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Day 1


“Urp!” Blackheart gagged as she threw up the lunch she just had. “Uh…you ok?” Ichigo asked quietly from behind the bush where the vomiting Vaporeon was “Uh…shut up!” Blackheart shouted as she quickly glanced back, growling. “Jeez it’s only been a day since…” Ichigo started but was interrupted by a loud barfing noise. “Oh…uh…here.” The brunette said as he grabs the Vaporeon from under the ribcage “W-What are you doing!?” screeched Blackheart who was trying to claw her way out of his grasp. “I’ll settle your stomach, just you see!” The brunette said as he takes out a stone of a shimmering gray color and whispered something. Then the stone shined brightly and faded a few minutes later. “There, feeling better?” Ichigo asked as he set the Vaporeon on the floor. “Y-yeah…” Blackheart murmured as she blushed and looked away, making Ichigo tilt his head curiously at her. “Um…c-can you…pick me up, I’m a little tired.” Blackheart asked as she sprawled out on the floor lazily. Ichigo just silently stared at her, inwardly face palming.  “…Fine.” Sighed the brunette as he picked up the helpless Vaporeon, crossing his arms. “Let’s head home.” Blackheart said as she closed her eyes and went to sleep. “Tch, you’re hopeless...” Ichigo scoffed with a smirk and tilted his head to gently kiss her forehead.

Day 2


“Ichigo!” Blackheart screamed as she entered Ichigo’s alchemy room. “Y-yes?” The brunette stuttered, trying to synthesize something. “When’s the milk coming?!” The Vaporeon yelled as she leaped onto the table. “Soon, just hold on!” The brunet said in a raised voice, and then Blackheart slapped him with her tail fin leaving him a big red mark on his cheek. “OW! Why!” Ichigo cried as he held his red cheek. “Don’t you raise your voice on me! You’re the one who did this to me!” Blackheart said as she jumped off the table and off Ichigo’s head and to the floor. “Hurry up already!” Blackheart sighed as she walked back to their room. Ichigo sighed and rubbed his cheek. “Jeez, that hurt…”

Later, “Here you go!” The brunet said as he lowered a plate in front of her “Finally!” Blackheart retorted as she quickly lapped up some milk until she was interrupted “How about a thank you, yesh!” Ichigo scoffed as he turned around but stopped half-way when Blackheart leaped from the plate and pounced on him, knocking him back and gave him a lick “Mmm…tasty!” The vaporeon said as she licked her lips and her eyes widened; then she decided to lie down on his chest and fall asleep “What’s up with you koibito?” Ichigo said quietly as he strokes her head slowly as the sleeping vaporeon purred.

Day 3


“Hey, Strawberry~!” Blackheart called out as she roamed the hallway of the lab. “Yes, watashi no ai?” Ichigo said as he walked out of his alchemy lab. “IIIchiiiggoo!” The Vaporeon called out as she tackled the brunette in the chest and knocked him, down “Damn! That…hurt!” The brunet gasped as he held Blackheart in his hands. “Hey, hey, let’s play!” The excited vaporeon said as she jumped up and down on his chest somewhat lightly. “Ahh! Ahh! St-ahh! Stop! Ahh!” Ichigo screamed as he sat up, holding his chest. “Huh? Your chest’s bleeding!” The Vaporeon freaked as she inspected the wound. “Hey-,” Blackheart began. “What…?” groaned Ichigo. “Let’s play doctor!” Blackheart finished as she poked a rib bone that’s sticking out and pushed it back into place. “Oww, oww, oww!” The brunet yelped as he lay there helplessly. “Is that a yes…?” Blackheart asked as she moved off of Ichigo’s chest. “No!” Ichigo yelled as he raised his arms half-way. “Vanilla! I’ll go get Vanilla and then all three of us can play!” Blackheart said as she jumped up and down. “NO! Just get Vanilla here and calm down!” Ichigo yelled as the wound bled out even more. “Oh, crap!” The brunette yelled as he tried to apply pressure. “Hold on!” The Vaporeon said franticly as she started to glow green and healed his wound but the brunette passed out before Blackheart finished. “How adorable.” Blackheart whispered as she nudged her head on his forehead, smiling.

