Encyclopaedia Of The Cthulhu Mythos And Lovecraftean Mythology

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As a lifelong H.P.Lovecraft fan I have spent 30 years compiling this encyclopaedia. If you are not familiar with Lovecraft's work, I believe this is a great starting point for you. If you are a Lovecraft fan already, you can still enjoy this guide.

The most prolific legend builder of the last century was HP Lovecraft (1890-1937).His mythos is commonly called the Cthulhu Mythos (a term actually coined by August Derleth) and comprises two main classes of creatures: The Great Old Ones who are completely evil and hate humanity, and the Elder Gods who can best be describe as indifferent to the fate of humanity.There is also a third class of entity that might be called mindless.These creatures, such as the Night Gaunts, are not in themselves evil, but are often used by the Great Old Ones (or their human slaves) to do evil:British writer Brian Lumley has coined the term “Cthulhu Cycle Deities” or CCD to refer to The Great Old Ones & The Elder Gods jointly.
Aza.moon goddess of Lemuria; short.[Goddess, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Tell.fertility goddess of Mu; buxom.[Goddess, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Yhashtur.Worm god worshipped by Lords of Thule.[Servants of the Coils, Cthulhu Cultus #10]
Armandra.Daughter of Ithaqua to human; only part demon she resembles beautiful redheaded woman, but for feet; originally webbed her feet were cut down by surgeon so now they look human but with square, nailless toes & a covering of smooth, scar tissue.
Atlach-Nacha.Spider-goddess; the Mistress of the Web.Very choosy in her victims, who must have the Mark of the Widow which means they have to have been initiated.Controls Leng Spiders.According to Busch was called Arachne in ancient Greece.[Atlachnaphobia, Cthulhu Cultus #9]
Avatar of Nyarlathotep.One specific form of Nyarlathotep.Enoch Bowen locked the avatar in the tower of the church of Starry Wisdom in Providence.The avatar should have taken human form, to wear the waxen mask, and the robe that hides.It destroyed Robert Blake, but lodged in Doctor Dexter (who pronounced Blake dead).Dexter became the avatar.In his present form Nyarlathotep could not stand light, only his avatar could.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Aza.Moon goddess of Lemuria; see ShellcoveBeach House.[Goddess, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Azathoth.The blind idiot god; an amorphous blight of confusion which blasphemes & bubbles in the centre of all infinity; with Yog-Sothoth leads Great Old Ones; Lord of All Things, the daemon sultan.The Dark Sultan of the Old Ones.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]Gibbers unmentionably on his throne in chaos.[The Infinite Varieties of Chaos, Cthulhu Cultus #13]No consistency, like so much fluid or condensed gas spinning about randomly, unpredictably, folding in upon itself, expanding outwards again, grasping blindly at the void.See Song of Azathoth, Henry Mably, robert easton, Sara Valentin.[The Man in Cell Number Thirty-Three, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Black Man, The.Another name for Nyarlathotep.[The Dark Man’s Assassin, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Black Messenger (of Karneter).Another name for Nyarlathotep.
Black Pharoah.Another name for Nyarlathotep.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Blind Ape of Truth.Ancient Egyptian name for Nyarlathotep.
Blind Faceless One.Another name for Nyarlathotep.
Bokrug.Water-Lizard God of the people of Ib & Lh-yib, the sister city.[House of the Worm, Myers, p17]
Bowen Beast.Seen by Edward Bowen in the basement of the Bowen house.Man-sized, hunched and gnarled.Piscine scales the size of a man’s hands coated its rubbery body, gleaming iridescently.The head was long and repulsive, with an icthyic mouth agape and lined ridgy teeth.The lidless eyes swivelled in circular sockets, and slitlike gills beneath its jaws pulsated abhorrently.Flabby webbed claws flailed palsiedly at the ends of anthropoidal arms.On its feet, scimitarlike nails scratched the floor.Mewling obscenely.Has a miasmal odour and is unused to bright light.Produced inhuman hissing.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Bringer of Strange Joy to Yuggoth.Another name of Nyarlathotep.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Bugg-Shash.[House of the Temple]
Burrower Beneath, The.A name for Shudde-M’ell [The Fairground Horror]
Burrowers Beneath.Brood of Shudde-M’ell [The Fairground Horror]
Byagoona.The faceless one.
