Where and When

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Written 2007

Submitted: June 21, 2011

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Submitted: June 21, 2011



Where and When
Green, red, yellow, and orange,
Paint the scenery in my
Mind’s eye.
Apple pie and pumpkin pie
Warm up the soul,
Water the mouth,
Sweet and comforting
Crunch, crunch speaks
The leaves as I walk
Through them.
Aroma of the earth
Fills my nostrils
The decaying of the leaves at my feet.
I see the perfect pumpkin
Lying in a patch. 
Plump and round, ridged and crippled
Disfigured fingers inter twined,
Making scaring faces back at me.
Swoosh, puff, and crinkle as I jump
Leaves fly up again landing
On my face.
I bury deep hiding, I hear the cracking
Of the leaves settling.
Dirt and spice over come me until,
Swoosh, puff and a crinkle next to me
We crunch up the leaves in a raged cloth.
We stuff and stuff until its fat
A few sticking out here and there.
Setting it on a plastic chair, I set
The evil head on top. Coming alive it,
Scares us in side.
Hot warm cider wraps
Around me like a blanket
Apple pie to warm my heart.
Out side the wind kicks up making the leaves dance.
Smoke rises from its home’s chimneys
Filling the air mixture of burning wood,
Mildew, rotting leaves, and dirt.
Images of children sitting on logs
Toasting marshmallows and chocolate with
The softness of stick mush sweetness.
Tell spooky ghost stories.
Chill in the air
Sweet warm after taste in my mouth
Yellow, orange, and red paint the landscape
Earth and rotting leaves
A pumpkin awaits to be picked.

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