Caught In This Game

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Submitted: December 27, 2007

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Submitted: December 27, 2007



I stumble torch in hand

seek to map this foreign land

With two full moons

and trees like spoons

My ram of knowledge will soon expand

I draw the animals I find

upon the paper of my mind

They are so cute

devouring blue fruit

A willingness to share, for they are kind

I enter the evil wood

where not all is good

Poison does leak

the trees do speak

They tell me to go go back, perhaps I should

Like Columbus before

I can far from ignore

It is destiny

guiding me

Pulling my hand through the forest floor

My eyes fall still

I sense a kill

Those are not stones

but shattered bones

Down my spine travels an uneasy chill

With hand on gun

I try to run

The tiniest tap

triggers a trap

Hanging up side down is far from fun

Approaching from the East

a hungry beast

I shoot the net

I'm not done yet

I refuse to be his daily feast

An email I'll send

to a wide awake friend

This nightmare scares

scratches and tears

I hope he presses exit and all this will end

Its nothing but pain

caught in this game

My pal gives a shrug

pulls at the plug

I will return tomorrow to play again

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