Day 4


“Yo, Blackheart-tan!” Ichigo said as he sat next to a very depressed looking Vaporeon who was just sitting and staring at a pond in their backyard. “Oh…hey.” sighed Blackheart, her tail twitching a bit. “What’s wrong?” The brunet asked as he places his arm around her shoulder. “I just realized that a small bump on my stomach appeared.” She said as she places a paw over her stomach. “Well isn’t it a good thing?” The confused brunette said, tilting his head curiously. “…I’m getting fat, aren’t I?” Blackheart said as she starts to tear up. “No…! Of course not…! You’re…just pregnant, remember?” The brunette said as he chose his words carefully “Heh, heh, you do know how to make people feel better.” The Vaporeon giggled as she looked at Ichigo, smiling with a slight blush. “Well aren’t you full of cheer today.” Ichigo said as he leaned forward and hugged the Vaporeon’s head making them both blush “Oh you?” The Vaporeon giggled as she turned her head and placed her snout on his cheek as if kissing him on the cheek. “Blackheart…” Ichigo murmured, smiling at her mischievously. Blackheart tilted her head curiously and said; “Vaporeon?” 

“E-eon!” the Vaporeon yelled as Ichigo scooped her up in his arms and jumped into the pond, transforming into a Floatzel. When they surfaced Blackheart found herself on the familiar Floatzel back of Ichigo. “Enjoy the ride.” Ichigo said as he swims around with Blackheart. “Tehe, ok!” Blackheart giggled as she pretended to be a captain of a ship.

Day 5


“Blackheart, where are you!?” Ichigo yelled as he entered their bedroom. “O-over here!” Blackheart whispered, hiding in a corner. Ichigo just stared at the trembling Vaporeon with a blank look before walking over to her. “…Blackheart what’s wrong?” Ichigo asked as he picked up the shaking Vaporeon gently. “N-Nothing, I’m fine!” Blackheart said nervously. “Oh you and your mood swings…well you’ll get over it soon anyway.” Ichigo said as he settles Blackheart on their bed at eye level. “I-I know It’s just…” Blackheart said but trailed off when a fly flew in the room and flew on Blackheart’s left paw “Ahh!” The Vaporeon screamed as she leaped off the bed and sprinted towards the closed door and slammed her face on the door, making a loud banging noise echo throughout the room. “Heh, heh…Oh, Blackheart are you ok!?” The brunette said as he tried to keep a straight face, but laughter was evident in his twinkling brown eyes. “Ow…yeah, just a minor…wait a sec! You’re laughing at me! Stop that!” Blackheart said as she began to cry, then jumped on the bed and pounced on Ichigo’s face, her now somewhat large stomach smothering him. “Oomph! Ok, ok! I’m sorry!” The brunet said as he fell backwards, flailing his arms around. “I forgive you.” The Vaporeon said as she slid off of Ichigo’s face and licked his cheek. “Thank you.” Ichigo said as he hugged her.

Day 6


“I wander where Blackheart-tan is.” Ichigo murmured, until he hears the sound of un-synchronized footsteps. “Watashi no hana?” Ichigo called out, looking around curiously. “I-in h-here!” Blackheart said shyly. “There you are! What happened?” The brunet asked as he enters the brunet asked as he enters the bed room where Blackheart is sprawled on a bed. “I…feel…like…I’m…dying!” Blackheart groaned, getting a pillow and stuffing her face in it. “Oh, quit it already! You’re fine, it won’t happen till 24 more days!” Ichigo said as he laid next to her, transforming into a glaceon and dropped an ice blue stone. “Eek! What are you doing?” The Vaporeon squeaked as she jumped to her feet, facing Ichigo. “Relax you’re just being a little…paranoid.” The Glaceon said as he phrased his words carefully. “Paranoid…me? No way!” Blackheart said as she clawed his cheek, making it bleed. The Glaceon hissed as he pawed his bleeding cheek, wincing. “Oh! I’m so sorry!” Blackheart gasped as she produced a ball of water from out of no ware. Ichigo then placed the ball of water on his cheek and froze it in place “Ahh!” The Glaceon sighed. “Better.” Then Blackheart walked over to the Glaceon and then curled up next to him. “Heh, I guess you’re not so paranoid after all!” The Glaceon chuckled as he tilted his head to give the resting Vaporeon a kiss on the forehead making her shiver and curl up tighter.

