Prey is the Hunter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
When a demon hunter encounters a demon who he's had a past with, can he make the kill?

Submitted: October 18, 2015

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Submitted: October 18, 2015



Blood flowed down her hands as the rain washed away the sin she had just committed. Her malicious, innocent eyes glared at her victim, admiring the masterpiece she had created. A man lay lifelessly beneath her, his posture distorted, a knife pierced through his heart. She smiled sinisterly before moving her damp brown hair out of her face, revealing her blue eyes. As she walked away she heard sirens from a distance. Police cars cut of the empty street, blocking her every exit. Not every exit.


“Freeze!” a tall man ordered, he pointed his hand gun towards her, as if that was threatening. She reached for her katana, forcing the policeman to fire the bullet out of fear. He knew what she was capable of and he wouldn’t risk dying by her hand. But he was going to.


The woman put her hand in the air, freezing the bullet that was aimed at her. The policemen opened their mouth, panic-stricken by what they just saw. She smiled and twisted her hand, manipulating the bullet to weave through the policemens’ bodies. When she signalled the bullet back to her, they all dropped simultaneously to the ground. They were dead. She staggered towards one of them, hypnotised by the irresistible smell of blood. She lapped up his blood; its succulent taste never left her tongue. It felt good.


Her craving for blood died down when the sound of a gunshot echoed in the air. It was him. She knew it was him. She could hear his louring thoughts from a mile away.


“Jacob-you’ve come for me?” she asked, half screaming and half shouting, her voice was penetrating to listen to.

“You could say that” he said, his voice rough, he took of his black tinted glass, uncovering his red eyes

She cackled.

“You were always the humorous one, Jacob”

“I’m just here for the jewel”

“The jewel?” she asked looking at the gem on her bracelet. It was beautiful


It shone brightly, not affected by the turbulent rain and wind. As she gazed at it she became mesmerized by its strength, for she had none. After all the problems in her life, she couldn’t gather the strength to move forward and so it came to this.


“You can’t have it, it’s mine!” she screeched

“Then I guess I’ll have to take it off you” Jacob said taking two pistols out of his trenchcoat, they were marked with a horned beast on the side and below it was written ‘DH’

“Come and get it!” she screamed, her voice so high in pitch that Jacob had to cover his ears. She took this chance to attack.


Launching herself at him she swung her katanas, he evaded it. She swung them again, he evaded them. He took the chance while she was recovering her stance to fire. Bullets shot through the air, all of which the women sliced in half. The remnants scattered on the ground. She looked at them intensely. Jacob could sense that she had an idea. He primed himself. Pressing together the two horned beasts on his guns, he formed a shield.


She twirled one of her katanas in her hand, influencing the remnants to be swept of the ground and hovered in the air. It was only till she pointed the katana at him that the remnants attacked. At first the shield was working, but then one got through allowing more to get through the shield. They punctured his body, causing him to let out an obliterating outcry; this pain felt like hell. He lurched back. She stomped forward. The pain he felt was too agonising for him to bare and soon he fell to the ground. He was vulnerable to attack. She pounced on him like a lion on its prey and drove her katana through his heart.


“See you in hell.” a voice said, the woman looked behind her to see Jacob standing there, but Jacob was beneath her. Then she realised. The one beneath her was a fake!

“I don’t want to die!”  she screamed as the beam that shot through his gun pierced her body and blasted her into oblivion. It was finished.


He picked up the bracelet that lay on the ground (the bracelet he gave her) and clutched it in his hands. He had done it. Although demon hunting was new to him he had accomplished the mission. He couldn’t wait to see his brother’s face. He didn’t believe that someone so kind and gentle could kill a demon, let alone his girlfriend. Well, how wrong was he?

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