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Another of my Smith/Bennett/Mayron unemployment stories.

Submitted: January 02, 2011

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Submitted: January 02, 2011



Friday, 7 April

8:07 PM

Chris sat in a corner of the room, with Rita on his left-hand side, and Sonja on his right.He felt uncomfortable having both girls with him, but more uncomfortable at even being at the meeting.Chris had had a job for five months, so he felt out of place every time he attended an Out of Work People’s Action Group meeting.Yet they encouraged him to keep attending.“As a protest against the working conditions at your job,” Henry had advised.And Chris had to admit that things were pretty terrible at his work.Also, Chris told himself, he was helping Rita and Sonja settle into the meetings.But the truth of the matter, he knew, was that Chris himself had never settled into the meetings.The only reason that he had ever attended was as an excuse to see Gabrielle.Although Rita and Sonja helped to fill part of the space left by the desertion of Cindi -- who had dumped him when he had been unable to afford to take her to a rock concert -- it was still sultry Gabrielle that Chris really lusted after.

“Hello, Chris,” said Gabrielle, breezing over as though she had read his thoughts.“I’m always so very pleased to see you here.”

Chris wondered whether there was anything behind the words, or whether, like the person who asked how you are then looked aghast when you dared to actually detail your ailments for them, Gabrielle was only making casual conversation.

“Thanks,” he said.“I’m always very pleased to see you too.”

Gabrielle stood staring at Chris, and he wondered whether he had allowed the lust to seep into his voice.After a few seconds, which seemed to Chris like at least a half an hour, Gabrielle said, “There’s red wine over there if you’d like some.”She pointed toward a small coffee table, which stood against the wall, diagonally across the room from where Chris sat.

“Yes, all right,” said Chris.Standing, he looked toward Rita, then Sonja, both of whom shook their heads.

As embarrassed as Chris felt walking beside Gabrielle, it was pleasant also, and certainly less uncomfortable than sitting between the two girls, Rita glaring jealously across at Sonja, who was more sheepish, yet seemed equally jealous of Rita.As he walked with Gabrielle, Chris imagined that he could feel two sets of eyes boring into his back.

“It’s a good thing that looks can’t kill,” said Gabrielle, as Chris poured two glasses of rosé then handed one to her.“Or I would have melted down into a pool on the floor, under the glare of your two girlfriends.They both seem to resent me taking you away from them.”

“They’re really only acquaintances,” said Chris, justifying himself to Gabrielle.“I used to work with Rita, and I went to night school with Sonja last year.”

“I see,” said Gabrielle, taking a sip of red wine.“But you really don’t have to explain yourself to me,” she said in a way that made it seem to Chris that her words meant the opposite of what they said.

“Well, our young friend certainly has the knack for recruiting,” said Henry Porter’ walking over to the wine table.

“For recruiting young girls at any rate,” said Gabrielle.“It’s just a shame that he can’t convince them to bring their boyfriends along too.”

“But I thought that Chris was their boyfriend?” said Henry, drawing a glare from Gabrielle, and a blush from Chris who hurried to explain the situation to Henry.

“Oh I’m sorry,” apologised Henry, leaving Chris wondered whether he meant that he was sorry for his mistake, or sorry for Chris that he was not the boyfriend of the two girls.

“Henry tells me you’re thinking of giving up your job?” said Gabrielle to Chris, after Henry had wandered away from them.

“That’s right,” agreed Chris.“I don’t like to, with the job scene such as it is.And I don’t even know if they’ll even let me back on the dole if I quit of my own accord.”

“They should,” said Gabrielle.

“And then there are my parents to consider: my mum’s all right, but my old man will see red.”

“Oh you can’t live your life just for your parents,” said Gabrielle soothingly.“You have to be prepared to do whatever is best for yourself.”So saying, she lightly rubbed one leg against Chris’ leg adding, “If you know what I mean?”

Chris had a good idea, or at least he thought he did, but he said, “And the damn job is so obnoxious, coughing in sulphur all day.I know that down at the CES their motto is, ‘a-jobsa-jobsa-jobsa!” but there has to be some limit, doesn’t there?”

