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The numbness is overwhelming, and so reassuring. And better still, it is temporary enough that you can just go back to being free if you want to.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



You looked so lovely, so innocent. What a cruel liar you are. Such a beautiful, deep colour in your multi-faceted crystal bottle. And those intricate letters on the label, calling you some exotic name that I could not read. You called to me to drink you, you implored me to whet my lips with you. And so I did, and your pungent smell overwhelmed me, and your creamy, rich taste tickled my tongue, and you burnt my mouth in your heat. As I made a face, you seemed to frown at my small sip, cajoling me into taking in more of you, so that your true fire could run down my throat, making me melt. And as you came down, I lost my timidity. My modesty was thrown to the wind and I absorbed you from the bottle itself, your heat spreading to my loins, making my heart beat faster, in the thrill of a forbidden pleasure. You took me over, and I gave myself up to you. It was so easy to drink you down, to feel you come into me, to abandon myself to your taste, to the pleasure of you. Slowly though, you stopped being so sweet, your taste numbed a bit, and my senses seemed to be dulled. You no longer smelt so strong, you no longer tasted so divine, you no longer were a pleasure and your acrid aftertaste smouldered in my throat. I coughed, and my vision blurred. You brought no more release, no more bliss, just the delay of reality. And so, I put you away, to come out again when the day dawned dark. The next day, the only reminder of you was a blistering headache.

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