Just Do It

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About basketball and a kid that needs to make the A team and he finally does.

Submitted: April 29, 2010

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Submitted: April 29, 2010



Just Do It

By: Matt Ambelang

Characters: Max, Max’s Mom, Coach Terri, Elliot, Oliver, Coach Jim, Peter, Alex.

Scene One Basketball Court (Hear basketball’s bouncing on concrete)

Coach Terri: Good tryouts, boys. I will call you into my office to tell what team you’re on or if you made it at all.

(Screen shows three boys standing around)

Oliver: I hope we all make the A team.

Elliot: Yeah, it would stink to make B team.

Max: Yeah.

(A long silence with no talking)

Coach Terri: Max, will you come into my office for a minute?

Max: Sure, Coach.

(Coach Terri lets Max in and closes door)

Coach Terri: Well, Max, I will be honest. I didn’t like the way you played.

Max: Oh… well… um… I can play better.

Coach Terri: Well, Max, I don’t think you can. You played like you had to wet your pants.

Max: I was just nervous and wanted to impress you.

Coach Terri: Max, maybe you can impress me during the season but for now I have to place you on the B team. I’m sorry but you may be able to move up to A after a few games or so. Okay?

Max: Okay, Coach, I will play my best.

Coach Terri: Well, that is what I like to hear. See you at practice on Tuesday.

Max: Yes Coach. Bye.

Coach Terri: Bye.

(Max gets up and walks out to the court)

Max: Guys, I made the B team.

Elliot: You are such a loser, just like how you choked on your English essay.

Oliver: Why don’t you just go cry to your mommy? Wha… wha… I want my mommy.

Max: Shut up. I‘m out of here.

Oliver: Bye bye B teamer.

(Max grabs his stuff out of his locker and runs out)

Scene 2 Max’s House

(Max sitting by his mom)

Max: Mom, I didn’t make the A team Coach said I didn’t play well enough.

Max’s Mom: Don’t worry. You can move up during the season can’t you?

Max: Yeah, but now it will be a lot tougher to make the A team.

Max’s Mom: Well, just bring your best game and show Coach what he is missing on the A team.

Max: I will thanks though.

Max’s Mom: You’re welcome. Just do it.

Max: I will.

(Max goes into his room and goes to sleep)

Scene 3 Max’s House Morning Time

Max’s Mom: Max, get out here right now!

(Max comes shooting out of his room like a speeding race car)

Max: Yes, Mom.

Max’s Mom: What is this?

(Holds up card that says Report Card)

Max: Well, that is my report card, duh.

Max’s Mom: Yeah, but what is this?

Max: I don’t know.

Max’s Mom: Well, just read it.

Max: Okay.

(Reading Report Card says:

English: B Missing or late work

Literature: B- Behind in points for the term

Art: A-

Health: A+

Science: A- Pleasure to have in class

Math: A- Excessive socializing during class)

Max: Oh my gosh.

Max’s Mom: Yeah, why does this say, English: B missing or late work, Literature: B Behind in points for the term, and why does it say Math: A- Excessive socializing during class.

Max: I have no idea. My points should have been good. I just missed my reading level of eight. It should’ve been that, but I got 7.9. Math is right, I do talk too much.

Max’s mom: Well, who is in that class that you talk to so much?

Max: Well, there’s Peter, Alex, and Charles.

Max’s Mom: Max, you better stop talking. You know I will e-mail the teacher like how I e-mailed Mrs. Fanshaw.

Max: I know. I will be a better student and not talk as much.

Max’s Mom: You better. Now get to bed. It’s late and you have practice tomorrow.

Max: Okay. Good night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Max’s Mom: I won’t. Now get to bed.

Max: Okay. Good night.

Scene 4 Basketball Court

(See Max sitting on the bench)

Coach Jim: Max, what was that? That was the worst display of basketball I have ever seen. I hate to see that.

Max: I just haven’t been at the top of my game at all.

Coach Jim: I know. We are going to bench you for tomorrow’s game. You won’t be sitting the whole game but it will be a lot of it.

Max: Why? I can bring it to the game. I swear I can.

Coach Jim: Max, no. This is the best thing for you. You played like you were wearing concrete shoes.

Max: Well, I just need time to warm up.

Coach Jim: We don’t have time for you to warm up. We need you to get hot now.

Max: Okay, Coach.

Coach Jim: Alright, now go home and get some rest. We don’t want you looking like a log tomorrow.

Max: Alright see you tomorrow.

Scene 5 Basketball Court

(See Max sitting on bench watching the game)

Coach Jim: Max, get out there. We need a player.

Max: Okay, who do I go in for?

Coach Jim: Go in for Peter and get out there and get me some points.

Max: Alright.

(Shows Max running to scorers table, buzzer sounds, Max goes in)

Max: Peter, I’m coming in for you.

Peter: Okay.

(Max is in game)

Coach Jim: Max run three.

Max: Three guys, run three.

Alex: Okay, Max, show us what you got.

Max: I will, Alex.

(Max takes two dribbles tries to crossover gets the ball stolen. Guy goes on a fast break and scores)

Coach Jim: Max, get your head in the game.

Max: Sorry, Coach, I will.

(Max brings ball up the court and throws a pass that gets stolen)

Coach Jim: Peter, get back in there for Max.

Peter: Alright, Coach.

(Peter gets to scores table and goes in for Max)

Coach Jim: Max, bring it to the game.

Max: I don’t know what’s up, I can do better.

Coach Jim: Max, when the clock gets to 3:35 get in the game and show me what you got.

(Clock shows 3:50 left in the game and Max’s team is down by five)

Coach Jim: Max, just get in there now. Their shooting free throws.

Max: Alright.

(Max goes in for Alex)

Alex: Make the most of this experience.

Max: I sure will.

(Max brings the ball down court and shoots a three-pointer and he makes it)

Coach Jim: Max, nice shot but do not get trigger happy.

Max: I won’t, Coach.

Coach Jim: Good, we don’t want you to be like a gunner in the war. Just take a shot when you have it and if you don’t, pass it.

Max: Okay.

(Gets the ball from out of bounds and dribbles it down the court)

Max: Peter, cut to the hoop.

(Peter moves to the hoop)

(Max hit him with a pass and they scored and the game is tied with the clock showing 0:35)

Max: Nice shot.

Peter: I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t get a good pass.

Max: Yeah, you’re right.

(Other team has the ball and scores)

Max: Hold it for the final shot.

(Dribbles it down the court and looks at the scoreboard)

Coach Jim: Max, there is ten seconds left.

Max: Alright.

(The crowd cheers three… two… one…)

(Max shoots a three-pointer and wins the game)

Coach Jim: Max, that was a great shot!

Max: Thank you.

Scene 6 Max’s House

(Max talking to his mom)

Max: Yeah, I won the game.

Max’s Mom: I am so proud of you.

Max: Thank you.

(Hear phone ring)

(Max answers it)

Coach Terri: Hey, Max.

Max: Hi, Coach. Why are you calling?

Coach Terri: Max, we are moving you up to the A team.

Max: Wow, thank you, Coach!

Coach Terri: You’re welcome. I have to go.

Max: Alright bye.

(Max hangs up)

Max: I made the A team.

Max’s Mom: Great job.

Max: Thanks, I am going to play basketball.

(Max goes outside and gets a ball, shoots it and makes it)


















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