The Infection.

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Matt is just a normal boy. Running a normal life in a normal town. Until his Mum tries to bite his neck.

I dragged my eyes open. The draped cover that once layed ontop of me now sits crumpled on the shaggy bedroom floor. I really dont want to get out of bed. Unfortunately, Mum tells me i can't miss school- Although however much I annoy her, the answer (To my misfortune) never seems to change. Right now, I really dont care which way my top goes on, as long as I don't arrive at school bear-chested. Wow, I really can't be bothered with this. Suddenly, my attention is drawn towards my oak cabinet. Maybe I could Hide in there until mum goes to work? Anyway, She's not exactly an expert at hide and seek, and her contact lenses fall out whenever she bends down.

God, It's is so dusty in here. Maybe a quick breath of fresh air? Yeah. I open the door to the wooden cabinet with a creak. Just before i consider breathing in, i notice a strange noise coming from my bathroom. After remembering PIPES don't make the sound that I could hear, i decided to investigate further. I tiptoed out of my room and down the musky corridor, until i arrive at the bathroom door. Now it sounds more like someone being sick. Thinking it was my Mum,i opened the door. I was half right. It was mum, but she didn't look very happy to see me. She was slanted over and panting. And dribbling. What? my mum would never be so rude! I offered to fetch her a towel, only to find her dribbling even more.

And then she looked up.

Her now senseless head lunged itself at me. Her greasy teeth clamped onto my arm. i thought fast, grabbed some aerosol and sprayed the can in  her pupil-less eyes.I had just blinded my mum. She shreaked in pain and jumped bakwards, only to knock herself unconcious on the towel rail. I didn't take my time getting out of the house. Scanning the street, i realised it was not just my mum who was a zombi- Wait. Did i just say zombie? ofcourse they're not zombies, just flesh eating caniballistic barbari- Oh. They are zombies.

I sprinted down the road, only to find myself almost bumping into a haunch of zombies. Suddenly, a loud bang occured, blood splattered, and a headless corpse lay infront of me. But quicker than I could let my tense breath go I was grabbed and being carried away. I awoke to find myself lying on a street corner next to a brisk looking man weilding a dirty shotgun. " where am i?" i whispered." An alley,moron" he replied, looking very annoyed. My arm was tightly bandaged, i guess he noticed my bite. I guees he also noticed that pretty soon i would be one of them too, because by the time i could look up, he was a mile away. Leaving me on my own. Suddenly a sharp pain swamthrough my body, My head Strained, and my muscles spasmed. Pretty soon iwould join the rest of the town, in their mindless killing. It was over.

Submitted: September 27, 2010

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Feel free to take phrases from my story and use them! :D

Mon, September 27th, 2010 10:07am


:) good story, might need a little work! :)

Mon, September 27th, 2010 10:19am


Thanks! i'll bare that in mind.

Mon, September 27th, 2010 3:20am


ill take a look at it thanks for the comment

Sun, October 10th, 2010 4:37am

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