, hopefully not to late but then he tried to take a pot shot at my abdomen but the door opened just in time that the guy mist my hart but hits me in the gut and that’s what did me in ‘that’s it I can’t take any more I’m done for’ I thought but the killing blow never came just a faint sound of a body crashing to the floor. I looked to the left and saw the guy sprawling on the floor ‘tazzed’ I thought that’s when the doctors came in to check on my condition and that’s when I passed out because of the pain, that crushing pain of unforgettable shock.

After another long nightmare it was morning, sore in the shot places, I tried to get up but a sharp pain in my gut “GAHHK!” I groaned, “Oh, your awake, good, uh, you know you shouldn’t sit up yet, right?” then the door opened and Mary was on the other side “Hi” she said with a smile which made me smile “Hi” I said staring into her eyes, but then her smile faded and looked like she was going to cry. “OH, I’m sorry for what happened it’s my entire fault *sob* *sob*” she cried sitting next to me on a chair “Hey, Mary don’t cry, it’s not your fault, the guy was just mad at something and took it out on me.” “NO! You don’t know what kind of trouble you could be in for saving my life *sob*” to shocked to say anything I keep quite ‘what kind of trouble?’ I thought. “*sob* *sniffle* *sob* you should rest now *sniffle* you’ll be having visitors to in the morning *sniffle*.” “Hey, come here.” She came close enough so that I could hug her and she hugged back, crying on my shoulder which really hurt “You ok now?” I asked “Y-Yah, thanks *sniffle*” she started leaving but turned back and kissed me on the cheek and then left the room in conclusion to that I positioned myself to a sleeping position and drifted off.

In the next morning I woke up to the sound of knocking at my door, “it’s open!” I hollered and the door knob on the door turned over and opened to reveal a young woman, maybe a teen my age, with hair the color of milk chocolate and puppy looking eyes that sparkled, just beautiful, “Hello” she smiled and for some reason made me smile “Hi” I said her eyes keep contacted with mine. “Do you remember who I am?” startled, I rack my brain for the answer but no success “No, I don’t know” she frowned “I thought so, oh well,” she paused “Does sweat heart remind you of anything?” she said in a weary face, then boom! I remember her, she’s my girlfriend! “Oh, honey yes, yes I do remember! Come here you!” she came to my bed side and hugged me to the point my ribs where going to punch a hole in my skin. She backed off and turned around ready to leave “It’s my fault I jumped in front of a truck!” I said, starting to laugh at the thought “what’s so funny?” she said looking at me funny “Well,” I said moving in closer, for her back was turned and did a hug-kiss and I know she loved it “just think about it.” I said. “Hehehe” she giggled ‘man, I wonder what’s going to happen next’ I thought “Are you ok?” she asked thoughtfully “Y-Ya, I’m OK, but I’m in pain from the resent memory jog, who is to think I would forget you, sweetheart, the most loving, most caring, and most respectful girl in my world.” She looked at me with glimmering eyes and looked like she was going to cry “Don’t, don’t cry, there was already enough crying yesterday night and it upset me very much, so don’t you dare cry now” I said getting all terry. “You could have died,” she said in a sad low voice “I could have lost you *sniffle* *sniffle* Th-then what?” I tried sitting up with a bearable grunt of pain and said “If god would take me away then he would give you some one just as kind like me.” Her face lightened up and a small smile appeared “Then let’s never let it happen twice.” She said with a big smile, her eyes were red and puffy with terse, then she leaned forwarded again to give a peck at me check and got up to leave the room but before that she half turned to me and said “This is bliss, see you in a little” she winked and left.

When a few hours past, there was a knocking at the door “It’s open!” I said in a raised voice. Then a nurse walked in and said “It’s time to take some bandages off and replace some as well.” “Ok” I said then just as the nurse started to pick up some bandages I saw someone else enter the room “hello!” Mary said in a high squeal voice “Hiya!” I said in a friendly voce “What’s happening?” she said with a sort of look people give when confused “Oh, this? I’m get some bandages off and some replaced you want to help?” I asked “Ya! This is the least I can do for saving my life” she said with a big grin on her face and her eyes closed with a giggle. Just when the last of the bandages where off my chest we hear a knocking on the door and it opens to reveal my girlfriend and as Cherie as ever but when she saw me with my bandages off she ran towered me and stared with concern when she saw the stitches and to my surprise I was to. “Oh…Hiya!” she said “Uh, Hiya!” I said back, she giggled, “what’s so funny?” I asked she looks at me “You look like a mummy unwrapped” she giggled some more “Ya, I do, don’t I?” I giggled to “so this is the girl you saved?” she said “Ya” I said Mary got up and shook my girlfriend’s hand “Hi, my name is Mary what’s yours?” Mary said “My name? Didn’t he tell you already?” Mary turns to me and said “No, he didn’t, but it doesn’t matter you can tell me later” Mary smiled “I’ll leave the three of you alone for now, but I’ll be back!” after she left my girlfriend sat down next to me and when the nurse took off the rest of the bandages on my right arm my girlfriend gasped at the scar the bullet left when it hit me. “What happened to your arm?” she said worriedly and looked like she was going to pass out “whoa, don’t freak out, it happened the night I got to the hospital I was attacked by an assassin and he did this to me.” I said tiring not to relive the night. My girlfriend looked frightened “Did they get him?” she said with a quiver in her voice. “Yes, they did” I said in a low voice, she noticed my voice was not the usual “What’s wrong?” she said “I’m not sure if he made it” I said her eyes widened “Y-you mean they killed him?” she said with a quiver in her voice “I don’t know, maybe.”

