Encyclopaedia of Music, Composers, and Dance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Composed slowly over the last twenty-five years or so. A glossary of music, dance, and musical instruments.

Glossary Of Music, Composers, and Dance
Adams, Ritchie.1960s songwriter; co-wrote Tossin’ and Turnin’ with Malou Rene.
Adamson, Harold.1930s writer of sentimental ballads.Co-wrote some songs with Hoagy Carmichael.
Albert, Turk.1960s songwriter.Wrote “I’ll follow you”.
Allison, Joe and Audrey.1950s country songwriters; co-wrote He’ll Have to Go.
Anderson, Benny.Swedish songwriter; co-wrote songs of the group Abba with Bjorn Ulvaeus in the 1970s.
Anderson, Lynn.Country and western singer-songwriter from the 1960s onward.
Anka, Paul.Singer-songwriter; his hit Diana was the first million-seller by a Canadian.
Appell, Dave.1960s songwriter; co-wrote most of Chubby Checker’s hits with Karl Mann.
Arlen, Harold (1905-86).1930s/40s composer, known for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, That Old Black Magic.
Arnold, Eddy.1940s country and western singer-songwriter.
Arnold, James.1950s singer-songwriter; wrote classic rock song Milk Cow Blues.
Atkins, chet.Country and Western guitarist-songwriter.
Austin, Gene (1900-72).1920s/30s singer-songwriter.
Autry, Gene.1940s country singer-songwriter. In 1950 recorded “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Raindeer”.
Axton, Mae Boren.Best known for writing Heartbreak hotel (Elvis Presley’s first hit) with Tommy Durden.
Axton, Hoyt.Son of Mae Axton, his songs have been recorded by Three Dog Night and Elvis Presley.
Babcock, Joe.1960s country songwriter.
Bacharach, Burt.With Hal David wrote numerous pop and rock hits from 1960s.
Baker, Yvonne.1960s songwriter.
Ballard, Henry (Hank).1950s and ‘60s song writer; many of his songs became rock standards.
Barclay, Nickey. Member of girl group Fanny.Wrote “I Need You Need Me”.See David Skinner, Nickey Barclay, June Millington, Jean Millington.
Barry, Jeff.1960s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich.
Bartholomew, Dave. Co-wrote most of Fats Domino’s hit records.
Bartok, Bela.(1881-1945).Hungarian composer; wrote some songs for Benny Goodman.
Basie, Count (William)(1904-84).Jazz pianist, band leader-composer.
Batchelor, Ruth.1960s/70s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Bob Roberts.
Baum, Bernie.Prolific 60s songwriter; usually wrote with Florence Kaye, Bill Giant.
Bell, Sam.Co-wrote “Cry Baby” with Jerry Ragavoy.
Bennett, Roy C. Prolific songwriter from 1950s/60s.Usually worked with Sid Tepper.
Benton, Brook.1950s songwriter.Sometimes wrote with Jimmy Williams.
Berlin, Irving (b. Isador Balin)(1888-1989).Songwriter popular since 1930s; wrote White Christmas.
Berns, Bert.1950s-60s producer-writer.Co-wrote with Jerry Ragavoy.
Berry, Chuck (Charles Edward Anderson) (b. 1926)The most prolific song-writer of the 1950s whose songs are still widely recorded and copied. Berry was probably the best solo writer of 1950s rock songs.
Berry, Jan.1960s singer-songwriter; co-wrote SurfCity with Brian Wilson.
Berry, Richard.1950s-60s songwriter.Wrote rock classic Louie Louie.
Blackwell, Otis (b. 1932).Songwriter from 1950s.Wrote many of Elvis Presley’s early hits such as “All Shook Up” & “Don’t Be Cruel”.
Blackwell, Robert A.1950s songwriter; wrote or co-wrote many of Little Richard’s hits, often with John Marascalco.
Blagman, Norman.1960s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Fred Wise.
Blaickley, Alan.1970s songwriter; sometimes wrote with Ken Howard.
Blair, Hal.1960s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Don Robertson.
Bowie, David (b. David Jones).1960s-80s rock singer-songwriter.Best known for “Major Tom” and “Jean Jeanie”.
Boyce, Tommy (1939-94)Best known for writing (with Bobby Hart) for the 1960s rock group the Monkees.
Brenston, Jackie.1950s singer-songwriter; wrote Rocket 88 a 1951 rock hit.
Brewer, Teresa.1950s singer-songwriter.
