English GCSE Draft- Toy shop Description UPDATED (For Eloi partially.)

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This is the updated version of my Exam draft. For an extended summary see English GCSE Draft- Toy shop Description. Thanks for reading :D Once again I must say I'm not aloud to bring anything into the exam so this is purely a draft which I will attempt to memorise

Submitted: September 25, 2012

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Submitted: September 25, 2012



Invisible beyond swathes of deep, black smoke, aswell as the heavy clatter of carriage wheels upon frosted cobblestones, An antique of a building; Small and homely, Sleeps near the corner of the street. A deep orange glow sizzles through the windowpanes, a firefly at twilight. From a small, cobbled chimney, belches of warm smoke dance slowly upwards; dissapearing into the night sky. The shop roof is iced with frost and flecked with snow.

Inside, usual customers scour the shelves, Trailing snakes of snow across the floorboards; along side tens of new customers, faces darkened beneath bowler hats and wire framed glasses.For such a diminutive Toyshop, It os full to bursting point. Each and every customer surveys and sizes up a small army of toys: Nutcrackers, emblazoned with intricate designs; Dark oak ballerinas and runty music boxes being only a few.

Like an eagle on it's perch, the shopkeeper, hunched back, with a deep, salt and pepper mane, naps on a small chair. "Oy!" the shopkeeper squawks, "I do not want thievery in my shop! Put that down at once!"

"I was only looking, sir." quivers a small, ratty boy with a wooden train by his feet, Who, soon after, darts outside in pursuit of a grey mouse.Tea, perhaps?

"Now, Take your time, Ellie. You are going to need a toy that can entertain you for many hours- It's a long journey." Sighs a tall, dejected man.

"But pappa! There's so much to choose from." Replies Ellie, eager to bursting point, as giddy as a bear in a beehive. "I have always wanted to go abroad, pappa!"

"Well you had better pick a toy then, shouldn't you... Chop chop!"

Outside, a blustering, hollow bell rings, to signal the arrival of midnight, and in turn, the departure of the shops customers. Previously blistered with snow, the sky now sleeps calmly, peppered with stars and streaky clouds. Calmness regains control; and hundreds of children lye sleepless in anticipation of Christmas, only a few hours away.




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