The nurse takes off my other bandages off my left arm to reveal just scratches luckily. “What’s that on your side?” she asked, I looked at my side and see the scar it took to remove the bullet “That’s one more place where he shot me, luckily he didn’t hit any major organ” my girlfriend blinks “well, now it’s time to unwrap your head bandages and it might hurt a bit” interrupted the nurse. When she removed the bandages it hurt like a pulled muscle in the leg “Gahh!” I hissed “Sorry” hushed the nurse, then continued to peal the bandages then again “AHH!” I hissed again, “here let me help you,” she came closer to me “Now Look at my eyes.” I was so mesmerized that I didn’t feel the pain when the nurse took off the bandages, then the nurse said “There off.” But I didn’t pay any attention, looking right into my girlfriend’s eyes with their brown sparkling eyes that seemed to be gluing my image to them. I felt like I was in a day dream and not daring to take a single breath for it might ruin its beauty “Good” she said and looked up a little to see what’s underneath the bandages but then she gasped and tried tucking them, I was still so mesmerized that I didn’t realized what she was doing until she touched it then bam the pain struck and I gave a loud yelp of pain for it was like getting burnt with acid “Oh my god, I’m so sorry” she said jumping back startled ready to cry for thinking I would hate her for it.

“It’s ok, I’m fine.” I tried to calm her down and when she did she said “Y-your scars on your for head, they look terrible.” “Don’t worry the nurse will put something on it to keep it from infecting and then it will be nothing more than a reminder of this.” Then I moved closer to her to give her a quick kiss on the check. Now there is one more bandage to remove, but not after I had the disinfecting cream spread all over my fore head and rebadged, the nurse starts taking it off and to my surprise it didn’t hurt! “Um, that’s one more scar, how many times did he shoot you?” I was tiring to recall all the shots and keep the rest out but I couldn’t and I shivered badly “what’s wrong?” asked my girlfriend now frightened “there were three gun shoots only and this is the last one found, guh, I don’t want to remember any of that night but I can’t *sob* *sniff*” “It’s ok let me comfort you, now look in my eyes.” She said and I did but this time she leaned forwarded and kissed me on the lips and I kissed her back, ‘yes, she was right, she can comfort me in my time of need’ I thought she broke off the kiss and said “See, not so bad now, is it?” I looked down blushing hot red “Yes,” I looked up “yes it is as long as I’m with you.”

After that day I was trading to walk and run again for the next month and on the last day when they declared me A+ healthy my girlfriend came to keep me company on the ride back home but what waited for me there was something I was unprepared for. When I walked in the house it smelled of good cocking but the lights where off ‘why would they keep the light off in the house if they were expecting me especially during the night time.’ I thought when my girlfriend closed the door the lights flashed on and people that where hiding yelled “SURPRISE!” I got so scared that I thought I would fall down and have a heart attack “Woo, you almost fell and you just got out of the hospital” giggled my girlfriend who was warring a party cone on her long brown hair that dangled in my face. I got up, I was just so happy had to smile “welcome home son” my mom and dad said “Thank you all for this” I said but couldn’t say anything else for I was speechless but then I noticed Mary and her family was waiting for me “What are you doing here?” I said smiling “Well we wanted to give you something for saving my life so here” Mary gave me a note and it said ‘go to your room’ ‘I wonder what that means’ I thought. So I headed to my room and saw my girlfriend in there “shut the door behind you” she said winking at me ‘Oh my god, is it what I think it is?’ I thought, so I shut the door and sat next to her “what is it you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked but she did not reply with her legs swinging and her head down, but then looked up at me with her glimmering brown puppy eyes and her brown long hair tossing the side and lunged at me and kissed me and so I kissed her back. That night was the most magical night that I will not forget it ever “promise me something,” she said “what?” I asked “when we are old enough will you ask me to marry you?” she said, I looked at her with a sparkly expression I said “I do” in a sort of pun, we giggled and kept our relationship secret from school but at each other’s houses we open up to each other.





 To the lucky girl: Roses are red Volutes are blue I just can’t stand to be without you.

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