Broonzy, “Big” Bill.1940s-60s black blues singer-songwriter.Wrote Matchbox Blues and See See Rider.
Brown, James. US soul music singer-songwriter of the 1960s.
Brown, W. Earl.1960s songwriter.
Brown, Roy.Rhythm and blues singer-songwriter; wrote rock standard Good Rockin’ Tonight in 1947.
Browne, Jackson.1960s/70s singer-songwriter.
Bryant, Boudleaux.1950s/60s songwriter; wrote many songs (such as Bye Bye Love) with Felice Bryant.
Bryant, Felice.1950s onwards songwriter; wrote many songs with Boudleaux Bryant.
Burgess, Sonny.Prolific singer-songwriter from mid 1950s.
Burlison, Tom.1950s-60s songwriter, with Johnny & Dorsey Burnette.
Burnette, Johnny (d. 1963).1950s/60s singer-songwriter.With his brother, Dorsey, wrote the best songs recorded by Ricky Nelson.
Burnette, Dorsey.1950s/60s songwriter; brother of Johnny Burnette who he often co-wrote songs with.
Burrell, Kenny.Blues songwriter.
Butler, Jerry.1960s singer-songwriter; his “Only the Strong Survive” is a rock classic.
Byers, Joy.1960s/70s songwriter.
Byrd, Charley.Blues songwriter.
Calhoun, Charles.Pseudonym for Jessie Stone.Wrote Shake, Rattle and Roll.
Campbell, Glen.1960s/70s Country singer-songwriter.
Capehart, Jerry.Manager of Eddie Cochran; also co-wrote most of Cochran’s hit songs.
Carmichael, Hoagy.1930s writer of sentimental ballads.Co-wrote some songs with Harold Adamson.
Carter, Blanche.1950s songwriter; wrote for the Clovers.
Carter, Calvin.1950s songwriter; wrote with James “Pookie” Hudson for the group the Spaniels.
Cash, Johnny.1950s country singer-songwriter who also had hits in the 1960s and 1970s.Best known for “I Walk the Line” & “Folsom Prison Blues”.
Chace, Lincoln.1950s/60s songwriter; his songs were recorded by LaVern Baker, Elvis Presley, Shirley Ellis.
Chapman, Mike.Wrote hit songs for Sweet & Suzie Quatro in 1970s with Nicky chinn.
Charles, Ray (b Ray Charles Robinson)(1930-2004).Very prolific songwriter popular since early 1950s.Originally wrote blues, but changed to country and western in the late 1960s.
Chestnut, Jerry.1970s songwriter; sometimes worked with Billy Edd Wheeler.
Chinn, Nicky.With Mike chapman, leading English songwriting team of 1970s.
Clapton, Eric.English guitarist-songwriter, rose to prominence in the 1960s.
Clark, Claudine.1960s singer-songwriter.
Clement, Jack Henderson.1950s/60s arranger-songwriter at Memphis Sun records.
Cochran, Eddie (d. 1960).Prolific singer-songwriter in 1950s.Co-wrote many songs with his manager Jerry Capehart.
Cochran, Hank.1950s/60s country singer-songwriter; once teamed with Eddie Cochran.
Conway, Lee.Australian born country singer-songwriter from 1970s.
Cooke, Sam.Prolific singer-songwriter who started in 1959.His biggest hits were in the early 1960s.
Cooley, Eddie.1950s songwriter; co-wrote Fever with Otis Blackwell (as John Davenport).
Copland, Aaron (1900-1990).Composer from the 1930s onward; wrote some songs for Benny Goodman.
Creatore, Luigi.1960s songwriter; co-wrote Can’t Help Falling in Love with Hugo Peretti, George Weiss.
Crewe, Bob.1950s/60s songwriter.See Frank Slay.Co-wrote “Daddy Cool” and “Silhouette”.
Crosby, David.Songwriter noted from 1960s, first through group Crosby, Stills, Nash (, and Young); later as a soloist.
Crudup, Arthur (“Big Boy”) (1905-74).Very prolific blues singer-songwriter, whose song That’s All Right (1946) was covered by Elvis Presley on the A-side of his first single (1954).
Curtis, King (Curtis Ousley).Jazz saxophonist and songwriter.
Darby, Ken.1950s songwriter who composed “Love Me Tender” although it is credited to his wife, Vera Matson, & Elvis Presley.
Darin, Bobby (born Walden Robert Cassotto)(d. 1963).1950s/60s singer-songwriter.See also Jean Murray. Wrote “Splish Splash”.
