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A morning in Jerusalem.

Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



"Niels, are you awake?" it sounded from the hallway early this morning. It was the sweet hostess knocking at the door of my bunker room. Yawn... It had been yet another night of thinking with my eyes closed. Yet this time it was way more relaxing than the night before. The hostess stuffed me with tranquilizers before I went to bed last night, and the effect was noticeable. Pulling myself out of my train of sleepy thoughts I got myself on my feet, made coffee, washed, shaved and left for the Jerusalem Walls empty stomached, but with a pack full of jelly sandwiches on my back.

"Praise the Lord for this fine new day," I whispered, looking at the perfect rays of sunlight in the skies. On happy feet I climbed the Herzl Mountain to the railway station to take the train to the Old City of Jerusalem, as is slowly becoming my daily habit. Entering the train I couldn't help but notice I was the only one smiling. One by one I looked my fellow travelers in the eyes. The harsh reality struck me: there was hardly any light to be found.

What a heartbreaking discovery! Israel is a broken people. Her wounds are beyond healing.. and you can see it in her eyes. Devastating. My heart is turned within me! (Hos. 11:8). From the ashes of Auschwitz, a nation arose that till this day has known not even a single day of peace. Not one single day of rest. The people are tired of all the wars and threats to their existence.

In this time she is losing a lot of support from the world family of nations. Everything she does is wrong by definition. Lies are being told about her, and all these are too widely believed. There's hardly anyone who will comfort her, because "She is Zion, no one cares about her..." (Jeremiah 30:17)

Distressed by my impressions I stood up when I heard the announcement "City Hall"; the station very near to the Watchmen meeting point at Jaffa Gate in the Old City. On with another day of praying and reminding the Lord of His promises to Israel (Isaiah 62:6). Somehow, all this brought my being here as a watchman into a new perspective. It does not only concern prophecy with a big P, but it also concerns the only hope for a people who have almost lost their will to fight.

Oh, how passionately we can scream from the ancient walls. Another day worth waking up for.

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