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Young man is bullied at school and finds comfort in lucid dreaming.

Submitted: September 07, 2015

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Submitted: September 07, 2015




The sky crystal-clear with a hint of blue. The sun shining with streaks of white and yellow shooting from the sky to the ground. The grass moving in a way to perceive it as real. The animated vegetation wasn’t the first clue that through him off. The time ever changing on his watch was the first strange occurrence. Remembering that he had to get his project for school done quickly in order for him to make the football game later that night, he panics. 

6:00 PM flashed on his clock on his desk. Drool covered his notes and something   felt strange almost.. 

Asleep, “oh my god! Wake up foot!” as he danced around his room, desperately trying to wake his sleeping foot. BAM BAM BAM He slammed his foot against the ground with no avail. 

“What are you doing up there” Yelled his mom from the kitchen. The walls were awfully thin, so he heard her with much clarity.

“My foot fell asleep” He yelled back. “Oh snap” He muttered to himself. “How long was I asleep?” He thought. Quickly doing the calculations, he realized it hadn’t been more than an hour. 

“Time for dinner Rich” His mom said as she rapped on the walls. It seemed a common occurrence for them to communicate through knocking and yelling. 

“Give me a minute” Rich responded as he quickly packed up his school stuff. Thinking he would just get his project done after the game. 

Dinner was the family ritual, same monotonous small talk about how school is the same. Richard never really felt as though his mom truly understood what it was like for him at school. She tried for a long time to be there for him but somewhere along the way she got lost. Now she is worried about what new reality show episode was on that night. Her constant excitement was who was fighting who or who was pregnant. Richard would listen politely, more out of lack interest; he has mastered the art of smiling and nodding. He knew that when the pitch of her voice raised about some nobody from the tv, to look even more interested. But when her voice went as soft as a mouses, he knew to comfort her. For she was a strong woman but, she was quite emotional the passed few years. Connecting emotionally to these tv personalities wasn’t the healthiest of obsessions. But, Richard knew she would be ok in an hour or so. 

Dinner always ended with the after dinner medications and ice cream. She tried to cover up the fact that she was medicating her son for ADHD for years. But, one time Richard found the pills in his dessert and “sprinkles” was not the right answer. Since then she has asked him as an “adult” (as she liked to put it) to just take them for her. Her belief in these “magic pills” always worried Richard, but he didn’t want another hour long sobbing party. So he took them. As soon as the pills were swallowed he was out the door and on his bike.

Riding as fast as possible downhill was Richards favorite thing to do, and he knew the perfect hill to race down. It stood 3 stories high at a 40 degree decline, and boy could he fly down it! 

His tires spinning at maximum capacity, he flew down the hill. Cheesing from ear to ear, this was his one perfect moment of his day. 

“POP!” went his front tire as he hits a rock towards the bottom of the hill. Flinging him over  the handlebars and towards a group of rocks. Eyes closed he takes a long deep breath and tries to recall what the hell just happened. It was the warmness of his blood flowing down his neck that got him to actually move. All he wanted was to just lay there and pretend everything is ok. He felt the sticky warm liquid on his neck, realizing he was worse off than he thought, he got up and picked up his bike. He didn’t feel like crying, honestly his head didn’t hurt. Which puzzled him more than anything.

“It must be from the concussion” he thought as he started walking back up the hill and back home. “For the amount of blood I lost, I shouldn’t be this conscious” he pondered. “Something just isn’t right”. He couldn’t pin point what it was, but he knew something was wrong. Playing the accident over and over in his head, knowing what happened but for some reason it just felt strange. This idea played over and over again in his head as he rounded the corner to his house. 

Richard tip toed his way into the house, and down to the restroom to clean his self up. He didn’t want his mom to freak out about all of the blood because he felt fine. 

He washed his face and reached for a wash cloth from the closet, but none to be found. In fact there were no towels in the entire bathroom. Knowing he would have to go into his mothers room, his heart sunk. He knew this would turn into a over emotion ordeal. “One last look in the closet” he thought. To his amazement, the closet was completely full to the brim with towels. “I must of hit my head harder than I thought!”. He knew it was serious now. The water still running with a hiss behind him, he decides to at least clean up his head. With a little water and a few quick rubs, he realized that the white towel was still white. No blood what so ever present. 