“Of course, there has too,” agreed Gabrielle, still lightly rubbing one leg up against Chris.She turned, ostensibly to top up her cup of wine, and Chris found himself standing hard up against Gabrielle, one of her thighs between his legs, his face almost nuzzling her deep cleavage.

‘She’s a lot of woman! thought Chris.‘But I wouldn’t mind climbing up to her.’He blushed at the thought.

“I’m not making you uncomfortable, I hope?” asked Gabrielle.

“No, no, not at all,” said Chris, staring deep down her cleavage.Her long dress swept the floor, and seemed to be a size too tight, as it compressed her large breasts together and thrust them up like a delightful offering.

“See anything you like?” asked Gabrielle.

‘Yes, both of them!’ Chris almost said aloud.But he was stopped in time by Gabrielle continuing, “At the CES I mean.Henry told me that you’ve been going there straight from work every night, to look through the cards on the job board.”

“No, nothing,” said Chris.“The only jobs that they have on offer seem to be at least as bad as the one I’ve already got, if not actually worse.”


9:52 PM

“Are you going out?” asked Henry.“I was just about to give a little address about job hunting.”

“I wish I could stay for it,” said Gabrielle, “but I’ve developed a migraine, must have been too much red wine, and Chris has kindly offered to see me home.”

“Oh great, Chris, thanks,” said Henry, as Gabrielle leant against Chris.“But what about Rita and Sandra?”

“Sonja,” corrected Chris.

“Would you be kind enough to see they both get lifts home?” asked Gabrielle.

“Of course, of course,” agreed Henry.

As Gabrielle and Chris left, Henry went over to speak to the two teenage girls.Chris just managed to catch a glimpse of the two girls glancing after them: Rita’s eyes burning with rage, Sonja’s eyes shy, hurt, looking like a lost lamb.

“I think your two young friends are using their X-ray eyes to try to zap me, again,” said Gabrielle.“I can feel a few warm spots in the middle of my back.”She quickly covered her mouth with one hand, so Henry could not hear her laughter.

Chris stood back to allow Gabrielle to precede him down the narrow, twisting staircase.He placed a hand on one of her shoulders, ostensibly to steady her to prevent her from falling down the stairs.


“It may look small,” said Gabrielle, leading Chris into the lounge room of her four-room flat, “but it has all the mod, cons: TV, VCR, three-in-one, and a double-bed.”

“Well, that’s the main thing,” said Chris, trying to sound casual and knowing that he had failed.He hesitated in the middle of the room, before sitting in middle of the sofa.

“Would you like a drink?” asked Gabrielle.

“No thanks,” said Chris.“I’ve already had enough tonight.”

“Smart thinking,” she said, “you obviously like to keep clear head for the important things in life, like screwing!”

Before Chris could think up a reply, Gabrielle stepped out of her gown, allowing it to drop to the floor, and strode across to sit upon Chris’ lap, facing him, with one knee on either side of Chris, on the sofa.Taking her large breasts in her hands, she squeezed and caressed them, then rubbed the huge mounds against Chris’ face, allowing the nipples to tease at his lips.

“Now do you see anything that you like?” asked Gabrielle.

“I can think of a couple of things,” said Chris, hesitantly reaching up to grasp Gabrielle’s breasts in his hands.

Gabrielle removed her own hands to make way for Chris’, and began to moan deep in her throat with pleasure as Chris kneaded the soft flesh with his fingers, pinched, sucked and lightly nipped at the hard brown nipples.

Cupping her head in her hands, Gabrielle shook her head from side to side like a belly dancer, mooning into her arms.Chris sucked upon the huge breasts, as though he were trying to draw each large mound completely into his mouth.Gabrielle’s moans began to increase in pitch, as did her belly dancing.Reaching between her own legs with one hand, Gabrielle reached under the thin gauze of her panties, and began to finger herself, thrusting her breasts even harder into Chris’ face, holding tightly to the back of his head with one hand, while masturbating furiously with the other.

Finally she climaxed loudly, startling Chris.

Then she had recovered enough to speak fairly normally, Gabrielle said, “You’re a natural born tit-sucker.Now it’s time for me to return the favour.”

