666 Chips Part 3.

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Third installment. The Events of June 6th 2006, captured in words and served to satisfy your hunger for reading.

Submitted: January 07, 2008

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Submitted: January 07, 2008



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Turning each chrome tap, I review my all too brief practice game. He must have hacked the server somehow, controlled each deal. The knowledge that I could not win, had a soothing effect on me, as did the feel of the bubbles forming in the deep bath. His devious intervention was a warning though, his ability to cheat should not be underestimated. He had teased me with the aces, the dream pocket serve, I was reeled in like a hungry maggot chasing fish. Three sixes, the heat of hell certainly hadn't warped his sense of humour. I exchange glances with my naked self in the large bathroom mirror, adopting an Elvis accent I misquote the King, “He ain't nothing but a hound dog”. I settle into the hot tub, only my head clear of the whipped lather.

As I soap my tense body, I try to recall the complex rules of Poker. I have approximately one hour left and intend to maximise these precious minutes. My attention, while climbing out of this relaxing watery cage, is drawn to the sound of female voices in the main suite. I tighten the towel to my waist and expect to see the television unexpectedly on and entertaining itself. To try and put into words the scene that greets me, would test the skills of Shakespeare. Bare with my fumbled words as I try to describe the contents of my dimmed room. Laying naked upon my crimson sheets were, what appeared two lust driven adults, who seemed far less interested in my questions than fondling each others swollen nipples and moist necks. Their Asian appearance was striking, seldom had I seen beauty like this in the flesh. The only telling difference between the two were the lengths of their black hair. I watched their deep kiss and roaming hands, my towel twitching in appreciation. This was no hallucination brought on by the steam and humid air, I could smell the rising sex consume the room. While I could watch these two goddesses consume and satisfy their obvious hunger, I needed to understand why they were here. I moved closer, my erect embarrassment cleverly concealed by some nifty placement. They had ignored some half served questions so I boldly announced myself, the introduction done in such a way it demanded response. While the short haired girl only smiled and fell between her partners legs the other, her eyes wild and connecting, said hello. Her accent placed her to this sleazy town, her mannerisms echoing her voice.

She responded with a similar entry card as the one that had harassed me, earlier in the evening; "and why are you here I mused?"Herred tipped fingers beckoned me towards her kiss, signalling all questions were off bounds. Like a child surrendering to candy, I was soon tasting her swollen lips my penis throbbing against the constricting cotton. I felta lustful tug at thewhite towel and then the warm sensation of saliva circling my pleasure vein.The twins were all over my body, tasting and devouring every inch of my orgasm ready body. Then as if someone had brightened the lights, I realised this was all a clever distraction. My nemesis had devised this plan and relied on my stupidity for it to consume what time of preparation I needed. With regret lodged in my throat, I demanded the two girls get dressed and return to their common slot, amongst the lights of the strip. That fucking sneaky hound dog , his deception really was a scar on the belly of the snake.

If ever I needed reminding of the grade of my opponent, here it was, a scroll served in royal red ribbon, an announcement that read, watch this sneaky bastard. I secured the battery back into the rear of the laptop, rebooted and waited patiently for a Microsoft welcome screen. My plan was to practice, this time using play money, hone my strategy, double check my endeavour. I was dripping in paranoia, any noise emanating from the hall, felt the sour from my swearing tongue. In poker terms I viewed his previous actions as showing, revealing his manner, a weakness he may later regret. Now read part 4.

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