“Now I have a real problem” he said to himself as he ran down the hall to his mother’s room. 

“Mom! I think I hurt myself!” he yelled as he frantically searched her room. “Where could she be? It wasn’t even 7 yet, she shouldn’t of left for work yet?” he thought bewilderedly. He checked his watch “6:42pm” it read. Pulling out his iPhone he called his mom. No answer. “She always answers my calls!” Looking back at his watch, it read “9:53am”. “Wait, what? This doesn’t make sense!” He exclaimed outloud! “Or was that in my head?” he again said out loud. “What’s wrong with my watch? Wait I don’t have an iPhone! What is this? What’s going on? The feeling inside him grew from a dull rumble to an ear piercing squeal, then gone. Silent. He sat on his couch and looked at the room around him. It was his living room but, just different. He couldn’t explain it. “I thought I injured myself but, I’m fine. I don’t know what time it is and everything is weird.” He thought as he examined his “living room”. “This must be a dream!” he stuttered. “If this is a dream I can do what ever I want! I could fly or move things or finally be rich!” The excitement made him shake with joy, and finally a jolt, awakening him back at his desk. 

Drool still covering his books and his clock still flashing 6:00. “What was that?” he thought as he tried to piece together what he could still remember. Knowing that is was already fuzzy and he was going to forget the amazing adventure he just had. He took out a fresh sheet of paper and wrote down everything he could remember. The bike ride on the hill and the wound disappearing and how time kept changing. 

“BAM BAM BAM” He slammed his foot on the ground trying to wake it up, again. The dinner was very similar to the one earlier, or at least he thought. Most nights were about the same. Which made him chuckle out loud. The monotony of is life entertained him slightly. Off he was once again, this time riding a little slower than before.

“Was that a sign?” he wondered. Was it possible to know the future from your dreams? Most dreams don’t come true, why was this one any different? But for the sake of the possibility he avoided his beloved hill and went the other way to the stadium. As soon as he was locking up his bike he heard a voice he recognized.

“Hey Dick!” yelled this voice, he turned and saw it was Derrick the biggest jock and asshole at the school. “I’m going to whoop this team and then I’m going to whoop you Dick!” he said laughing and ran back onto the field.

Richard knew better than to egg him on, he has had massive wedgies because of his brave words. 

“Hey Rich!” said a softer voice behind him. “Derrick being a jerk again?” asked this voice. 

Richard’s friends all called him rich so he knew this would be a pleasant surprise. “Yeah, when is he not” Richard said even softer. 

“Well, at least we can see the irony of him calling me a dick when he is acting like one” his friend said lightheartedly. 

“Hahahaha you always know how to cheer me up Dunkin”. Richard said with a smile back on his face. “Lets go the game is about to start!”


The game was a devastating loss, and Rich in an even worse mood than earlier went home as quickly as possible after the game. Hoping that maybe his dreams might bring up his spirits. He laid in bed reviewing everything that has happened that day. Bringing back the pain of his life and those who couldn't treat him with some decency. He just wanted to escape this pain that always hit him at the end of the day. When his mind should wind down for the night, it instead seem to almost go even faster. This excitement kept him up for a few extra hours. He just wanted to sleep but he just kept thinking about his troubles it was only getting worse. Finally in the wee hours of the morning he fell asleep. 

“RICHARD!” came a piercing voice from the other side of his bed room door. His mother, he had to get ready for school. The one thing he was dreading the entire night. It has come all too fast and way too early with not enough sleep. The perfect recipe for a perfectly awful day. 

“Im sick” Richard yelled back through the door. His door burst open, his mother rushed in a thermometer in one hand and a bottle of pills in the other. 

“What’s wrong? What hurts?” She asked in a panicked voice. 

“Nothing, I just didn’t sleep at all last night and the semester is almost over. I just don’t want to go..” He trailed off at the end of his sentence as his mom looked at the thermometer. She looked him over once, twice, three times and sighed. 

“Well do you have any tests today?” she asked, knowing he was doing well in all of his classes. 