Darion, Joe.1960s songwriter; co-wrote The Impossible Dream with Mitch Leigh.
Davenport, John.Pseudonym for Otis Blackwell; with Eddie Cooley wrote Fever.
David, Hal.Writes lyrics for the music of Burt Bacharach. Co-wrote some songs with Sherman Edwards.
David, Mack.1940s/50s country singer-songwriter.
Davis, Mac (b. 1942).1960s/70s songwriter.
Davis, Walter.Country-blues songwriter.
Davis, William.1950s songwriter; worked with Viola Watkins, Daniel Norton on Gee!
Day, Bobby.1950s-60s singer-songwriter.
Dee, Joey.1960s singer-songwriter; co-wrote Peppermint Twist with Henry Glover.
Dees, Bill.1960s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Roy Orbison.
DeMetrius, Claude.1950s/60s songwriter; sometimes wrote with Aaron Schroeder, Hal Blair.
Denver, John (1943-97).Born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.Prolific country songwriter from the late 1960s.Many of his songs are country standards.
DeShannon, Jackie (b. Sharon Myers).Singer-songwriter, wrote over 600 songs; sometimes wrote with Sharon Sheeley.
Devlin, Johnny.New Zealand-born Australian rocker and song-writer of the 1950s & ’60s.
Diamond, Neil.Prolific singer-songwriter since the late 1960s.Started writing songs for the Monkees but went on to become a highly acclaimed singer.
Diddly, Bo.See Elias McDaniel.
Dixon, Eugene.1960s songwriter; co-wrote Duke of Earl with Earl Edwards, Bernice Williams.Recorded as Gene Chandler.
Dixon, Julius.1950s songwriter; worked with Beverley Ross.
Dixon, Luther.R&B songwriter, turned producer.Worked with Goffin & King.
Dixon, Willie.Blues singer-songwriter from 1950s.
Domino, Fats (Antoine).Pianist-singer-songwriter who started in late 1940s and continued having hits through till 1970s.Recorded blues, rock and roll, and country.Co-wrote most of his songs with Dave Bartholomew.
Donegan, Lonnie (Tony Donnegan).1950s/60s singer-songwriter; one of the stars of the skiffle movement.Then change spelling of his name to have comedy rock hits in 1960s.
Dorsey, Lee.1960s singer-songwriter.
Dorsey, Jimmy.1930s & 40s band leader and jazz composer, brother of Tommy Dorsey.
Dorsey, Tommy.1930s & 40s band leader and jazz composer.
Dozier, Lamont.1960s songwriter; wrote many songs with Brian Holland & Eddie Holland.
Durden, Tommy.Co-wrote Heartbreak Hotel with Mae Axton.
Dusty, Slim (b. David Gordon Kirkpatrick)(1927-2003).Australian country singer-songwriter, known for A Pub With No Beer.
Dylan, Bob (b. Robert Allen Zimmerman).Folk protest singer-songwriter from the 1960s; one of the few to survive the end of the Vietnam War.Perhaps the most important US popular performer of the 1960s.
Edwards, Earl.1960s songwriter; co-wrote Duke of Earl with Bernice Williams, Eugene Dixon (Gene Chandler).
Edwards, James.1950s songwriter; with Floyd McRea, James Keyes, Carl Feaster, Claude Feaster wrote Sh-Boom.
Edwards, Sherman.1960s songwriter; co-wrote songs with Sid Wayne, also Hal David.
Ellington, Duke (b. Edward Kennedy Ellington)(1899-1974).Jazz band leader-composer famous since 1930.
Emerson, Billy “The Kid”.1950s singer-songwriter.
Ertegun, Ahmet.1950s blues songwriter, worked with Jessie Stone, Danny Taylor, and Leroy Kirkland.
Evans, Paul.Wrote “PTS” for the Coasters.
Everly, Don and Phil.1960s songwriters who performed as the Everly Brothers.
Feaster, Carl.1950s songwriter; with Floyd McRea, James Keyes, Claude Feaster, James Edwards wrote Sh-Boom.
Feaster, Claude.1950s songwriter; with Floyd McRea, James Keyes, Carl Feaster, James Edwards wrote Sh-Boom.
Feathers,Charlie Charles Arthur) (1932-98)1950s rockabilly-songwriter; see also Stan Kesler. Elvis Presley covered his I Forgot To Remember To Forget.
Feather, Leonard.Blues songwriter.
Finn, Neil. New Zealand singer-songwriter from 1980s/90s.Younger brother of Tim Finn.
