i hope you're laughing.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

I sit here writing this piece, wondering how many people will laugh at me.

This is a work of FICTION. Though there are definitely some parts that really happened in this, it is still a work of fiction.

Laughter filled my ears. The voices of every other girl I knew, snorting and chortling at me, extending their long, clawed fingers at my face as their faces each contorted into that of even more sheer laughter.

"Look at P...." They all screamed, cupping their heads in their hands and smacking their knees. What was my name again? I knew it started with a P. Didn't it? Patricia, Patsy.. I'm going to go with Poplar. That sounded right. Poplar.

"Look at Poplar!  Her legs face inwards!" they screamed. "No wonder she can't march. But why can't she play? It isn't like clarinet is a hard instrument..."

"Why can't she just quit band? She'll never be good enough."

"She's getting so fat." they would say.

"But I'm only a hundred pounds," I would respond. 

"But look at your ass."

I would clinch my teeth. And I would go home every night after rehearsal and cry. I would cry and slap myself until my head was dry and bruised and I would go to school the next day as though nothing happened. And then it would happen again and I would go home and cry and I would bruise my head and go back and it would happen again and again and again until I decided there was only one way for me to solve this.


Two girls made it worse than the others. Alexandra and.... Devyn was it. And a boy I had liked for four years. He was bad, to, but not like the girls. They lived to ruin my life.

I would--- I'm tired of capitalizng 'I'. i am not important. So i'm done capitalizing the letter "i."

So here's what i would do. i would crush their spirits. Make them know what they did. That's right. Write them a little poem.



i hope you know

what all you've done

made me so happy

made life so fun

you've made me smile

you've made me laugh

made me feel so dirty

i'd take a bath

i guess that's what

i'm here to talk about

you see those words above

are all just shit

that's right

you've made me cry

want to die

made me sulk

made me dream

until now

all i am is nnumb

that's right


i'm done

with you

and all your shit

so i hope now when you read this

your last thoughts are 

"I'm sorry."

but i know better

you'll just sit and laugh

like you always have.



i felt numb. that's right. numb. Maybe after the murder I would feel better. Maybe i would feel like i was orth something, like i meant something... or maybe...


Time to get on it. i left the page on my pillow and feelings suddenly flooded my body. i felt the piercing knife through my chest and barely saw the red blood flow. 


And then I laughed.

Submitted: July 17, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Peyton Kirby. All rights reserved.

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Revel Blackry

Thank you for entering my monthly contest! This has been accepted and scored. Results will be posted on the 1st of August. Good Luck!

This was an interesting story, highlighting the struggles of the victims of bullying. Great Job!

Thu, July 18th, 2013 8:06am

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