“No, I just need a day to myself” Rich said trying to sound as sad as possible. Topping it off with a small yawn. He knew he had her right where he wanted her.

“Alright Rich, but just this one day, don’t be making a habit out of this” She said with a sly grin. 

“I’m going to head off to work so you call if you need anything” She said as kissed him on his forehead and left his room.

The worry and stress left him and he breathed easy for the first time since last night. Richard was excited to stay home and to even have permission to do so. He sat shocked that he was even able to get away with this. “What can I do today?” He thought. Another yawn, this one much larger and much more tiring. It engulfed his whole  body and he slowly laid his head back down on his pillow. 

He didn’t want to waste the day, and sprang up from his bed. Almost as if he flew out of bed. He barely even noticed and ran to the kitchen for some cereal. It wasn’t in the pantry which was strange. He began to search the kitchen, noticing the bag sitting on the top of the refrigerator. It was too high, so he tried to jump to get it. He leapt and ended up on top of the refrigerator. Which was also strange, but he just slid off the side and continued on to his cereal. Thats all that mattered at that point was the cereal. But before he could even enjoy his first bite. He was outside on his bike riding down the street away from his house. He saw a small wooden ramp and decieded to take the jump. He had always been afraid to try it, but at this moment he felt like he could do anything he wanted. 

He peddled as fast as he could as he was reaching the ramp. Whoosh! He hit the ramp and flew into the air. He peddled more and more to fly farther and faster. He could see his entire town from up here. He laughed uncontrollably from the excitement of flying his bike anywhere he could think of.

Richard stopped laughing when he looked straight down and it seemed as though the ground was coming closer and closer. Thats when he realized he was falling. 

“Aahhhh!” He yelled as the inevitable collision was coming faster and faster. He tried peddling but he just kept falling. 

Everything was black, then white, then black again. Richard blinked a few more times, finally focusing his eyes. He was back home laying in his bed, exactly in the same position he was when his mom left. He quickly rolled over to check his clock. 12:00 Noon, It felt like 5 minutes. The dream was so real, so vivid. He had to check his self to make sure he didn’t get injured. 

Richard laid back down, and began to analyze everything that just happened to him. It was too real, he thought as he checked his head again to make sure he was ok. Everything was real but also distorted a bit, he couldn’t understand what happened. But he did like it and wanted to do it again. He laid still in his bed for some time before his stomach started to growl. Time for cereal he thought. This time the bag of cereal was in the pantry, where it was suppose to be. He stared at the fridge thinking back on how he was able to jump on top of it and still fit under the ceiling without hitting his head. It didn’t make sense, but it was a dream he thought. It doesn’t have to make sense. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent researching dreams on the internet. Learning that what he did was called Lucid Dreaming. He got excited when he learned that he could reproduce his dreams and even with some practice even control them. Richard researched how to start a lucid dream and different techniques on staying in them. Unlike his first experience where he got so excited that he woke himself up. At the end of his research session he felt fulfilled and excited about tonight and what he could do. 

The ideas flooded his mind, he could finally get revenge on that jerk Derrick, or marry the hottest woman in the world. Become a superhero or the richest man in the world. Or simply to just not a nerd anymore. 

Richard’s mom came home a quarter past 6, with dinner in tow. She was in a good mood which was great because he was as well. They had a dinner in front of the TV watching their favorite crime solving show. After the show ended his mom shut off the TV and looked at Rich. He turned to look at her, she looked at him studying his face and asked “So what did you do with your free day?”

He sat there for a moment thinking if he should tell her about what he has learned today. 

“Just sleep most of the time” he said softly.

“Uh huh” she said shaking her head. “You teenagers need your sleep, but you’re going to school on monday” she exclaimed. 

“I know mom” he said annoyed. Richard then got up and started walking to his room to get on his xbox. But before he turned the corner he stopped, turned around and said “Thank for today mom” with a smile. 

She smiled back and nodded as Rich walked to his room and turned on his xbox. 

His room ever so dark, except for the occasion flash of his game restarting the menu screen. Richard woke up in his beanbag chair. I must of fell asleep, he thought. He was still very tired so he climbed in bed and had a have hope of a lucid trip this evening. He closed his eyes with that last positive thought and drifted off to sleep. 