Finn, Tim. New Zealand singer-songwriter from 1970s/80s.Famous with group Split Enz.
Flatt, Lester.1940s-60s country singer-songwriter.
Fletcher, Guy.1970s songwriter.
Flett, Doug.1970s songwriter; sometimes worked with Guy Fletcher.
Fogerty, John.Country-rock singer-songwriter, originally for Credence Clearwater Revival, later as a soloist.
Foley, Clyde Julian “Red”.1930s/40s country singer-songwriter.
Ford, Doug.Australian songwriter; with Jim Keays wrote heavy metal in the 1960s-70s.
Foster, Stephen.19th cent. ballad writer; best known for Beautiful Dreamer (1864).
Frampton, Peter.1970s singer-songwriter.
Frazier, Dallas.Country singer-songwriter from 1950s onward.
Friedman, Leo.Ballad writer from early 1900s; wrote Let Me Call You Sweetheart with Beth Slater Whitson. in1910.
Fuller, Delores.1960s songwriter.
Fulson, Lowell.1950s/60s blues songwriter.
Gamble, Kenny.Co-wrote songs with Leon Huff for Wilson Pickett & others.
Gaye, Marvin.1960s singer-songwriter.Started at Berry Gordy’s Mo-Town Records.
Geldof, Bob.Irish singer-songwriter popular from 1970s.
Gentry, Bobby (b. Roberta Street).1960s country singer-songwriter.
Giant, Bill.Prolific 60s songwriter; usually wrote with Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye.
Gibb, Barry, Maurice, Robin.Three singer-songwriter brothers, raised in Brisbane, who record as the Bee Gees.Had minor hits in England and Australia from the late 1960s then became huge internationally in 1975 when their album Saturday Night Fever sold 15 million copies.
Gibson, Don.Country and western songwriter.Many of his songs are now standards.
Glenn, Artie.1950s songwriter, best known for Crying in the Chapel.
Glenn, Darrell.Late 60s songwriter.Son of Artie Glenn; wrote Indescribably Blue.
Glover, Henry.1950s/60s songwriter, wrote some songs with Lois Mann, Joey Dee.
Goffin, Gerry.Wrote hit songs for various groups, with Carole King, in the 1960s.
Gold, Wally.1960s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Aaron Schroeder.
Goldner, George.Songwriter from 1950s; co-wrote some songs with Frankie Lymon, also for the Chantels.
Gordy, Berry.1950s/60s songwriter.Co-wrote Lonely Teardrops with Gwen Gordy and Jimmy Williams.
Gordy, Gwen.1950s songwriter.See Berry Gordy.
Gorman, Freddy C. 1960s songwriter; co-wrote Please, Mr. Postman with Brian Holland.
Grayson, Van.Co-wrote “If You Want it Enough” with Mel Howard.
Greenfield, Howard.1960s songwriter; co-wrote Calendar Girl with Neil Sedaka.
Greenwich, Ellie.1960s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Phil Spector, Jeff Barry.
Griffin, Rex.1940s country singer-songwriter.
Gunter, Arthur.1950s songwriter.
Guthrie, Woodie (Woodrow Wilson).1940s folk-ballad singer-songwriter.
Guthrie, Arlo.Folk singer-songwriter of 1960s and 70s.The son of Woodie Guthrie.Best known for “Alice’s Restaurant”.
Guy, Billy.1950s-60s singer-songwriter; member of the Coasters.
Haley, Bill.1950s rocker-songwriter best known for his group Bill Haley and His Comets.Credited with writing and recording first rock song, Crazy, Man Crazy.
Hamblen, Stuart.Singer-composer of country and gospel songs, from early 1950s.
Hammerstein, Oscar.Writer of musical scores for movies along with Richard Rodgers.
Hardin, Tim.1960s folk-rock singer-songwriter.
Harris, Kent.1950s blues singer-songwriter.
Harrison, George.Singer-songwriter; most well known for writing the song “Something”.
Hart, Bobby.Best known for writing (with Tommy Boyce) songs for the Monkees.
Hart, Lorenz.1930s writer of sentimental ballads.
Hauritz, Nev(ille) (b. 1921).Australian country songwriter, best known for “The Goondiwindi Grey”.
Hawkings, Dale.1950s singer-songwriter; best known for Susie-Q.
Hawkings, (Jalacy) “Screamin’” Jay.1950s singer-songwriter.Had original version of “I Put a Spell on You”.