Day 7


“Strawberry, where in the world are you!” Blackheart shouted across the hallway of the lab area. “Over here in my alchemy lab!” Ichigo shouted back. When Blackheart entered the lab room she finds Ichigo working on some sort of meditational herbs. “Strawberry what are you doing?” The, now even more expecting, Vaporeon asked. “Well, I’m working on a sort of sleeping powder that’ll knock out a Wailord out.” The brunette said as he stopped to turn around and kneel to meet Blackheart’s eye level. “And what? You plan to use that on me?” The Vaporeon asked as she lowered her head. “No not at all. I have a stone for that!” Giggled Ichigo as he raised Blackheart’s head with the tips of his fingers “So you can use it for total dominance? I don’t think so!” Blackheart said as she pounced onto the brunette’s face, knocking him down. “Ahhh!” Ichigo screamed as he held his face in agony from a few deep cuts on his cheeks. “How’s that for dominance!” The Vaporeon huffed as she sat down in front of the bruised brunette. “What the heck is wrong with you?!” groaned Ichigo as he slowly sat up but was taken by surprise when Blackheart got on his lap and placed her front legs over his shoulder and rested her head over his right shoulder. “I’m sorry.” Blackheart whispered as she tiredly slumped on his shoulder. “It’s ok, I’ll make sure to take care of you.” The brunet said as he hugged her back and gave a small kiss on her forehead.

Day 8


“Strawberry! Where is the stupid milk!?” Blackheart yelled from inside the bedroom. “Alright, already! Jeez that’s your 5th bowl of milk already!” scoffed the brunette with an apron that has a big strawberry and the words ‘Strawberry Power!’ in Japanese on it. “You know I’m eating for three! Matilda said so, so go get me milk!” The Vaporeon yelled as steam rose from her body. “What did I do to disserve this?” Ichigo whispered to himself. “You made a promise yesterday and don’t you dare deny it!” Blackheart growled as she starts lapping up the milk. “Darn.” The brunet sighed as he walked out the room, pitying himself.

Day 9


Ichigo one night woke up to the sound of the fridge being rummaged around in and when to check it out. “Ugh…what is it this time…” he murmured groggily, tiredly walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. When he arrives he sees the large round belly of Blackheart sticking out of the fridge, and notices chocolate cake crumbs everywhere. “What are you doing watashi no hana?” Ichigo asked rubbing his eyes sleepily, and then scratches his chest. “Oh! Uh…just a bed time snack watashi no ai!” The Vaporeon said as she backed out hastily with chocolate on her face. Ichigo face palmed and muttered to himself; “That’s the fifth time this week…” He then noticed some cake on all over her cheeks. “Heh, you have a bit something on your face.” The brunette said as he squat down, smiling, and wiped her face with a paper towel. “Thanks!” Blackheart said as she licked his face and left, leaving some of the cake crumbs on his face. “Mmm…that was a good cake!” the Vaporeon sighed, smiling. Ichigo chuckled as he walked back to their room with Blackheart lagging behind him.

Day 10


On a walk in the forest, Ichigo and Blackheart, who is now 1/3 the way from expecting, are walking around, and talking about the past, until; “Ugh…” Blackheart gurgled with a sick look on her face. “Blackheart-tan, are you ok?” Ichigo asked as he squatted down and placed a hand on her back. “Hungry…Mmm, those strawberries looks good!” The Vaporeon said as she trotted toward a bush full of strawberries. “Oh, good god.” The brunette sighed as he face palmed. “Wha-? I’m hungry!” the Vaporeon whined as she briefly looked his way. “Well nothing is stopping you…I guess.” Ichigo sighed again as he continued to watch Blackheart stuff her face.

Day 11

Ice cream

“Gah!” Blackheart squeaked as she lay on her stomach and placed her front paws over her head. “Brain freeze?” Ichigo said as he rubbed Blackheart’s back. “Aww, shut up!” Blackheart said as she grunted a sigh of relief. “Are you still gonna eat that ice cream?” The brunette asked as he stood there trying not to laugh “Of course! Just…give me a second!” The vaporeon said as she starts licking the ice cream and stops again, clutching her head with her paws. “Gah, dang it!” The Vaporeon yowled. “Heh, heh, here…let me help you.” Ichigo said as he transforms into a Flareon and pounced on her head carefully so he didn’t hurt her and began to glow a warm red. “Better?” The Flareon asked, sticking his tongue out, panting a bit. “Better.” Sighed Blackheart as she continues eating the ice cream.