Richard woke up the next day in a daze, almost unsure that yesterday even happened. 

“Rich wake up! Just because you took yesterday off doesn’t mean you won’t do your chores today!” His mom blasted from the other room.

From that confirmation from his mother, he knew that his life would never be the same. He tried to think about what happened in his dreams last night but he couldn’t even remember a fuzzy inkling of anything. Maybe I just didn’t even dream last night? He pondered. 

Knowing that it was going to be hot this weekend, he rushed to get dressed and get on the mowing. Being his least favorite chore and the most physically punishing. 

Sweat dripped from his brow as he was finishing up the yard, he heard that familiar voice.

“Hey Rich!” Dunkin yelled from across the street.

“What’s up Dunk?” Rich retorted, as he put away the mower and walked to the curb.

“Man, it’s hot today! Dunkin exclaimed. “We should go swimming somewhere, I am sure you need it after that yard work.”

“You have no idea!” Rich said with exhaustion. “Let me just go tell my mom that I finished and grab my bike.”

Together they rode out of their neighborhood and passed the old quarry to the old creek next to the lake. A brief thought of deja vu flashed in his mind of the quarry, but before he could entertain the thought it was gone. Rich kept pedaling, sweat dripping from his chin as he rode. The creek was all he could think of now.

He heard the creek before he saw it, he also heard voices. “Maybe this is my chance to hand out with some girls this summer” he thought. But before he could get off of his bike he recognized a voice from the laughter over the hill.

It was Derrick, surrounded by the other jocks and the popular kids. Rich turned to Dunkin and gave him a look of worry. Dunkin already knew that Richard didn’t want to be around Derrick. 

“It will be cool Rich, we will just stay away from them” Dunkin said with a reassuring smile. 

Deep down inside Dunkin was just afraid of Derrick, but he wasn’t going to let him ruin this scorching summer day. Walking to the far side of the creek, semi concealed by the bushes they walked and leaned their bikes by some trees and jumped in. The water was cool and refreshing, a much welcome change of pace for Richard. 

They splashed around and floated down the creek a bit, enjoying every moment of the revitalizing water. The stress of school and bullies left his body, even though they were just down the creek from him. Rich felt safe and free, and for once he smiled not forcing it for mom, but because he was truly happy. 

As Richard floated a flash of his past came across his mind of his flying on his bike and his smile got even bigger. For the first time in his life, he felt in control of his life and even more so; free. 

“RICHARD, PLEASE WAKE UP” Yelled what seemed like his mother. He jolted up out of the water to see Derrick on the creek bed sitting on his bike. 

“I like your bike Dick” Derrick chortled. “Do you mind if I keep it?” he snarly asked.  

Rich rushed out of the water, already aware that Derrick is going to take his bike. “Please don’t Derrick, please. I can’t walk all the way home” Rich pleaded.

“Well you don’t expect me to walk home do you Rich? Buddy?” Derrick responded sarcastically, pushing Rich down to the ground. 

Rich popped up as fast as he fell, blood dripping from his hand that got cut on a rock. He knew he had to act fast or his bike will be all but lost. “No time to worry about my hand” he thought. “I’ve got to be smarter than this roided out loser. Think Richard! THINK!! What affects him more than anything?” He contemplated his options. 

Raising his voice so Derricks friends could hear “Oh, you’re a big man huh?” he started. “Stealing a kid half your size’s bike?” he yelled.

Derrick was pissed, Rich saw his eyes light up like never before. A rage that would surely follow with a prompt beating. Derrick clenched his fist and cocked back for a full power punch. Time slowed for Rich, he saw it all unfold before him. He regretted his stupid plan as he watch his fist slowly start to move towards him. 

But before it moved any farther the earth started to shake and a voice from what seemed the sky came thundering down. “STOP! DON’T HIT HIM! DERRICK!” 

It was a voice that could only come from an angel, Rich thought. After a second or two  we all knew who was yelling at Derrick. The little blonde figure made her way through the bushes and with one thorough slap on Derricks arm, the bike was on the ground. Sofia the most popular girl at school had saved Richard’s life, well maybe just his facial structure. 

“Stop picking on kids or I’m not going to date you anymore” she said with disgust. 

