Sirens Tore Violent Strips (Audio)

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Uprising quashed..

Submitted: October 04, 2011

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Submitted: October 04, 2011



As sirens tore violent strips

from the dang dark skies

I saw only vengeance

in their uniformed eyes

Their absorbent baton
demanded a flood
Showing no mercy
mopping up blood
Reflective shields
not only boasted flames
Untitled tattoos
of sickening stains
Laced black boots
stomped and kicked
At every victim
their oppressive sole picked
As the last heart beat
of resistance tried to sound
A fist size slab of muscle
was squashed into the ground
The pulse of blue lights
the only beat to boast
Golden medals offered
for a quick riposte
Satellite feed
reports the uprising ill advised
And due to technical problems
completely untelevised

Only petrol and smoke

make mention of the riot

Tongues of the people

are told to keep quiet

Silence pokes a needle and thread

into the injured air above

But repair has sought exit

with its new companion love

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