Day 12


“Yo, Blackheart-tan, where are you!” Ichigo called out as he roamed the living quarters. “Mmmpha!” Blackheart called back. Ichigo stared in the direction of the muffled voice with a ‘wth?’ look. “There you are-,” The brunet said as he finds an expecting Blackheart raiding the fridge again. “Wha-?” The vaporeon said with her mouth full of strawberry yogurt. “What are you doing! Ugh, not again Blackheart!” Ichigo groaned as he pulled Vaporeon out of the fridge. “Come on, live a little!” The round bellied vaporeon said as she tried to squirm out of his hands. “Hold on, you have some on your face.” Ichigo said as he kissed her on the lips. “Mmm…now that was delicious!” Blackheart said as they walked away from the kitchen.

Day 13


“Hey, Melody! Did you see Blackheart any were?” The brunette asked, scratching his head sheepishly, as he approached the shiny Loppuny who is gapping at a lemon tree. “Up there.” Melody said as she points up the tree “What in god’s name are you doing up there!?” Ichigo asked as he looks up to see a very expecting Vaporeon staring back. “Lemons! They’re delicious!” Blackheart said as she sticks her head out with a lemon in her mouth. “Gah-! How in the world did you get up there in the first place!?” The brunette asked as he raised his arms to catch her. “Heh, heh, here I come!” The Vaporeon giggled as she jumped out of the lemon tree. “NO! What about the twi-.” Ichigo said as he caught her, cutting off his sentence. “Yay! That was fun!” The Vaporeon giggled as Ichigo laid back in a limped pose.

Day 14


“Mmm…cookies!” Blackheart said as she sluggishly raided the cookie jar in the kitchen. Later, Ichigo walks into the living room to hear a crash and shattering of a pottery. “Blackheart-tan is that you again?” asked the brunette as he walks into the kitchen to see a two week expecting Vaporeon on the ground with a cookie in her mouth, giggling. “Oh boy, you know you get hyper active after eating or drinking anything with a lot of sugar!” Ichigo said as he approaches Blackheart but the Vaporeon’s red eyes dilated and then she jumped up and pounced on the unsuspecting Ichigo. “Wha-!” Ichigo gasped as he takes the full weight of Blackheart. “Tee hee!!” The Vaporeon giggled as she curled up in a ball and falls asleep. “Heh, like a baby.” The brunet said as he stroked Blackheart’s head.

Day 15


As Ichigo and the expecting Blackheart walked down to what seemed like an endless forest trail. “Hey Blackheart-tan do you think this trail is unusually long?” The brunet asked as he stopped to squat down and pick up the Vaporeon but what happened next took Ichigo by surprise. The Vaporeon vanished into thin air “B-Blackheart!?” The brunet bumbled “Yes?” Blackheart said as she appeared behind him. “Gah! How did you do that?” Yelped the brunette. “I…I…I-have-…” The Vaporeon said as her voice became disoriented and just before anything else happened, Ichigo wakes up to find everything back to normal. “What in the world!?” Ichigo gasped as a cold sweat rolls down his face and then looks to his right to see his, expecting, wife. “Hmm…something wrong?” murmured Blackheart as she slowly opens her eyes tiredly. “Nothing…nothing at all.” The brunette said as he tucks in the sleepy Vaporeon and then goes back to sleep.

Day 16

False Worry pt.1

“I’m a coming koibito!” Ichigo yelled as, in his Floatzel form, he rushes in with a big tub of warm water into the bedroom were Blackheart was resting. “Whoa, whoa! Easy there strawberry! Don’t bruise yourself. And I told you all ready, it’s just a kick! Jeez.” Sighed the Vaporeon as she chuckled and settled down and tried to fall back asleep. “Ah, ok I’ll…just…yeah.” The brown floatzel sighed as he walked out to dump the water. “Come back soon!” Blackheart said as she fell sound asleep.

