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Terrorism is a terrible thing. But sometimes we have to ask who is terrorising whom. In countries like te U.S.A. & U.K. there is a tradition of making up boogy words and phrases like "commie", "red", "left" to put down great social reformners like Jessie Jackson and to stop important social reform from ever happening. Al Quaida is the latest boogy word, and I am not convinved it even exists! I believe Al Quaida is a new boogy word made up to stir up the public to jingoist madness to allow governments to get away with the gross human rights violations that America, England, Australia and other so-called democratic countries have been guilty of since September 2001.

Submitted: January 22, 2011

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Submitted: January 22, 2011



There’s a new bogeyman moved into town
We’re told he’s named Al Quaida,
He sets out to bring down democracy
By training terrorist fighters.

But we never seem to see Al Quaida
The Yanks tell us what he has done,
We wonder if that means we’re winning
And Al Quaida is on the run?

Or is there some other reason
That we never get to see this fiend?
Could it be the Yanks are telling tales?
And Al Quaida is just pretend?

But we’re told the Yankees are our friend
The fuehrer tells us so,
So surely Al Quaida must be real?
Still ... how are we to know?

He never seems to show himself
We’ve seen no hide or hair,
So those who think for themselves
Wonder if Al Quaida is really there?

The bogeyman has changed his name
Many times down the long years,
So how do we know Al Quaida is real?
The Yanks aren’t just playing on our fears?

With the propaganda war running strong
What are we all to believe?
Is Al Quaida truly out there?
Or are the Yanks trying to deceive?

We’d like to believe the Americans
But they have lied to us before,
So when it comes to Al Quaida now
How can anyone really be sure?

They lied about
Saying the Russians were fighting too,
But now we know that the U.S.S.R
Was never in that show.

They lied to the nuclear physicists
Working on the
Manhattan project,
They said they’d atomise
And kill very few Japanese subjects.

So how do we know about the bogeyman?
Is Al Quaida even there at all?
We know we can’t trust the bloody Yanks
When they want our troops to keep taking the fall.

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

© Copyright 2017 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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