Taking Chris’ face in her hands, she pressed his cheeks in, almost cruelly, with her hands, to force his mouth wide apart.She pressed her lips hard against Chris’ and began to flit her tongue quickly in and out of his mouth perhaps thirty or forty times.

While Chris was still agog from the pleasure of Gabrielle’s soft tongue, she slipped to the floor before him, and almost tore his jeans and jockey shorts from his body.She cupped his testicles in one hand and lightly caressed his stiff penis with the other hand.She ran her tongue up and down one side of his penis, matching her tongue movements with her fingers on the other side.Chris found himself moaning, as Gabrielle had done before, beneath the skilful administrations.While Gabrielle sucked and slurped along the length of his penis, Chris thought that he was experiencing the ultimate in pleasure.But then Gabrielle proved Chris wrong, by taking the soft head of his penis into her mouth and sucking upon it as though she was trying to suck up the last of a bottle of Coke through a straw.Gabrielle took Chris’ legs in her hands and spread them wide apart.Taking his firm buttocks into her fingers, she began to prod at the tight entrance with one finger, while continuing to slurp hard upon Chris’ penis.

Chris tried hard to resist the anal violation, but he was too overcome by Gabrielle’s oral prowess.

Gabrielle pried Chris’ buttocks apart, and began to poke and prod at his anal ring, while sucking his penis deeper and deeper into her mouth.Chris felt a sharp stab of pain in his backsides and yelped as Gabrielle drove a finger deep inside his body.At the same time she sucked his penis fully into her mouth and roughly nuzzled his testicles with her chin.

Chris was impressed by the teacher’s oral ability.Admittedly Chris was no John Holmes, yet even so Gabrielle had a very skilful mouth.“She should teach French, not Chemistry!” he thought.

Chris gasped with shock and pain as Gabrielle drove a second finger hard up his anus.She began to use the two fingers as a pseudo penis to fuck Chris’ arse.Before he could protest, Gabrielle closed her mouth tight, as though to bite through Chris’ penis.Chris watched in amazement as the raven-haired teacher began to growl like a dog then shake her head roughly from side to side as though she were determined to tear Chris’ manhood from his body.

Beneath the double assault, fingers and deep throat, Chris found himself climaxing quickly.He bellowed in ecstasy as he ejaculated into Gabrielle’s mouth.That was another shock for Chris; he had expected her to pull away from his penis before he came, as Cindi had done on the three occlusions that she had offered up her mouth to Chris in preference to allowing him to take her maidenhead.

Chris gasped with pleasure, and a touch of pain, as Gabrielle yanked her fingers free from his buttocks.

Sitting upon Chris’ lap, Gabrielle rubbed her crotch against Chris’ still erect penis, and pressed her lips hard against Chris’ mouth.To his amazement, Chris found himself with a mouthful of his own sperm.

Gabrielle clamped a hand to Chris’ mouth to prevent him from spitting the fluid out, and said, “Swallow your medicine like a good little boy, and nurse will take you to the sack.”

Chris gulped hard.


10:37 PM

Chris lay on his back, squeezing Gabrielle’s enormous breasts in his hands.Gabrielle sat astride Chris like female jockey, riding her mount for all she was worth. It had been almost twenty minutes since Chris had ejaculated into Gabrielle’s mouth, however, she did not seem to mind the lengthy ride.Whenever she found herself tiring, she stopped for a few moments to kiss Chris, or dangle her breasts in his face so that he could suck and nip at them.

“Has little Chris had his litre of milk for today?” taunted Gabrielle at one stage, as Chris slurped one fat nipple deep into his mouth, and Chris could not help thinking that her breasts seemed almost as huge as udders.Then he decided, “If cows had udders like these, I would have taken up screwing cows years ago!”

“Oh God!Oh God!” shrieked Gabrielle, feeling herself about to come. “Pinch my nipples!Pinch my nipples hard!” she shrieked and Chris hurried to comply.He would have liked to bite them, however, he would have had to lean over too far, and did not want to leave Gabrielle stranded.

After Gabrielle had reached her shrieking release, she allowed Chris to roll her over onto her back, so that he could ride home after her.

“Not bad,” said Gabrielle, after she had finally caught her breath.“You’re one of the best that I’ve had in ages.”

“One of the best?” asked Chris.

