A True English Rose

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We all miss her.....

Submitted: November 28, 2007

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Submitted: November 28, 2007



Elton removes a tear, then cautiously starts

To dedicate a song to England's Queen of Hearts

His hands stroke the black and white keys

I am flooded with my own Diana memories

Shy and a little awkward, bequest historic jewels

Millions in audience, whispering, ”I do” in St Paul's

Her sons would inherit the ability to really care

The peoples Queen had real emotions to share

Following divorce from the future king

A new era of popularity was about to begin

Inner confidence shone, a new steel in her eyes

Books were released to counter flagitious lies

Her charity shone, more than the diamonds she wore

At ease with established royalty, equally with the poor

Eased fears over aids, by holding a victims hand

Threw a spotlight on mines that blighted foreign land

Tall, demure, beauty wrapped in a designer dress

Headlines demanded by an ever hungry press

I do not think any of us gave her privacy a thought

Every photo opportunity was, from several angles caught

Still the hounds had papers, magazines to sell

Sniffed her out, made her life a living hell

The high valuation of the Princess caught in a flash

Justification was always one of demand over cash

The last days were counted down on the news

A new courtship exposed on a French Riviera cruise

Cameras regrouped in Paris, every move tracked

Never afforded amity, her life and dignity attacked

August 31st 1997, not a cloud in the morning sky

Just the echo of sadness, Diana had died

10 years on, her smile still warms

A nation, perhaps forever mourns

Eternal hurt, ongoing pain that simply shows

Wewill alwaysregard her, A TRUE ENGLISH ROSE

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