Esmeralda's Untold Story

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Submitted: April 20, 2016

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Submitted: April 20, 2016



This story happened a long time ago. Let's say when were not yet born, sounds weird. But by the way this story was never been told. Well you might be confused right now how I ended up knowing this story. I'll start the story how I got it. 


It raining that time, the sky is so dark and thunders can be heard everywhere. I was walking alone on a dark path going nowhere, well I was lost. Then suddenly a very loud sound of thunder roar above. I run because of the scary sound, wait I forgot to tell am afraid of lightning and thunders. Then I found myself in the middle of the forest, I can hear crickets and frogs jumping around my feet, ew their bodies are like slimes. I continued walking then of a sudden I slipped down, I don't know how long I was unconscious but when I woke up the rain stopped. I continued my journey trying to find my own way. Then suddenly I found a small hut, its very old by the look of it. I knocked and an old lady came to open the door, I really don't like the creaking sound of it's hinges. As I entered the inside was amazing, it's very neat and clean, well I judge the house immediately without knowing the entire of it. 


The old lady gave me a hot coffee to drink, I sat down near the fire. I was just wondering how the little hut looks nice inside and looks old outside. As I was wondering in front the fire I never noticed the old lady sat down beside me holding an old thick book. I look into her eyes and saw emptiness, I thought I was looking inside a very deep well, well I just shrugged.  


"do want me to read a story"  asked the old lady. 


"well, yes if it's alright"  I answered. 


Then she begun to open and read the book. 


A long time ago there was a very poor girl who live alone with her mother. The only thing that keeps them alive was the little land her father left for them and some animals too. The poor girl's name is EsmeraldaEsmeralda was a very beautiful girl and a very kind daughter. She always help her mother in all the chores in the house. Her mother can't work well so she was left to do things inside the house, while Esmeralda was in the farm. Because of Esmeralda's beauty young men from other land comes to see her and court her. But no was the answer she can give them. Then one day her mother got sick and they don't have enough money to buy medicine. Esmeralda thought of something that can save her mother. She went to one of her beau. 


" Uhm, about the offer your talking about am going to say yes"  Esmeralda said 


" Ok, we will be wed in a few weeks" he answered 


Esmeralda went home sad, but thought to herself that it will be worth for her mother. She told this thing to her mother, and her mother was so sad learning the situation of her daughter. 


" You don't have to do this, am already old and am ready to rest" her teary mother said. 


" No, I can't let you go, am not yet ready to let you go that easily please mother let me do this"  she said between her cries. 


The time came and everything was been prepared. The wedding was been attended by family members. Then after the celebration Esmeralda talked to her husband. 


" Well, now that were couples, I just wanna asked you if I can get my mother her to live with as?" She asked her husband. 


" No, why would I let an old sickly lady live inside my house, let her live alone" he angrily told his wife. 


Esmeralda was surprise of what her husband said. She angrily went out of the house and went to her mother. She stayed there for a few days to look after her mother. Her husband got angry upon learning this and went out to get his wife. Esmeralda pleaded to let her take care of her mother but her husband shut her ears off. A week after her mother died because of hunger, Esmeralda was very angry that she was not there, and her husband didn't even let her go. Because of her anger, she stabbed her husband many times. 


Esmeralda dragged her husband body to their old house where her mother is. Then she did something. By then Esmeralda and her mother live for a very long time never to worry again. 


Back to reality, am a bit confused to her story, I thought the mother was dead. Well I just shrugged and maybe I just missed some part of the story because of sleepiness. The old lady led me to a small room where I can rest for tonight. When she left I scanned the room and it's a little bit odd. I saw a portrait it was a family picture, they were three, an old woman in the middle and a young lady in her right. Then I noticed something in the picture the third person was a man, and his clothes is covered with red. I can't really figure if it’s blood or just a stain, but as I look the photo the old woman was holding something. As I continued to search the room I saw an old newspaper in the corner, and this what it said. 


Algery Cosmo missing. The authority tried their best to look for him but ended up empty handed. His wife Esmeralda was missing to, some news said that they went away to start a new life. But something is not right, the authority traced everything to unlocked this case. Then they ended up to an old hut, it is where Esmeralda lived before. When they entered the house they found a body, it was Algery Cosmo. As they examined the body they found out that his heart is missing that led the authority another puzzle. As they searched the house they found something it was an old photo of them. As they undust the photo it was a picture of  four people. An old lady holding two hearts in her hand smiling. On her right a young lady holding a small knife with a devilish grin. On the left side was a man, it was Algery Cosmo, Esmeralda's husband. His hand was tied up and his chest is open up revealing a missing heart. Beside him was a girl being tied up and her chest was empty too." 


As I look nearer at the photo, my body shivered. The girl on the photo was no other than ME.

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