Changes come...

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This is about my best friend at school, who is obviuosly changing into someone worst than he is..

Have you ever felt so shunned and abandoned in your life? Have you ever experienced that one of your so-called bestfriends suddenly treat you like they don't know you anymore? Like they didn't spend a whole year with you having fun? And, they do it on purpose? It hurts right? Especially when you don't know what you did wrong to that person. If your answer to all is yes, it's because people change...

People change fast like babies change their diapies. You'll notice that they're different the moment they act like they're not themselves anymore. They suddenly avoid you. Or they suddenly talk to you for the first time. There are two different kinds of changes: good and bad. I have a few examples of good and bad changes of people.

Bad changes first. Example number one, they don't talk to you more often the way they used to, heck, sometimes they don't talk to you at all! Second, they avoid you like you're some kind of virus. You say "Hi." to them and they pretend to not hear you and move away. Third, they suddenly have new circle of friends. Yes, it's natural to have new friends, but do you have to forget the ones you were realy with? Those are some, but there are a lot more...

Good changes include: people who didn't even talked to you before began befriending you 'cause you they realized you were nice and all. People who have attained good changes began being a good model to others. Like jocks don't give kids they can pick on swirlies and wedgies and slushies on their faces (what? So i watch Glee, okay?). Well those are a few. But like bad ones, there are a lot more...

But the one that i'm dealing with is the bad changes of people. Here's what happened earlier...

I was checking my facebook when one of my BEST FRIENDS at school sent me a message, saying "What section did you get into? I just enrolled." I was so excited to reply 'cause he hasn't replied to any of my texts because he said his cp was broken, i miss him you see. I told him that I was still on vacation and that i'll enroll when i get home. Then, I was disappointed with his reply. It said "Oh, i'm so sorry! I sent it to the wrong person. his message is for Jess (not her real name)" I blinked several times before i replied, "It's okay. I'm sorry too." and he didn't even asked my how i was doing. Not that he's obligated to do so, but, he's my bestfriend. He should have known what to do. Actually, he knew exactly what to do. So i asked him what was the section he got into. And what he did just made me want to pull all his hair out: He went offline. I know it's just a small thing but to me, a moody person, it hurts A LOT.

And I knew that it was on purpose. Everything was a setup. He WANTED me to reply. He sent that message on PURPOSE. He KNEW that I would feel hurt because he knows that I'm sensitive when it comes to these kind of things. The question I want answered is "Why would he want that?" I just want this to get out of my chest, see. So now, it's out.

So, hope ya'll like my first entry..


Phantom Reader

Submitted: May 16, 2010

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