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It’s hard to describe Jeff Kennett to anyone lucky enough not to have lived in Victoria during his regime. So, let me say that if you could roll Attilla the Hun, Adolph Hitler, George W. Bush and Tony Blair into one, what you would have would be a man with great subtlety, tact, decorum, and sanity … compared to Jeff Kennett!

Submitted: January 27, 2011

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Submitted: January 27, 2011



Just like a bull in a china shop
This evil man must be stopped,
Like china broken at his feet
He fills our souls with defeat;
Our dreams are all torn apart
The way Jeffy broke our hearts.

Kennett’s a bull in a china shop
His government is a flop,
He believes in only tearing down
It’s easier than building up;
He is an evil leering clown
His awful brew is being supped.

He’s tearing down all our dreams
Giving us all nightmares instead,
He’s even more depraved than he seems
Kind thoughts are banned from his head;
His eye has got an evil gleam
As he plans the things we all dread.

He’s a bull in a china shop
Breaking all our dreams and hopes,
He’s like a
California cop
With a black man by the throat;
This state is coming to a stop
Because he’s given it the chop.

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

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