Hays, Lee.1960s songwriter; co-wrote “If I Had a Hammer” with Pete Seeger.
Hazlewood, Lee.Prolific 1950-70s songwriter; wrote most of Nancy Sinatra’s songs.Also worked with Duane Eddy in the late 1950s.
Heard, Dick.1970s songwriter; sometimes worked with Eddie Rabbitt.
Hendrix, James Marshal “Jimi” (1945-70).1960s heavy metal guitarist-songwriter; one of the founders of heavy metal rock music.
Higgenbotham, Robert.1960s singer-songwriter; recorded as Tommy Tucker. Wrote “Hi Heel Sneakers”.
Hill, David.1950s/60s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Aaron Schroeder.
Hilliard, Bob.1960s songwriter, wrote lyrics for some songs with Burt Bacharat.
Holland, Brian.1960s songwriter; co-wrote “Please, Mr. Postman” with Freddy C. Gorman.
Holland, Eddie.1960s songwriter; co-wrote some songs with Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier.
Holly, Buddy (b. Charles Hardin Holley).A prolific 1950s singer-songwriter.With his group the Crickets he produced a unique blending of country and rock.Early on he wrote in partnership with Bob Montgomery, later as a soloist.
Hooker, John Lee.Blues guitarist-songwriter.
Hooker, Earl Lee. Blues guitarist-songwriter.Cousin of John Lee Hooker.
Horton, Johnny.Country and western singer-songwriter from 1950s.
Howard, Ken.1970s songwriter; sometimes worked with Alan Blaickley.
Howard, Mel.Co-wrote “If You Want it Enough” with Van Grayson.
Hudson, James “Pookie”.1950s songwriter; wrote with Calvin Carter for the group the Spaniels.
Huff, Leon.Co-wrote & produced songs in the 1960s with Kenny Gamble.
Hunter, Ivory Joe.Prolific 1950s/60s singer-songwriter of blues and ballads.
Hyde, Robert E. 1950s songwriter; co-wrote “Touch Me” with Johnny Burnetter and Lewis T. Smith.
Ian, Janis.1960s/70s singer-songwriter.
Jackson, Michael (1958-2009).1980s/90s singer-songwriter, famous for inventing the Moon walk dance style.
Jagger, Mick.With Keith Richard one of two main songwriters for British rock group the Rolling Stones.Wrote “Satisfaction”.
James, Harry.1930s & 40s band-leader and composer.
Jenkins, Harold.See Conway Twitty.
Jennings, Waylon.Country singer-songwriter discovered by Buddy Holly, came to prominence in 1970s.
Jones, Eddie (“Guitar Slim”).1950s singer-songwriter.
John, Elton (b. Reginald Dwight).Prolific 1970s singer-songwriter; wrote with Bernie Taupin.
Johnson, Jimmy.Blues songwriter.
Johnson, Norman.1960s blues singer-songwriter.Wrote “Country Fool”.
Joplin, Janis.1960s singer-songwriter.
Kaempfert, Bert.1950s/60s Germany composer-arranger.
Kaye, Florence.Prolific 60s songwriter; usually wrote with Bill Giant, Bernie Baum.
Keays, Jim.Australian songwriter; with Doug Ford wrote most of the songs for the Master’s Apprentices in the 1960s and early ’70s.
Kennedy, Jimmy.1930s songwriter; co-wrote Harbour Lights with Hugh Williams.
Kern, Jerome, David (1885-1945).U.S. composer of musical comedies, including Show Boat (1927).
Kesler, Stan.1950s/60s country songwriter; co-wrote I forgot to Remember to Forget with Charlie Feather.
Keyes, James. 1950s songwriter; with Floyd McRea, Carl Feaster, Claude Feaster, James Edwards wrote Sh-Boom.
King, B. B. (Riley .B.)(b. 1925).Blues singer-songwriter famous since 1949.
King, Carole.Throughout 1960s wrote numerous hit songs in collaboration with Gerry Goffin for other artists, before becoming a soloist in the 1970s.
Kipner, Nat.In 1950s wrote “I Had a True Love”.
Kirkland, Leroy.1950s blues songwriter. See Jessie Stone, Ahmet Ertegun, Danny Taylor.
Knox, Buddy.1950s singer-songwriter, best known for “Party Doll”.
Kosloff, Ira.1950s songwriter; co-wrote songs with Maurice Mysels.
Kristofferson, Kris.Country singer-songwriter, whose songs have been widely covered.

Submitted: December 25, 2010

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