Closure After All

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Closure poem.

Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013



I hate it when you smile,
I just want it more and more.
Yes, my heart beats faster,
because it's something I can't ignore.

Sometimes I want to scream,
and beg for you to stop.
With each smile on your face
I become even more lost.

When you're cold I feel relieved,
maybe then I can ignore you.
But instead my chest aches,
because you don't care like I do.

I know at times you don't try,
that's just the way you are.
So laid back, acting carefree,
like you don't care how you got this far.

It's funny because I want to blame you,
saying that you started this.
I really never thought at first
you'd leave a touch I'd miss.

Hearing your voice I chastise myself,
when you speak to others I want you speaking to me.
No, this really is funny,
after all this you're the only one that's free.

You said you never meant
to put any ideas in my head.
During all those times I wondered what you were thinking
while we were laying in your bed.

It may be silly, but I always remember
your hands along my sides, your mouth against my neck.
Slowly you became important to me,
but I feel like nothing more than a speck.

Maybe you think I'm childish,
you've experienced so much more.
I even thought I'd give you my one and only treasure,
but now my eyes are just sore.

It's terrible of me to want to blame you,
forcing my feelings isn't what I planned.
Meeting you was blessed by Fate,
but she gave me a losing hand.

I think back, and still I'm so confused.
To treat someone so kindly, as if they're special, and you care,
could you really not have been thinking?
Or, did you just become scared?

When I first met you
I told myself not to get involved.
But we talked, you smiled, we laughed,
and now I'm left with a problem unsolved.

I wish this was all easy.
Maybe I should forget.
Each time we were together,
I don't ever want to regret.

Even now, you seem cautious
or even colder.
Maybe you can just move on.
I wish that I was bolder.

Your hands don't dare near me.
It's been ages since I've felt your lips.
Every time you hug me now,
did you know a part of me rips?

I'm not saying that I love you,
I'm just saying that I care.
Perhaps to you I feel too strongly,
so you disappear like air.

You said you wanted something simple,
just to be friends.
What you started became so complicated,
but I don't want our connection to end.

I'll stay by your side,
even if at times it seems you abhor it.
I just want you to know that this time
I'm not taking any of your shit.

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