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I have been putting this dictionary together for at least 30 years.

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Submitted: December 29, 2010



I have been putting this Australian Aboriginal To English Dictionary together since c.1980 when I wrote the story “The Rainbow Serpent”.
CA means Central Australia
EA means Eastern Australia
Gipps means Gippsland in Victorian countryside
NA means Northern Australia
NQ means Northern Queensland
NSW means New South Wales
NT means The Northern Territory
N-W NT mean North Western Northern Territory
Qld or QLD means Queensland
South Australia means South Australia
S-E Aus means South-Eastern Australia
SQ means Southern Queensland
Vict or Vic means Victoria
Tas means Tasmania
WA means Western Australia
"c" before a, o, and u is rendered by the letter k, and before i and e by the letter s.
"ch" may also be rendered by tj.
"ng" is A nasal pronunciation halfway between "ing" and "neg"
Aborigine. Koori (Victoria, New South Wales)
absence. wakanara (Tasmania)
absent. yerawayerra (Central Australia)
abstraction. nunamara (Tasmania)
abundance. ngarraitya (South Australia)
acacia, drooping. myall (Western Australia)
accompanying. barnguen (Victoria)
adjoining. bultarra, taipurra (South Australia)
afraid. Yinban (South Australia)
afternoon. kulkawirra (South Australia), yeangena (Northern Queensland)
along the river. parrearra
ancient. bukkiana/munana (South Australia)
animal. momulgana (Northern Australia)
ankle. munnawana (Tasmania)
Antares, star. puruprika
apeman. doolargul, yowie (various)
apple, wild. boiyuga (Maningrida, Northern Territory)
arising. leawarra (Northern Australia)
arm. warrangun (Eastern Australia)
armlet. yinmerli (Central Australia)
arrival. wokari (Central Australia)
Arunta class. ungalla (Central Australia)
ashes. arwilla (NA), burlityi (Southern Queensland)
at once. yandowdra (Central Australia)
autumn. turra (Tasmania)
avenging party. atninga (Central Australia)
awake. nakkara (South Australia)
awakening. irabina (WA), kangia (South Australia), yirrchuna (CA)
Ayers Rock. Uluru (Central Australia)
baby. birrahlee (Western Australia)
bachelor. lowateemi (Tasmania)
back. talina (Tasmania)
bag to carry honey. kulpa (Central Australia)
bailer shell. yukana (Gulf of Carpentaria)
bald. dulibah (Western Australia)
ball. boogalah (Western Australia)
band for head. witallirra (Central Australia)
bandicoot. banguruk (NorthCoast), tyenna (Tas), windulka
bark.warra (Tasmania)
barley grass. yammara (Western Australia)
barter. denawe (NQ), ikkina (SQ), wakkawinya (South Australia)
basket. rowilloonie (Northern Australia)
bat(s). mali (Northern Queensland), mudichera (Yorke Peninsula, South Australia), mulara (Northern Australia), ngunung-ngunnut (Wotjobaluk), tjinimin (Murinbata North-West Northern Territory), naradan, narahdam
battle. marana (Tasmania)
beach. agoee (Northern Queensland)
beautiful. gampiplang
beetle.bantai (South Australia)
behind. wortara (South Australia)
belt. goomillah (Western Australia)
bent. gorom (NQ), warung (Southern Queensland)
berry. mantirri (South Australia)
beseech. wuntyana (Southern Queensland)
better. namerookung (Northern Australia)
beyond. ngundarta (South Australia)
big. leengil (Vic), pina (Central Australia)
big camp. gorrunghar (Victoria)
big saltbush. binnamayah (Western Australia)
billabong. nglanga (Northern Australia)
bird. chulaggie (NQ); cowinna/darwalla/punnah (Tasmania)
bird, brown night yirbaik-baik
bird, diamond firetail. pupperrimbal
bird, redbreast. guineeboo (Western Australia)
birds. piya (Central Australia)
bird's nest. piyawola (Central Australia)
birthplace. kingajanik (Victoria)
bitter. yirmba (Northern Queensland)
black. karakara (SQ), wulu (South Australia)
black cockatoo. rarleeraka (Northern Australia)
black duck. burne (South Australia)
black goanna.wadi kudjara (Western desert)
black kangaroo. Kuperee (Kamilaroi)
black possum. nambruk (Eastern Australia)
black snake. ouyouboolooey
black swan. byahmul (Western Australia)
blackwood. mura (South Australia), yanum (Victoria)
blanket lizard. kilpuruna
blaze. meda (South Australia)
blind. akiltja (Central Australia)
bloodwood tree. wilkalla (Northern Australia)
blossom. medika (South Australia)
blossom, coolabah.kollarena (Western Australia)
blow. loingana, loongana (Tasmania)
blue. torarenna (Victoria)
blue heron. muradja, windjedda
blue sky. warana, warrane (Tas), woorlwoorl (Victoria)
boat. koorong (Eastern Australia)
boobook owl. wookwook (Victoria)
boomerang. arkana (EA), kirra (CA), wargillie (NA)
borah, little. durramunga (Western Australia)
bower bird. weedah (Western Australia)
box tree. gurlogo (NQ), pathara (Central Australia)
box tree, poplar leafed. bibbil (Western Australia)
boy. puggata (Tasmania)
boy laughing. thaballa (Central Australia)
boy, small. warranbul (Eastern Australia)
boy, uninitiated. eeramooun (Western Australia)
branch. oorthie (Central Australia)
brave. nargoongee (NA), wullakarpa (Southern Queensland)
breaking. takkau (WA), yinkina (Victoria)
break of day. tcherma (Northern Queensland)
bream, silver. gamban (Eastern Australia)
breeze. rialanna (Tasmania), yertu (South Australia)
breeze, cool. maikurru
breeze in evening. tawarri (South Australia)
bright. oolikirra (Central Australia)
broad. takanna (South Australia)
broken. foagona (Northern Queensland)
broken night. ngultiburra (South Australia)
brother. wonargo (Western Australia)
brown and yellow iguana. beewee (Western Australia)
brown night bird. yirbaik-baik
bubbles. olaitcha (Central Australia)
bucket. darnook (Victoria)
build. minnondi, taiendi (South Australia)
building. wilpinna (Southern Queensland)
bulb. yelka (Central Australia)
bullfrog. kanto (South Australia)
bullroarer. weerppimbrall
bunya-bunya tree. bahnyee (Southern Queensland)
bush shades. barkala (South Australia)
butterfly. bullahbullah (WA), burnba (South Australia)
by and bye. burrawirrai (SQ), ora (Northern Queensland)
calling. karlta, kurnda (South Australia), warrondi (South Australia)
calling place. woonthathark
calm. wottitta (South Australia)
camp. baanya (EA); bogol/gahreemai (WA); morona (SQ), ngulu (South Australia) gambanja
camp, big. gorrunghar (Victoria)
camp near water. quambatook
camp, small. barnoolut (Victoria)
canoe. mirramunna (South Australia), punka (EA),nowoolga (NA) ramadoo (CA)
carpet snake. yubbah (Western Australia)
carrying. gagau (WA), ginnipa (South Australia)
cascade. workanda (South Australia)
catching. murntana (Southern Que

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