Day 17


“Heh, heh, she’ll never expect this!” giggled Ichigo as he transformed into a haunter and follows Blackheart. “I wonder where strawberry went. Hmm…oh darn, now I’m craving strawberries again!” The vaporeon huffed as she trotted to the kitchen. “Hmm…I’ll hide in the fridge!” The ghastly looking haunter said with a menacing look. Later, Blackheart walks in the kitchen and opened the fridge “BOO!” Ichigo yelled as he pops out and gave the vaporeon a lick, paralyzing her “Gah, gah,” Blackheart gasped as she started to drool. “Crap, I over did it!” sighed Ichigo as he changes back and picks up Blackheart gently and walked back to their bed room and tucked her in “Feel better.” Ichigo said as he transformed into a flareon and lay down next to Blackheart, cuddling in a ball. He knew he was in for a massive beat down later…

Day 18


“Cool down strawberry!” Blackheart said as she tries to push her way out of the blankets and pillows surrounding her. “Oh! Sorry, I…just don’t want you to roll off the bed and…hurt yourself!” The brunette said as he stopped to look her in the eyes “Oh come on! Don’t make me laugh. I’ll be fine with you here. And besides, that’s only happened twice!” The expecting Vaporeon said as she gave Ichigo a warm smile, blushing. “Y-Yeah, I guess so…I just…I…” The brunette said but was interrupted as the expecting vaporeon started as the expecting Vaporeon to rub her forehead on his. “Please, for ALL of us.” Blackheart said as she stares intently at Ichigo, blushing and holding her stomach. “Ok, koibito, I will.” The brunet said as he rubbed his head on hers.

Day 19


“Oomph!” Ichigo grunted as he tripped over his feet from running with a big pan full of hot water then “Splash!” All the hot water and the pan fell on him “Arhhgg! Hot, hot!” The brunet screamed as he sprung up and ran around like an idiot until a blob of ice cold water sloppy splashed on him “Calm down, baka, I don’t have the strength, even though plentiful, for this anymore!” A soon expecting vaporeon said as she walked around dizzily. “Thanks for the assist but you shouldn’t walk around anymore. Don’t push yourself!” The soaked brunet said as he squats down and picks her up “It’s not call of duty, but you do know how to pick ladies up, lover boy.” Giggled Blackheart. “Tch!” Ichigo smirked as he put her to sleep.

Day 20

False Worry Pt.2

As Ichigo in a Flareon form and, the expecting, Blackheart in her Vaporeon from were resting in bed but something kept coming up in Ichigo’s mind “Blackheart-tan…I’ve been meaning to tell you something…” The flareon said as he grew warmer. “What is it?” The Vaporeon asked as she started to blush from Ichigo’s warmth. “Well…uh…I…It’s just…that we have about eight more days till…” Ichigo trailed off, now blushing and growing even warmer and brighter. “Uhg…you’re…getting a little to…warm!” The Vaporeon said as she blushed heavily “S-Sorry!” Ichigo said as he regained control. “And no, I have no regrets. Just love.” Sighed the Vaporeon as she leans on the blushing Flareon.

Day 21


“Hey sugar, just one more week!” Blackheart said as she snuggles with Ichigo’s feet. “I just realized something, koibito,” The brunette said as he squatted down and took her left paw. “What is it?” The Vaporeon said as she gave a worried face and a cute head tilt. “I’ve been acting weird and I’m sorry.” Ichigo said as his head went limp but Blackheart placed her front paws on his cheeks and placed her forehead on his “I forgive you.” Blackheart whispered as she rubbed heads with him “How about a quick swim?” The brunet asked as he raised his head with Blackheart’s and touched noses “I’d love that.” The vaporeon giggled giving him a warm smile, blushing.



Day 22

Happy Latté

“Blackheart, Not again!” groaned Ichigo as he watched a soon expecting Vaporeon sip some latté. “Oh, hi! Hey strawberry, how about we go to the move theater later!” Blackheart said jittery with her eyes dilated. “Well aren’t you so full of joy today, anyway sure lets go to the moves after you get un-sugar high.” The brunette said as he picks up the Vaporeon with some force. “And then buy a backpack.” Ichigo finished as he struggles to pick her up. “Hey! Are you calling me fat?!” Blackheart said as she slapped him were the sun doesn’t shine with her tail. “Gah! G-Good thing you missed!” The brunette groaned as he dropped her and fell on the floor twitching, Blackheart started to poke him on the head.

