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The Cast of Charaters- Running for the Unpredicable

Submitted: July 15, 2011

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Submitted: July 15, 2011



The Cast of Characters

Running From the Unpredictable



NOTE: Bold are the Main characters. Italic is the supporting Characters . Strike Out are Dead only mentioned once or referred to Characters.&& Constant changes depending how the story goes most likely additions or whatever.



The Good Characters


Luca James Halifax- Sonja Great, Great, Great Grandpa. Very Powerful Witch the first Vampire/Werewolf. Arch Enemy Cloven, Supposedly missing/dead. Location Unknown. Watches over his family.

Sonja Elizabeth Eastly- What the story mostly centers on. She’s Vampire/Werewolf/Witch. Her special powers are: Seer, I don’t know what you’ll call it but she has this radar she knows when someone is a liar, Evil, Good, ect. Sees ghosts /sprits and such and Inherited by her mother levitation. She’ll be powerful as her Great, Great, Great Grandpa Luca.

Sade Kenneth Eastly- Sonja Older brother. Special power: Able to make electrical Balls and empathy. Vampire/Werewolf/Witch he will also be powerful as Luca. Sonja and Sade are Spirit Twins which means they are very, very powerful together.

Noll James Balzac- He’s the 4th brother of one of the most famous Kings. Though Noll is very secretive about his real name he changed it after he turned. (Still cannot find one so any. Ideas are welcome). He has his Doctorate in History & Literature He’s a High School teacher and part-time professor during the summer at the local University. Best friends with Luca, and he’s basically family. Watches over Sonja and is her mentor. He also is one of the commanders in the “Magic & Creature” world. In other worlds he’s in change and next in line to be an Elder. He’s Vampire/Werewolf upon turning he got a gift to read others minds which he must have had suppress when he was human.

Aunt Rosemary- Twin, Sonja favorite Aunt. Special Power: To freeze Time. Vampire/Werewolf/ Witch

Rosalie Halifax-Eastly- Sonja’s and Sade’s mother. Special power was Levitation. Vampire/werewolf/Witch. A stay-at-home mom but she did real-estate on the side. (Murdered)

Emerson Kenneth Eastly- Sonja and Sade’s father. Vampire/Werewolf, He was one of the Commanders. Good fighting stages. He was a Professor on War History & Geography. (Murdered)

James - I cannot say more as of right now but I’m sure you have a clue or some idea. He’s the Ghost Boy.

Hiro Kotaro- Comes from a long line of powerful Vampire/Wolf/Witch his Japanese family is good friends with Luca Halifax. His family owns a Japanese Restraint. Same age as Sonja. Has a Bitchy girlfriend but soon will be out of the picture. Lest just say helping Sonja with Japanese was a cover. Sonja is in love with him… you’ll have to read the story to find out if Hiro starts to feel the same. He’ll be in the story once again he’ll have a bigger roll soon. I don’t know when though. He’s very strong in magic and physically strong. Exceptional l in Asian type of fighting and he has a magical samurai sword which will come to play later.

Ryo Kotaro- Hiro’s little brother, Vampire/werewolf/Witch. His powers haven’t fully developed since he’s only nine. He gets on Hiro’s nerves and ends up following him… I will not explain you’ll have to read.

Mr. and Mrs. Kotaro- Vampire/Werewolf/Witch, I don’t know what they do but whatever it is it involves earning a long of money. Down to earth couple, Know was going on. Powerful Witches they have the same special power: produce fire balls. They might be mentioned again I don’t know. They are not supporting characters which is why they are strike out.

Kobe Graham- Jamaican American born. I guess you’ll say he’s first commended. Daylight Vampire good at combat, the Gym teacher he first name biases with his students.

Gwen- Aunt Rosemary’s Best friend. She’ll come into the story once again. She under Noll’s command, Kobe’s partner and friend.





Null’s Friends & Hiro’s Relatives: Lou, Kim, and James and Kim’s wife Lillian

The Waitress Hana, is a University student and Noll was her Professor.

Owner of the Mom & Pop Shop Old Remedies (Books/Magic/Organic/ Vegan-Vegetarian): Norma & Charles. They ware Witches.

Mircalla who’s the elder of the famous Vampire Clan leader of the werewolf clan Rune Rein they are part of the Elders.


The Villains

Cloven- Vampire/Werewolf/Witch. Was Married… Good guy gone bad, Arch Enemy Luca.

Lawrence- Day Vampire right hand man. Gets the job done and follows orders well.

Charna- Crazy! Werewolf and she is a tracker. “Sniffs” out the enemy.

Odol- Evil Witch excels in “Black Magic”




none mentioned yet


In California


Lilith- ½ Sister of Charna, they share the same mother Werewolf/Vampire. Also Crazy, childish, bad with money and a tracker like her sister.

Rin- Witch/Shape shifter very evil. Enemy of the Kotaro blood line for generations she is Asian American Born. Very smart, good with money and technology and fast with magic.


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