Meet Me For Dinner

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Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



It is cold out tonight.  I mean downright bitter.  It does not matter to me.  I feel on top of the world tonight.  I have that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you are so excited you cannot contain it anymore. 

“Isn’t it beautiful out here?”  I asked a random passerby.  They looked at me with that look people use when a drunken whino comes up begging for money.  But, I don’t care.  She will be here soon; we will finally be together forever.  I cannot wait to start our new life together. 

She is beautiful; I have been seeing her for, going on, two years now.  Her hair is darker than a moonless night, her eyes, big and bambi-like, glow with passion.  Her skin is smooth and flawless; her smile brightens up the darkest day. 

I sent her the text this morning, she sounded relieved to be going out tonight.  It was a hard day at work for her.  As an emergency pediatrics nurse, she definitely had her fair share of hard days.  The day I met her was the hardest day of my life.  My eight-year-old son had passed away in her arms.  His mother had died two years before so he was all I had left.  I was devastated but she did her best at comforting me.  Even in the state I was in that day, I knew she would be mine. 

I texted her to see where she was at.  She is taking a cab and will be here in ten minutes she said.  Even with the cold, my palms are starting to sweat.  I never imagined I would do something like this.  Here comes a taxi.  It is not her.  She will be here soon.  My teeth are chattering partly from the cold but the nerves are getting to me too. 

This one has to be her.  It is, man does she look good tonight.  As she steps out of the cab in her vivid red dress and her dark hair flowing down to the middle of her back she glances in my direction.  I wave at her to get her attention. 

“Hi, you must be Michael,” she says “I haven’t been out in a long time and after the day I’ve had this is going to be just what I need.  I’m so happy to meet you.”

Of course, she does not remember me but I keep it cordial.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you and if you don’t mind me saying you look beautiful tonight.” 

“Thank you!  What are the plans for the night?”  She asked.

I reply, “First let’s get to my car to get warm, it’s parked right over here.” 

As we crossed the street, I could not help but glance at her.  The big night was finally here.  I had been waiting nearly two years for this.  I point her towards my van.  Like a gentleman I open the door for her.  As she is turning to ask me where the front seat is at, I decide it is time.  I yank the gag out of my pocket and force it around her mouth as I shove her into the van.  I jump into the driver’s seat, start the van, and begin driving. 

“I think we’re going to have a night in tonight.”  I explain to her.  “I guess you don’t remember me but I remember you.  I remember everything about you and the day you killed my son.” 

Her eyes widened with terror as she realized who I was.  Her muffled screams were not bothering me.  “You told me he was going to be alright but he wasn’t he died and you didn’t do anything to help him.  You say you tried but I know you didn’t do everything you could.  He would have been ten today, did you know that?”  That’s all I want to tell her for now.  Fifteen more minutes and I will have her with me forever. 

As we pull up to my house, she starts trying to scream again.  “I live in the middle of nowhere, no one’s gonna hear you.  You know my wife died out here two years before my son died in your arms.” 

I drag her out of the van.  She is putting up a fight but she will give up soon.  Finally, we made it inside.  I have not cleaned much lately so I hope she does not mind the mess or the bugs too much. 

“I’m sorry I had to do this but I love you.  But I hate you too.  This is all for the best though.  I have a room for you.  I’ve seen your apartment so I know what you like.  I tried to make it nice for you.”  I told her, as I took her to her new room.  “You won’t get out much but you’ll have me to keep you company.  I’ll feed you and take care of you so we can grow old together.  This is going to be nice isn’t it?”

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