“Sure, I have lots of lovers,” admitted Gabrielle without either undue pride or shame.“But most of them are too hot to get their own rocks off to wait for me.It’s a rare treat when I find a man who’s prepared to allow me to take the lead for a change.Most men are too full of themselves.”

“It’s always been my wet dream to be dominated by a beautiful brunette,” said Chris causing Gabrielle to laugh, and then kiss him lightly upon the lips.

“You aren’t concerned at all about what your two young friends will think of you running out on them?” Gabrielle asked.

“Rita and Sonja?” asked Chris.


“No.If I had to choice between both of them and you, I’d choose you any day,” said Chris.

Gabrielle laughed again, then said, “What say I make us a light supper, and then we can get our strength back, ready for round three?”

“Fine by me,” said Chris.He watched the retreating figure of Gabrielle, ogled her full, round buttocks, and wondered if he would get to fuck them tonight. “Anything’s possible,” he thought, licking his lips in anticipation.

Chris looked around the room which was an archetypal single woman’s room: with pink walls and fluffy toys upon the bedside table, and a dressing table with seemingly half of a department store window full of cosmetics.He felt a little uncomfortable in such a feminine room; however, he would gladly sleep there every night if it meant making love to Gabrielle every night.Or even sleeping with her every night, and only making love every other night, he thought.


11:03 PM

Outside, the building looked like a fish and chip shop, with one huge pane of glass taking up most of the front, and a small screen door on the left-hand side.

“Looks deserted,” said Kevin, referring to the dark interior.

“The meeting is on the second floor,” said Jack.

“How do you know?” asked Kevin.

For an answer, Jack pointed to a small sign on the door, which said, “The meeting is on the second floor.Please enter.”

The first storey of the building was almost filled with pamphlets of all shapes and sizes, which sat upon the floor and on the three large metal-frame tables, which surrounded the walls.

“I guess it was easier to hold the meeting upstairs, than to clean up all of this lot,” said Kevin.

“You’re probably right,” agreed Jack.

In the left-hand back corner of the room, they found a slim staircase.It was thin enough to be a tight squeeze for one person, spiralling crazily round and round, and seemed to have hundreds upon hundreds of steps, although probably there were less than eighty.

“Shall we go up?” asked Kevin.

“Might as well,” said Jack.“That seems to be where the din is coming from.”In reality it was only a low murmur, such as you might get with an old television if you tried to turn the sound completely down.

As the two men ascended, the stairs creaked under them, and the handrail swayed whenever they placed a hand upon it.

From halfway up the staircase they were able to see a thin line of light from the crack under the door at the top of the stairs.

“Hey man it looks like a couple of establishment pigs,” said a youth sitting in the middle of the floor.In one hand he had a reefer, in the other Rita’s left breast, which he held so casually that at first glance it looked as though he only had an arm around her shoulders.

“Will you deck him?Or shall I?” asked Kevin.

Jack placed a restraining hand upon Kevin’s shoulder, and looked around the room.As far as he could see, there was no sign of Chris, or of anyone who looked like a teacher from either the technical school, or the college across the road.

Jack was about to ask who was in charge when he saw a middle-aged hippie, with a Billy Thorpe style ponytail, approaching them.

“Hello, I’m Henry Porter.”

“Jack Smith,” said Jack, holding out his right hand, which Henry accepted reluctantly, as though it were something slimy.

“Oh, you’re Chris’ father?” asked Henry.

“That’s right.Are you in charge around here?”

“I’m one of the organisers,” said Henry.“No one is actually in charge here.”

Looking around the room at the half nude, half doped, half drunk teenagers who lay about the floor, Jack felt that he was inclined to agree.

“Is Chris about?” asked Kevin.

“No, he left over an hour ago,” said Henry.“One of our organisers was feeling a bit ill, so Chris offered to see her home.”

They got Gabrielle’s address from Henry, then left.“Who was that?” demanded the youth, who now had one of Rita’s breasts in each of his hands.

“Chris’ old man,” explained Henry.

“Oh,” said the youth.“Well, we won’t hold that against Chris.”


11:47 PM

Chris held onto Gabrielle’s breasts squeezing them with all of his might, as he drove his penis hard into her anus one last time and ejaculated deep into her rectum.Gabrielle shrieked with pleasure and pain, and Chris almost fainted from pleasure.

