The Start of It All

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When an empire has come to its breaking point will it find hope in a man who is unlikely to bring it to them

The sky was set ablaze has the sun disappeared into the fabric of the sky. The wind still alive it rushed past a man’s face, though his leather long coat created a barrier for the rest of his body feeling the tranquillity it brought. Against the fiery backdrop, he was the complete opposite. His long coat went up to his ankles and the attached hood covered well-over his face creating a shadow that covered his eyes, but his small soft nose and black-coloured lips stood out.


He stood on a roof on one of the derelict houses in the slum cities that existed in the Galagian Empire. An empire that is one of the biggest domains in the world and an empire which is technologically popularised, and yet the amount of slums that exist in its territory are well over than it should have. But blame that to its leader, ‘The Master’ they call him, the king of this so called empire, but yet he hasn’t done anything productive to this day since he went to war with neighbouring countries and created this empire, in fact he hasn’t shown his face since he lost a quarter of his colony to a civil war and the empire became broke, now we are one of the biggest empires’ in the world not the biggest, that was how he earned his name. Now, his general and his lapdog are his public faces.


Rumours whisper that The Master ordered his general to focus on the people as: “If we help the people, the people will help theirselves and therefore help us rebuild. Angry people are reluctant to do anything" but that’s just a rumour, one that no one believes. After food became scarce and money was low, the people lost hope, erased the idea of Gods and waited for the moment to die.


Until now...



The Madden Square was enclosed by a patrol of metal men; they were still human but just enhanced. Overseeing the order of her master was Phantom Guardian the lapdog of Lord Master Guardian. She had beautiful soft brown skin and emerald eyes that mesmerised any onlooker, unfortunately her demeanour did not. For a young lady her personality resembles that of a wolf, she hadn’t even lived for a long time and yet she had developed these characteristics.


Her orders were as follows: To see through the destruction of peasant’s homes so they can use the materials for armoury and homes for soldiers. At first the peasants were doing what they usual do every day – sitting and waiting, but when they saw that their homes, there only place of sanctuary were being destroyed they rebelled so they had to be transferred into the square.


Hours had passed and the peasants didn’t even bother to move an inch just sat silently under the watchful glare of Phantom. Suddenly one of the metal men whispered something in her ear; her expression went from threating to anger. Before she followed the messenger she ordered one of the metal men to take over.


After a few seconds past the stage was set and fireworks was about to go off!


Darts filled with green black liquid pierced six of the patrol unit in the necks and they passed out, before the others could retaliate or even warn the others darts pierced their necks too. Quick and effective.


The peasants looked at the fool on the rooftop, a hooded person stood with their arm open and a wide grin. They wore a long leather black coat and black boots. In his boots were pistols and strapped on his back was a rifle.

“Behold your saviour, your messiah, Jesus incarnated, behold the Hitman!” his bold words were met with silence, just plain stares. “I am not here to kill you although my name would suggest such actions, no I am here to give you hope” the hooded man took a black book out of his pockets and threw it down with a dagger that came shortly after, the dagger pierced a page in the small regular sized book. “Read my brother” the hooded man asked the boy who the book landed in the hands of.


The boy coughed and then read the words: “Chapter 7 verses 1 – 3 reads

‘When a gun is pointed towards your heart don't fear,

Don't panic and don't cry.

Rejoice and be thankful for Death has decided that it is your time to leave this corrupted world’ ”


“That is the promises of Death” the hooded man declared “Death promises to relieve you from pain and sickness and this world”

“So, what you’re trying to tell us to give up on life” a young man questioned

“What I’m trying to tell you is that Life is a curse, but Death is a blessing” the hooded man pointed to a pregnant woman “You are with child, yes?” he asked and the woman smiled and nodded “You should ask death to take away your child, for then that child will not suffer like we have, that child doesn’t deserve to live a life of pain” the woman hugged her womb tightly. “Remember, Death is a blessing” he smiled “Brothers and Sisters, we live under the rule of a king that sits still and a General that keeps moving. So what will we do? Sit and let time unfold, or let death conquer our battles. Death will come to those who seek it and I tell you now brothers and sisters, the empire is seeking death and we will give it to him” the hooded man stood straight softly spoke “Till death do us part” before jumping of the roof and disappearing into the darkness.


The people looked and chattered among each other confused and shocked, what the man was saying was odd and eerie but the words read from that book ‘Rejoice and be thankful for Death has decided that it is your time to leave this corrupted world’  was somewhat hard not to feel persuaded by. If this man was going to come again more questions will be asked. Will this man start something that will end an empire? Who knows but tomorrow is just around the corner.

Submitted: October 22, 2015

© Copyright 2020 PhantomGuardian. All rights reserved.

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