Chaos.Servent of Azathoth; possesses humans so they appear dead but have swirling pools of black and azure in their eyes allowing Azathoth to see into our world; while they see only the madness of his.Can encircle a town with a wall of madness in which blasphemous things swirl, waiting to gobble up any who enter.[The Infinite Varieties of Chaos, Cthulhu Cultus #13]
Chaugnar Faugn.Repulsive, elephant-headed.
Cones.See Great Race.
Crawling Chaos, The.A shifting, undulating mass, twice the size of the largest oak; with greenish, sickly cast.At the base of the shape protude small strands, resembling branches and twigs, which can extend to its worshippers and burrow into them to draw the life-essence out of them.Promising power, it brings only destruction.[Servants of he Coils, Cthulhu Cultus #10]
Crystal from out of Space, The.In 1998 streaked across Victorian countryside (Australia) like a comet & landed in LakeCooper, where is was discovered by Jim Kane, Cherylyn Carroll, Merv & Melinda Stebbins & others.Dissolved in LakeCooper to become carnivorous water.Ate all the fish in the lake and spat their dry bones on shore.Later while they were swimming ate and killed Jayne & Stevie Carroll, Dianne Matthews, & Louise & Shane Stebbins.Later, while they were in 4-man runabout, killed Jim Kane, Con Rodriguez, Dave Kelly, & Murray Senkans.Then later ate Mel Forbes when he waded out into LakeCooper.In summer of 2001 Lake Cooper overflowed and met up with the nearby Yannan River and the Crystal from out of Space took over all the world’s oceans, to eat all sea creatures and wait till melting ice caps allowed it to cover lands to eat people and other land creatures.[Crystal from out of Space, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Cthugha, Flaming.The fire-being; feared by Nyarlathotep; has abode on Fomalhaut, 28-light years from Earth.
Cthulhu (, Great).Sleeping in Sunken R’lyeh.Described as a “squid-dragon”; he is preceded by ocean smells; in some legend dolphins worship & serve him; has huge tentacles, liquid eyes many rods apart.Winged octopoidal god, with tentacles, tipped with claws on face [The Fairground Horror] See Statuette found in grave of Ezra Williams.Cousin of the Old Ones.[The Statue, Cthulhu Cultus #9] See Matti, Shellazen.[The Forgotten Ritual of Mnar, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
Dagon, Oannes.Ruler of the deep ones, dwellers in the ocean depths.Vast, Polyphemus-like & loathsome; gigantic scaly arms; large as a whale.Samson toppled his temple in Gaza, according to Judges XIII; see Kettlethorpe lintel plate; Phoeniciand adopted Dagon from Philistines, but called him Oannes.Romans called him Neptune.See Susan Dagon.[Goddess, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Dark Man, The.Another name for Nyarlathotep.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Dark One, The.Another name for Nyarlathotep.
Demon Messenger, The.Another name for Nyarlathotep.
Doombringer, The.Nyarlathotep.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Dweller in Darkness, The.Another name for Nyarlathotep; also Nygotha.
Etepsed-Egnis.Wars with Cthulhu for control of The Great Old Ones [A Core Unto Itself, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Faceless God, The.Another name for Nyarlathotep.[The Dark Man’s Assassin, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Father of the Million Favoured Ones.Another name for Nyarlathotep.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Father Yig.Another name for Yig.
Ghatanothoa.The devil-god from Yuggoth [Introduction, Shub Niggurath Cycle].The Dark God; Chief of the Star Dwellers, See Lloigor, brought to Earth by Mi-Go.
God of Resurrection, The.Ancient Egyptian name for Nyarlathotep.
God of the Desert, The.Ancient Egyptian name for Nyarlathotep.
Gorgons.Priestesses of Cthulhu, according to Hamilton Tharpe.
Great Cthulhu.Lives in sunken R’lyeh.
