The Not so Clean Get Away

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Joe, Dean and Ali need to make a clean get away.

Submitted: September 28, 2007

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Submitted: September 28, 2007



I came to, in what seemed like a very short space of time. I quickly recalled the car losing control and I scan my body for any visible injuries. I look over at Dean, he was out cold, his head resting on the steering wheel. While calling his name, I turned to Ali, she to looked peaceful but her body had locked up in shock. “Dean”, I am now pulling at his head trying to rest it back upon the seat. I notice his lips have a slight stain of blood, for the first time, I wonder if he's still alive. Panic sets in I can not find a pulse, the car jerks violently to the left. The thud ruffles the interior my attentions turn to Ali.


I climb into the rear of the car, turning Ali I am confronted with a sticky pool of blood. What looks like a car jack, sticks out of her stomach. I feel sick, tears well in my eyes I am also feeling angry. I find myself violently punching the roof of the car, I need to get this together. I open the door being as respectful as I can, climbing over Ali. I view the cars damage and note steam is smoking the night air. I fumble in my pocket, I must call for help. With my hand deep in my pocket I feel a thump to my shoulder. I turn to investigate and am dropped to the floor by a similar pain to my leg. My body goes into shock, now aware of blood exiting the two wounds I look in the distance for a shooter. I hear a commanding voice, its telling me to put my hands above my head. I'm fucking dying here, I think those words but can not muster the energy to speak them. Within moments of placing my hands in the air I feel a group of men violently drop me to the floor.


I see flash lights probing the car, I now see more emergency vehicles arriving. “He's dead Alan”, I turn to the floor, noting a small trickle of petrol. I can now see the trail leads to the car, I want to go out in a bang. I remove a silver zippo from my left pocket, I can feel a heavy boot resting on my back. I flip the lid and spark a flame and watch panic ensue.


I made my ease with God and watched in almost poetic slow motion as the flames raced towards the car. First a small pop then a glowing orange followed by a boom of yellow. Bodies seem to dive in different directions, a strong scent of death replaces the acrid smoke. I made an attempt to lift my head, my eyes were shocked at the carnage. I could make out various limbs, a leg stood upright leaking blood. All the torches had been extinguished I could only use the moon light to guide me. My leg was in so much pain, I knew I would soon have to stem the bleeding. If only I could get to one those ambulances I could see in the distance.




A stinging pain drops me to the dusty floor, I can see its Ali with a gun held at me. I note she has the sports bag which is full of money, but how, when. My breathing is becoming quick and the effort required to keep alive too much. My last image was Ali making it to a near by getaway and disappearing into the night.

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