Day 23

Angry + Pudding

“Hey, Blackheart-tan!” Ichigo said happily as he walks in on her eating pudding. “What!?” The Vaporeon said angrily. “Whoa, chill out!” The brunette said as he jumped back. “What did you say?” Blackheart said as she moved away from the fridge with pudding on her face. “Uh…ok…nothing!” Ichigo said as he backed off but Blackheart, with her insane strength, leaped onto the brunet’s chest and toppled him over. “Well? What did you say?” Blackheart said as she stared intently at him. “B-Blackheart,” The brunet stuttered but before he could finish Blackheart rubbed her face all over Ichigo’s face, smearing chocolate pudding all over it. “I understand.” The Vaporeon said as she licked some off of the brunette’s face giving him a smirk.

Day 24

Creepy + Cookies

As Ichigo and, the soon expecting, Blackheart where walking around the lab until Blackheart jumped onto the brunet’s back “Whee! Piggy back rides on the softest back ever!” The Vaporeon cheered as she impaled his back with her claws. “Ahhg! Blackheart-tan, not the claws!” The brunet whimpered as he dropped to his knees. “Aww, come on, your back feels so secure and soft!” Blackheart pouted. “You’re hurting me! I’ll give you a cookie if you stop!” Ichigo pleaded as he took out a heart shaped cookie from his knapsack. “Cookie!” Screamed Blackheart as she unhooked her claws and dropped to the floor and snatched the cookie. “Gah! Thank you!” The brunette sighed as Blackheart looked back at Ichigo with the cookie in her mouth.

Day 25

Ill + Tacos

“Whoa! Urgh! Blurgh!” Retched Blackheart as the toilet flushed itself. “Are you ok koibito?” Ichigo asked as he entered the bathroom. “Uhg, blurugh!” Blackheart continued. “Wait here I’ll get you something.” The brunet said as he scavenged his knapsack for a yellow stone. “Here hold this near your stomach.” Ichigo said as he whispered something inaudible and then the stone shined a bright yellow from Ichigo’s closed hands. “Feel better?” The brunet asked as he placed a hand on her back “Much better…” Blackheart began but was interrupted by her growling stomach. “Uh, heh, heh, how about some tacos?” The Vaporeon said, blushing with an embarrassed smile.



Day 26

Dizzy + (Spiked) Latté

“Uh, Blackheart are you ok?” Ichigo asked as he squatted down and forces Blackheart to sit down and holds her balance. “W-What’s going on? Everything is s-spinning…” the baffled Vaporeon slurred as she shook In Ichigo’s hands. “heh, heh, you sound drunk as a skunk! What where you drinking?” the brunette asked as he looked around and spotted a glass bottle of Latté. “heh, heh, heh.” Blackheart giggled as she fainted into Ichigo’s lap. “Oh you! I guess you’ll never learn.” The brunet sighed as he picks up the expecting vaporeon and the glass of latté. “Huh? There’s more sugar than ever here!” The brunet said as he transmutes the bottle to a baby bottle. “Hmm, how fitting.” Scoffed Ichigo as he put Blackheart to bed, feeding her through the bottle.

Day 27

Anxious + Diets

“Oh god…!” Blackheart wheezed as she curled up in a ball and started to cry. “What’s wrong koibito!?” Ichigo asked as he sits next to the yowling Vaporeon, comforting her. “Tomorrow…tomorrow is the time…they come…” Blackheart groaned. “I know, come here you!” The brunette said as he picks up the Vaporeon and placed her on his lap then started to stroke her back making Blackheart purr “Mmm…uhg…I don’t feel too good!” Whimpered Blackheart. “Shhh…its ok it’s just a little anxiety; here use this.” Ichigo said as he gives her a light blue stone and then whispers something inaudible. “Ahh…better…thank you!” The vaporeon said as she falls asleep on Ichigo’s lap “Heh, knock out stone, works every time!” Ichigo chuckled as he tucks her in their bed and leaves, closing the door.

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