The Creature (version 2)

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I was bored in Spanish class so I wrote this. No its not in spanish i just happened to write it in that class. I was really bored.

Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



Did you know it's heard the screams?

All the pain and suffering?

Did you know its seen the tears?

All the torture and agony?

Did you know that it has learned of the insanity

that plagues this world?

Its rarely seen the smiles

nor the strength

nor the courage

nor anything we do to survive?

It knows of our destruction

It knows of our deception

It knows of our corruption

How does it know all these things?

Its seen the bloodshed.

Its seen the death

Its seen the world at its worst

Its seen everything

How can it possibly be

That it has been all these centuries

That we have never seen it

That we have never heard its mourning

How could we have been blinded to it for so long

What could it possible be?

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