An Ordinary Day

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Written 2007-(Alchemical Assignment)

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



An Ordinary Day

On this particular day, a normal day of the week, an unparticular girl was walking to the bus stop. She hated taking the bus; she thought it was possessed by an evil spirit who took the fourteen year olds into soul eaters who tried to capture her soul.

The wicked witch of Levittown, who used to be the girl’s best friend, walked up to the bus stop along with her flying monkeys. They snickered about the witch’s comments about the poor girl. The flying monkeys glare at her as if she committed some unforgivable act. Ignoring them she waits for the bus that is late.

Walking up though the opened jaws into the belly of the possessed bus she sits in the front hoping she would be able to escape this time. One by one, they come up and ask her, “Are you gay.” The girl glares at them, how dare they ask such a question; what’s with that smirk? What is so funny? It wouldn’t matter. If I wasn’t, you wouldn’t believe me. “No.” They all laughed and went away once more. The girl almost felt relief. They were almost to the school, but it seemed like they would never get there. It was like the twilight zone meets the Bermuda Triangle; stuck inside a nightmare turned on loop.

A boy, on whom she had a crush, wondered why she liked him, as he too was consumed by the bus and spit back out, “Do you toss salad with your mom?” The girl stared at him wondered why on earth would he asked such a question? Scared to answer this question, something told her that it was a trick question most likely something very sick. She blurted out, “I don’t know", thus causing everyone to laugh. Her crush’s face turns red from laughing so hard. When he calmed down he asks, “Do you toss salad with your mom?” This time the girl was frustrated and angry. She folded her arms and glared. He waits for her to answer as the bus seemed to be going 1mph. She then shook her head, “Hell No.” she said, hoping that was the right answer. Hr snickered and so did everyone else with him. The girl just looked out the window, looking down at the road as it seemed to be calling out to her.

The bus finally stopped, and she smiled and let out a breath that she survived. She got up from her seat, walked through the throat to the mouth which didn’t open. She stared at the building of knowledge. She turned around looking at the demon bus driver and begged him to let her out. He laughed in response. Fear grew in her stomach, and she turned around banging on the doors, “Help! Help!”

“You can yell all you want, but no one’s gonna hear you,” said the bus driver. The girl kept pounding on the door, calling for help. She soon felt hands grabbing at her and she knew it had to be the soul eaters coming for her soul.

“NO! Please, let me go.” She cried.

But they kept coming closer and closer and closer and closer

And closer,


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