“But Babe, these are my friends. We were just messing around” Derrick scoffed looking at Richard and Dunkin. 

“I heard them screaming from way over there, don’t lie to me Derrick!” Sofia yelled, in his face. She spun around and walked away in disgust. “Come on Sofia! We were just kidding!” Derrick said chasing after her. But right before he was out of sight he turned back to Rich and motioned that he was a dead man.

“Dude, you are a dead man” Dunkin said partly in shock. 

“I’ll be fine as long as Sofia is around” Rich declared. 

“But, how often do you see him with out her?” Dunkin asked.

“Too often” Rich retorted somberly. “Lets get out of here before Sofia breaks up with him”.

“Haha yeah then you would be in real trouble.” Dunkin quipped. 

Rich jumped on his bike, just as the earth started to shake again. This time more violently. Dunkin didn’t seem to notice and kept pedaling home. Rich stopped, unsure as to what was going on. He looked to the sky and saw the clouds moving faster than he had seen before. All different colors came from the clouds and finally a crash of thunder from overhead. Then that voice again, “Please Rich!” shouted from above. “I love you son” the voice said sadly. Then the sky bust into a shade of white that seemed to glow like light through a crystal all across the sky. 


Part II


Richards mother sat in the corner of the hospital room, eyes bloodshot from crying for the passed few day. A pile of used tissues lay on the table next to her and an old rosary in her hand. She sat and prayed until the wee hours of the morning before she finally fell asleep in the middle of a Hail Mary. It had been three weeks since Richard’s accident and a full week without brain activity. 

Dr. Shubert entered the room with morose carried in his brown eyes. Richard’s mom knew what he was going to say before he said it and didn’t want to hear it. She covered her ears and cried; curling into the fetal position in the chair. 

“I’m really sorry, but he is brain dead. Leaving him on life support isn’t going to make him come back” Dr. Shubert explained. 

“I know” Richard’s mom said wiping the tears from her eyes. She walked over to Richard, brushing his hair from his brow and leaving a kiss in its place. Richard’s right eye twitched at the exact same second. Sending his mother into a frenzy, violently shaking his comatose body screaming “RICHARD PLEASE WAKE UP!”. Three male nurses rushed into the room to subdue her. Kicking and screaming all the way into the waiting room. 

Another week went by and another pile of tissues was built by Richard’s bed side. Slowly one by one Richard’s friends came and went making peace with the limp shell of a boy. Last was Dunkin, whose own fear kept him in the waiting room and no further 3 times before. But with the impending doom now known to him, he knew this is it; the end. Dunkin sat in the room for 2 hours silent except for the mild sobbing that came and went when he looked at Rich. Richard’s mom slowly opened the door and quietly knocked so as to not disturb them.

“It’s time Dunkin” she said with tears on the verge of falling. “Did you want to stay and hold his other hand?” she asked as the tears fell to the floor. 

“I... I don’t think I can, but I can’t leave his side” Dunkin muttered. 

“Ok” she said somberly trying to be strong for the both of them.

Dr. Shubert walked in with a nurse and looked from person to person. The air in the room was stuffy and the somber tone weighed heavily on everyone. The nurse took her position by the equipment and the doctor walked to Richard’s mother with the clip board.

“All we need is your signature and we will turn off the machines” Dr. Shubert explained. 

Richard’s mom with tears now flooding her face, hands shaking, grabbed the pen and scribbled an ineligible signature and fell on her son. Kissing his face and hoping he would just open his eyes one more time and wake up. All she wanted was to tell him that she loves him. She squeezed his hand and spoke softly now “Please Rich! Just for a moment...” Wiping her nose she nodded to the doctor. 

The whooshing of the breathing machine had come to a stop and the beeps on the heart monitor slowed to a consistent beep that was quickly shut off by the nurse. 

“I love you son” was the last thing his mom said as the morgue crew stood by to take his body. 

The sun was shining and the trees looked as though they were glowing in the wind. It was a perfect day as Rich sat on his bike looking down his favorite hill, ready to fly. He started to pedal downhill but he instead flew upwards towards the sky. He was finally free.

© Copyright 2019 Phil T. All rights reserved.

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