Grad-scheme Fail

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Millie is desperate to get on a grad-scheme. It all goes wrong and she's suicidal by the end of first stage of the application process.

Submitted: March 25, 2014

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Submitted: March 25, 2014



The day was over but she had decided put extra hours into her career to suceed in life. This is how it failed. 

On a train to Croydon, Millie - our protagonist - was going to talk to someone on a covetted grad-scheme. The aim was to get an insight into what she had to do to shine out from the crowd. 15 people got places out of 3,000 applicants. 

It started through Twitter where she contacted a current trainee for their email to ask some questions. It would end with him kissing Millie's neck and lips whilst his girlfriend slept silently nextdoor. 

This is a grim story but it is a funny one. There are no clear good people so you may not want to read on. At least it will provide some wisdom for those wishing to confront reality. 

Millie was a complicated human being, just like the human being opposite her on the train - he's not important to this story so we won't mention him again. 

Millie got off the train. The trainee had been too busy to write to her and suggested she visit him to go through her application. He politely shook her hand. She thanked him for his time and they made small talk from Tesco to his house. He had bought a bottle of wine. 

They went to his studio. They had a glass of wine and talked about her application form. This involved Millie talking about her past experience and this struck a chord with the gradman - we'll call him Adam. 

Adam liked what he heard of Millie, he also liked drinking wine. Adam was one of the first people with relative power that cared about what Millie had to say. This made her feel hopeful. They had a lot in common. They both wanted a more equal society where people actually helped each other and healthcare and education was valued.  They both kept drinking wine. 

'Who do you live here with?' Millie asked. 'My girlfriend,' he replied. It's a shame alcohol can make the best of people forget important details. They had run out of wine. 

'Smell this', - she was so drunk already she couldn't tell. ' It's rum and voda'. He filled up new glasses and they kept drinking. 

His girlfriend arrived home. She met Millie. Afraid of what things looked like - Millie got pally with her and took pictures of Adam and his girlfriend together on her Iphone. When she saw these pictures the next morning, Millie wanted to cry. Adam's girlfriend went to bed very tired. 

Adam and Millie stayed up. Even more their conversation entwined like two bodies swirling together into the sky. Millie was very drunk, so was Adam. 

They were too drunk to remember when it happened but it did. She showed him her breasts, he grasped them and caressed her face. His girlfriend sleeping nextdoor. 

What was very ironic was that Adam's girlfriend had blown up the inflatable bed that Adam and Millie were caressing on. It's disgusting if you think about it. 

Being diplomatic Adam proposed a threesome. Millie declined. 

She talked more and then he took her finger into his mouth and sucked it like he said he wanted to suck her clitoris. 

It was getting a bit much for Millie. After some moments she said she wanted to fall asleep. Adam left. 

Sleeping for 3 hours, Millie woke up and felt a wave of utter guilt wash over her. That scratchy feeling she got on her wrists when she wanted to cut herself came back. Adam's cat jumped on her bed. She collected her things and wrote on Adam's notebook 'thanks for the help.'

Hungover for the next day she wanted to cry but nothing came as she was used to shit like this. Her heart problem came back, she felt alone. Millie and Adam didn't speak aain. 

She hears back from the grad-scheme soon. 

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