HOw to Fall In Love With Your Nephew

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This was written in 2007 It's about my oldets Nephew EJ and now he just graduated from Kindergarden haha He'll be Six in Aug. This was an Assihnment we had to do use a poem by some guy I don't remember his name but we had to take one of his and make our own. SO I did.

Submitted: June 22, 2011

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Submitted: June 22, 2011



How to Fall in Love with Your Nephew
Pick him up ask for a hug and a kiss.
Give him just about all he wants,
“Ice baby.”
 Crushed of course and be sure to remind him that he has to chew.
His books. He love his books.
 And be ready when he quizzes you on “What’s this?”
When he points to the forklift and says “daddy’s”
Be sure that you agree.
Laugh along with him when he giggles
It is hard not to.
“I like that house - its pretty neat.”  
Answer: “Yes I like that house too.”
“I like that house - its pretty neat.” 
Answer: “I don’t like that house.”
“I want that house.”
Answer:  “People live in that house bud.  You can’t have it.”
When he gets into trouble,
 Say no firmly and explain that it is not a good thing to do.
“I need that!”
Say “No you don’t need that.”
And put Mr. Bubbles up high out of his reach.
Get on the floor and play with him.
Torture yourself with little kid shows that he loves.
Sesame Street.
Make sure you learn Dr. Seuss by heart.
Know all the words, “ All The kids on the bus” and “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”
Also, learn all the words to the songs in “Mary Poppins”; his new favorite movie.
Be in the ride for over and over again showings from 7a.m. in the morning until bedtime.
Before you leave, do not forget to say good bye with
Hugs and kisses.
Be strong when he cries because you are leaving. 
Laugh with him.  Do not be afraid to be silly.
He won’t be two forever.

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