“I think I’m in love with your arse,” Chris said, after regaining his breath.

“Unfortunately, in this country, you aren’t allowed to marry arses,” said Gabrielle.“Only whole people.But I tell you what, I’ll let you have visiting rights occasionally.”

Chris slumped onto his back upon the bed.Gabrielle put her head to Chris’ crotch and licked his penis clean, then turning, she nuzzled her head into the crook of Chris’ left shoulder, then asked, “So what will you do, if you do decide to quit your job?”

“I really don’t know,” admitted Chris.“I haven’t given it a lot of thought, lately.I’d hoped to find something better before quitting, but I’m so tired out at the end of each day that I just don’t have enough energy for job-hunting.”

“Well, after tonight’s effort, you could always get a job as a stud,” said Gabrielle.“I’ll give you a reference.”

“Thanks,” said Chris, laughing.

Chris lay on his back for a moment, gazing down at Gabrielle, enjoying the feel of her face, breasts, belly and vagina pressed up against his body.He shifted his gaze to the ceiling for a moment, and then asked, “Do you really make out with a lot of your male students?”

“Not a lot,” said Gabrielle.“Only the few who turn me on.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Don’t worry, I have regular penicillin shots,” teased Gabrielle.“So you won’t catch anything nasty from me.”

“No.I meant isn’t there a danger of you being caught by angry parents, or school administrators,” said Chris.

“Hell, I don’t make out with any babes in arms,” Gabrielle said.“Year ten students are the youngest that I go for, so I’m not exactly a child molester.So far, I’ve had no complaints.”

They lay together in silence for a few moments, and then Gabrielle asked, “You’re not jealous of my other lovers, are you?”

“Why should I be jealous?” said Chris unconvincingly.

“Don’t worry,” said Gabrielle.“I may have had a few others, but never one as virile as you.Most of my lovers tend to shoot off in their pants the first time that they see me naked, and then it takes then two hours or more to get another hard-on.

Chris laughed and stroked Gabrielle’s long black hair.He allowed his hand to continue down her back, to the curve of her backside.

“Round four coming up?” asked Gabrielle.

But before they could begin, there came a loud rapping at the front door of the flat.

“Now who the hell could that be at this hour?” Gabrielle asked.

“It could be one of your young charges, looking for a bit of jiggery-pokery,” suggested Chris.

“I doubt it,” said Gabrielle laughing.“Their mummies usually wouldn’t let them out this late.”

“It could be an irate mummy who wants to give you a black eye for corrupting her number one son,” suggested Chris.

“Oh well, in that case I’d better not answer it,” said Gabrielle, as the rapping continued.“I’d hate to be given a black eye.”

“But it’d match your hair,” said Chris.“Both lots.And maybe you could get her to blacken the other eye as well, so you’d have a perfect set.”

“I already have a perfect set,” said Gabrielle, holding her large breasts up to Chris’ face for inspection.

“Well, I can’t fault that,” said Chris reaching out to caress them.

Chris played with Gabrielle’s breasts for a few seconds, but as the rapping continued, Gabrielle conceded defeat.

“I had better go and see who it is I suppose,” she said, raising herself from the bed.

“You’d better put something on first,” warned Chris.“If it’s one of your young charges, he might come in his pants again if you answer the door starkers.”

Laughing, Gabrielle draped a dressing gown around herself, and padded barefoot to the door.

“Can I help you?” asked Gabrielle.

“I’m looking for my son, Chris,” Chris faintly heard Jack say, and then it was only a murmur of voices.

“I wonder what dad can want?” thought Chris.“Surely he can’t be checking up on me?After all, I am twenty-one, so it’s none of his business who I fuck.”

After perhaps ten minutes, Chris heard Gabrielle say, “He left here nearly an hour ago.I believe he did say something about he planned to stay over night with a friend, but I’m afraid that I don’t know who.”

He heard the sound of two sets of retreating footsteps upon the metal stairs outside, then the door closed, and he heard the patter of Gabrielle’s feet upon the lounge room carpet as she returned to the bedroom.

© Copyright 2017 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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