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Slayer is a twisted man who stalks women for fun. Katherine is his next target.

Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013






Katherine was being hunted. She risked a cursory glance over her shoulder as she careened down the grassy hill. Her eyes were widened with terror, and she gasped for breath as she surveyed the inky blackness behind her.

I think I lost him, she thought to herself as she stumbled on into the darkness. Taking a few deep breaths, she ran on into the dark forest in search of a place to hide. The night was silent around her. Nothing moved. Not even a mouse. The sound of her own quick breaths and of blood pounding in her ears were the only things she heard. The terrain beneath her feet finally began to level out, and she came to an opening in the thick copse of trees to her right. The trees seemed to lunge at her as she dove into the opening, feeling the sharp sting of a tree branch slapping into her face.

When she reached the relative safety of the little notch she had found in the underbrush, Katherine took a moment to catch her breath. Eyes wide with terror, Katherine surveyed the area around her, being careful not to pop her head over the edge of the thick foliage. Beyond her little hiding place was a large, open clearing. The moon hung in the starry sky like a silent sentinel, ever watchful. The light shining down on the clearing was almost too much for Katherine's eyes after the horrible inky blackness of the forest.

Where is he?? Katherine screamed silently. Her stomach roiled with adrenaline and she was finding it hard to breathe. Suddenly, Katherine's head snapped to the right. She had seen something in her peripherals, but wasn't sure what it was. Katherine's green eyes narrowed, straining to see what had caught her eye. Nothing moved in the silent clearing.

Heh,Katherine thought to herself, must have been my imagination. Katherine shook her head and began to turn when suddenly, there was a glimmer in the darkness, as if a small mirror were floating in the clearing. And attached to the glimmer was the lumbering, murky form of a man! Katherine stopped breathing. Maybe he won't see me... he might walk right by. Katherine flattened herself down into the ground, tilting her head to the right so she could still see the clearing through the leaves. She breathed shallowly, trying not to inhale the dank soil of the forest, and she waited.



He had been hunting the female all evening. She had successfully evaded him. For now. Slayer crept from tree to tree, moving through the forest like a wolf. This was his territory. The female had lost him over by the lake when she dove in and proved to be an avid swimmer. She had surprised him and gotten away. It wasn't going to happen again.

Slayer stopped behind a massive elm, keeping to the shadows as much as possible and peeking out around the trunk. Beyond his vantage point, there was a clearing, empty and silent in the moonlight. Slayer narrowed his sharp eyes and gazed past the clearing, into the line of trees surrounding it. He knew the female was somewhere in the darkness beyond the clearing. He could sense the fear oozing out of her, clouding her essence like murky oil. There. In the dark foliage of the forest, a twig snapped faintly. A normal person probably wouldn't have heard it. But Slayer did.

His gaze snapped quickly to the far end of the clearing. There she was. Crouching in the foliage beyond the clearing, his prey waited in terror. He could see the gleam of the moonlight shining off of her sweet, blonde head. Smiling in anticipation, Slayer clutched his wicked blade in his left hand and sauntered into the clearing.


Katherine lay in her little copse of safety, barely daring to breathe. He was coming. He was coming for her! She watched her killer calmly walking across the oh so silent clearing and she cried. She knew she should run but her limbs had betrayed her and were frozen in fear. She cringed as she felt a warmth bloom from the front of her jeans.



Slayer's grin widened when he smelled her urine.

“Marco?” Slayer hissed under his breath. “Marco?” he was toying with her.

Slayer inched closer to her hiding place. Excitement gushed through him. She was as good as his.



“Marco?” Katherine cringed as his greasy voice hit her ears once again. He was almost upon her. Katherine slowly curled in on her self, as if accepting her fate when her hand struck something hard and sharp. A plan quickly formulated in her mind. With a renewed vigor, Katherine firmly grasped the rock and rose to a low crouch. She wouldn't just accept her fate. She would fight.



“Oh Marcooooo?” As he said this, Slayer finally came upon the girl's hiding place. He could see her crouching, short blonde hair hanging in her eyes. His eyes took on a malicious glee as he lunged towards her, blade darting towards the back of the girl's prone neck. Just before the knife struck it's target, the girl flattened herself to the ground and rolled quickly to the right. She leapt to her feet and lunged at Slayer before he could recover from his failed attack.

Oooh a fighter Slayer thought to himself as he thrust out his arm in time to catch her's before it gouged out his right eye. This will be fun.



Katherine's left wrist was twisted up and behind her. Her back arched painfully as her attacker twisted further, laughing.

“You're mine now.” He said triumphantly.





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