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Submitted: December 16, 2015

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Submitted: December 16, 2015



December 15, while the snow is pouring down. I was seated inside a luxury car heading to my

wedding. I felt my world was being torn apart. I should be happy, this is my wedding day.

Everyone was happy and you can see the smiles paintef in thier faces as I arrived. The

ceremony was started, and here I am ready to march towrds the altar. As the music starts my

past came back. I saw his face full of love, we were watching the sunset that very moment.

Promising each other that we will never be apart. The music continued playing while my tears

keep flowing in every step I make. The groom held his hand toward me and lead me at the altar.

I was not paying attention for my mind is with him, tightening my grip in my wedding dress. His

face keep on flashing in my mind. The wedding ended as if nothing happened. "Why do I keep

on seeing his face. 2 months past since that wedding. And I am here infront of him begging

for forgiveness. I broke the promised. Wind blows cold while my tears roll down and fall. He was

here lying beneath me, the man I supoosed to marry. He left me all alone. He died saving my

life from a tragic incident happened 5 years ago. He died I lived. The promised was broken down

to pieces. " I love you, you're not the man I marreid but my heart bekongs to you, your love will 

remain forever and I will never forget you while life still holds it's breath.

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