Some friendships are made silently.

"It's snowing."

The words snapped young Alex back into reality. Yes, it was snowing. The first snowfall of the year. The official mark of winter.

After a simple nod, Alex looked at the sky. Different types of grey. A tiny smile graced the ingenuous face of Alex.

"My name is Carmine."

The person introduced themselves without any prompt from Alex. Alex looked at the strange person and slowly nodded.

Alex shivered. It was cold and it was getting late. Time to get going.

Alex took a side-glance at the strange person named Carmine. Then, Alex noticed the slight build-up of snow in the empty space on the bench. Alex quickly scribbled something into the snow and left without a word.

Carmine rose an eyebrow at the person's rude behaviour and looked to see what was written in the snow. Carmine read it aloud with a warm smile.


Submitted: February 19, 2015

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