The Gentlemen-By Tara

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Submitted: March 10, 2010

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Submitted: March 10, 2010



The Gentlemen
What is a man? One of the definitions of a man you will see in the dictionary is “a person with power or authority” or the phrase "be a man” to mean: courageous. Maybe you would prefer this detonation “free to act; be independent.” Are these definitions define what it is to be a man? What makes a man a gentleman? The dictionary says “a man of good social position of wealth and leisure” My mother says that gentlemen is well matters and respectful. She says the difference between a man and a gentleman is his matters. Sexuality has nothing to do with being a man or a gentlemen, it has nothing to do with being a human being or does it? This day and age the definitions of a man changed but what about a gentleman?
Those thoughts ran though my mind as I sat across Patrick O’Hara a man with a mission for power and manipulation to lie to the world.  To put himself “In the closet” to marry women to paint that portrait of societies “The Family Man” he proposed:
“America and her people are not ready for its Mayor to have a same sex marred man with children. They could never be president. Before that could happen, a woman no, black women would be present before that.”
Was that supposed to convince me? I thought. “We’re more open that you think.” I protested. Patrick O’Hara is just a politician with plans to conquer the world and he wants me a mare secretary to be his wife so that he can play straight.
“Obama’s run has come to an end and do you want Palin to be our next president?” O’Hara snake smooth voice tries once again.
I stare into his cold grey eyes opposed from my strong hazel/blue ones. “Hilary is running again against her.” I once again protest I’m not very good at debates but I try my best.
“Miss. Goldstein” his voice raises a higher pitch it reminded me of the days when he was a Pennsylvania’s top lawyer he defended the underdog the unjust. He was a real lawyer not the one that sues for accidents or side effects from medications. It was the times maybe when he was a gentlemen true to human society. Somewhere O’Hara lost that trueness. The only thing that hasn’t changed was his handsome features. His long nose, deep set eyes, five o’clock shadow and perfect set of teeth. He’s what women dream about or should I say gay man?
“O’Hara” I replied
“You and I go way back” yeah so?
“Yes but”
“What you are asking of me is wrong. Americans do not like it when you lie and deceive. Do you remember the politician John Edwards or the Tiger Woods Fiasco, or what happened to that governor of New Jersey? We hold people on a pedestal then we break them. Expressly when we find out someone deceived us.” I pitched what would be a good argument.
O’Hara’s gray eyes flamed with fury. He didn’t like my answer. His lips went tight and the beginnings of wrinkles shown. He stared at me as though I were his enemy. His back was straight and away from the back of his chair. I saw that once before when he was a lawyer and he was about to lose and he has one last secret weapon. I lead my breath. What does he have one me? I knew then this snake has something up his sleeve, that slip of an Ace in a card game when a con artist cheats.
“You will marry me Miss. Goldstein.” And he has something in his hand he smiles sending me shills down my spine. “I’ve got something that will change your mind.” He leans back in his chair like after a lone eats its dinner.
I keep my pride and hold my eyes to his. “I will not.”
“I think you will. You see Miss Goldstein this document has that retirement living your parents live in and with one phone call they will be in Livington Retirement”. Livington Retirement is a death sentence to all senior citizens and you prayed that you didn’t go there when you are old and your mind diseased with Alzheimer’s. It’s one of those assisted livings where you left in your own excrement for months.
“You wouldn’t”
“You think? I could call now. With a few words I could...”
My parents are all me and my younger sister have and my parents aren’t senile. They are even into texting and blogging once a week after their long vacations in Europe. I stared at O’Hara. Why me? I grinned my teeth and gave a murderess stare.
He smiled and dismissed me and told me to go home and to be ready for our date. “Oh and Roxanne ware something expansive and not something cheep from Levittown Pennsylvania.” I glared at him slamming the door behind me.
Now here I sit beside him as he pronounces that he is running for president with his opponents Hillary Clinton and Sara Palin once again two democrats and one republican. I watch him shake hands admirably each to his candidates. I can’t help but wonder how far this façade will play out. It was then Patrick O’Hara publically announced that Roxanne O’Hara was for months pregnant “My beautiful Wife” as he put it.
Nothing was beautiful in the way we made this child. There was no love or romance. Sex was mechanical unnatural and coldness that had me wishing he’d get it over with quickly. He knew nothing about a women or it might be my bias maybe it could have been our coldness to each other. It was our unattracted feelings towards another. A Child would get his family man portrait. 
I turned away from him then and now, the audience captured under his spell and it was then I saw him his secret lover. We lock eyes for an instant and I saw pity in his eyes thus stirring rage in me. If he only knew who the real Patrick O’Hara was, If only the word knew the real Patrick O’Hara.
There were days I wished I were in an abusive marriage than a marred of lies and deception. At Least in an abusive relationship there’s no deception and a safe house. Where’s my safe house for this façade? I made a plan to teach the child in me what a real gentle man is whether his sexually. I vowed to me and my unborn child that he would not end up like his father. 
The loud raw of excitement after Mr. O’Hara’s speech bringing me back from my thoughts O’Hara gave a look to his lover, I pray someone would catch that and save me. He took my hand as Palin took the podium. Squeezing my hand tight I thought he’d drain the blood from its tips. I wondered what I did wrong I glared at him.
“You think it’s wise for him to be here?” I knew this would anger him. “Don’t get so cocky you should know this is where one messes up.” He let go of my hand I smiled triumphantly. To piss him off more I winked at is secret lover. 
July 4, 2012  Morning
Patrick O’Hara was caught holding hands and kissing another man walking in to a hotel room late last night. While his wife is at home taking care of one moth old twins how long has this affair been going on stay tuned CNN with Anderson Cooper.
Every news paper and TV news stations played and wrote the affair of Patrick O’Hara and his poor wife. I was not to answer the phones and to let our lawyer’s handle everything. I was to keep quite. I felt relief and fear.  
“Did you do it?” O’Hara’s angry voice carried though the hall amplifying the loudness over the phone.
“No I did not! I’m not stupid though I cannot say for you. I warned you didn’t I? I told you were getting cocky?
Slam of the phone
O’Hara pulled out of the Presidential race. He says he makes no apologies next on CNN
Two Months Later – Freedom
I signed the divorce papers signing my freedom, signing my life back. Visitations O’Hara gets weekends only during school moths summers only three months. For now he only gets weekends.
Every day I tell my boys the story of the gentlemen. They don’t understand now but someday they’ll know.

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