I was an innocent victim

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Sometimes it is the attacked who feel the weight of guilt, but this is simply NOT true. The guilt is and should be felt by the persecutor.

Submitted: November 20, 2007

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Submitted: November 20, 2007



Before the rising tide, you could visibly see

Your imprints in my soul, after you rampaged me

But the sea of tears has failed to truly erase

A lingering image of you, alas still stays

I never teased or offered permission

I said no, you refused to listen

You tore tender pieces of my mental self

Your attack violently shook my fragile health

Sometimes in the dark I felt you near

Frozen with horror, wide awake with fear

To be alone was something I would seek to avoid

Whispers and shadows left me paranoid

You never cared to ask my name

Or watched as I hauled the heavy shame

Like delicate china striking a hardened floor

Forever be broken, vulnerable and raw

A wise person told me it's never too late

To remove from my life unnecessary weight

I carried your humiliation for far too long

I was an innocent victim, it was you who did wrong

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