Great Messenger, The.Another name of Nyarlathotep.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Great Race, The.Immense rugose cones ten feet (3 metres) high, with base 3 metres wide.Composed of ridgy, scaly, semi-elastic matter; sporting from tips four flexible, cylindrical members, each at least 30 cms thick, of similar substance but more fleshlike; limbs have ability to expand & contract, sometimes to length of cones (3 metres).Two of these limbs are terminated in enormous claws, a third has a crest of four red, trumpetlike appendages.The fourth ends in a great yellow globe 60 cms (2 feet) in diameter, in the centre of which are three enormous eyes, darkly opalescent.Which can be turned in any direction.Their strange heads are crowned by four slender grey stalks, carrying flowerlike appendages, as well as, from their nether side, eight sinuous, elastic tentacles, moss green in colour, which seem to be constantly agitated by serpentine movement, expanding and contracting, lengthening and shortening and whipping around as if with life independent of the sluggish cones.They have existed billions of years, but only as cones for the last few centuries, their true shapes are more like shafts of light.The existed on Earth billions of years ago before being driven out by the Elder Gods.They fled to Jupiter, then to a dark star in Taurus, where they remaining watching from the Lake of Hali along with Hastur.They are able to swap minds with other creatures, to take over their lives.Minds are taken like this to add to the books in their library & their great store of knowledge.They make jabbering, whistling & clicking sounds.[Shadow Out of Space/Dark Brotherhood]
Gzxtyos.A consort of Othuyeg; see Donovan [People of the Monolith, Cthulhu Cultus #9-11]
Han, Dark Han.
Hastur the Unspeakable.The Not-To-Be-Named One; half-brother of Cthulhu; occupies air & interstellar spaces; has bat-like followers; imprisoned on a black star near Aldebaran in the Hyades.Imprisoned in the Lake of Hali in Carcosa; his flesh engulfed in an ammonia pool [The Sign of the Yellow Servitor, Cthulhu Cultus #9].Howling wind sounds indicate his presence; see Ithaqua, Lloigor; Lord of the Interstellar Spaces. Husband of Shub-Niggurath.[Hastur-The-Unspeakable, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
Haunter of the Dark.Another name for Nyarlathotep.
He of a Thousand Masks.Another name for Nyarlathotep.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Howler in the Night.Another name for Nyarlathotep.
Hypnos.God of sleep.
Ialdagorth.The Dark Devourer.Cousin to Lord Azathoth.Black, shapeless, formless, malevalent.See Books: Servants of the Coils [Servants of the Coils, Cthulhu Cultus #10]
Ithaqua.The Walker on the Wind; None but his worshippers may look upon him, for others to do so is certain death; He is a dark outline against the sky, anthropomorphic, a manlike, yet bestial silhouette, striding both in low icy mists & high stratocumulus, gazing down with carmine stars for eyes, leaves webbed footprints in the snow; before his rebellion against Elder Gods strode air above Ur of the Chaldees & ancient Khem; Indians call him Wendigo; carries his victims with him in sky; howling wind sounds indicate his presence; see Hastur, Lloigor; human sacrifices made to him at Manitoba.
Kthulhut.Possibly another spelling of Cthulhu.To whom frightened sailors allude with furtive glances.[House of the Worm, Myers, p43]
Lloigor.Creature of the air; howling wind sounds indicate his presence; see Ithaqua, Hastur; Star beings of Mu in Pacific, 12-20,000 years ago; lived among men & dominated them; have ability to amputate limbs without causing death & do so fequently to punish; came from Andromeda nebula; extremely pessimistic.
Lord of the Desert.Ancient Egyptian name for Nyarlathotep.
Master of Evil.Another name for Nyarlathotep.
Matti, Shellazen.Oracle; daughter of Cthulhu (?) [The Forgotten Ritual of Mnar, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
Messenger, the Great.Another name for Nyarlathotep.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Messenger of the Great Old Ones.Another name for Nyarlathotep.
Mighty Messenger (from the throne of Azathoth).Another name for Nyarlathotep. [The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Mind Parasites.
Nath-Horthath.Glorified in Nithy-Vash.[House of the Worm, Myers, pv69]
Neptune.Roman name for Dagon.
Nug.Evil twin of Yeb.Offspring of Shub Niggurath.[Introduction, Shub Niggurath Cycle]
Nyarlathotep.The Messenger of the Great Old Ones, the Doombringer, the Bringer of Stange Joy to Yuggoth, the Father of the Million Favoured Ones, [The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14], the Demon Messenger; God of Resurrection, the Black Messenger (of Karneter), Mighty Messenger, Stalker among the Stars, Lord/God of the Desert, he of a thousand masks, the Black Pharoah, the Great Messenger, Master of Evil, the Dark One, the Dweller in Darkness, the Blind, the Faceless God, the Dark Man, the Black Man [The Dark Man’s Assassin, Cthulhu Cultus #14], The Unholy Attendant [The Unholy Attendant, Roberts], Faceless One, the Howler in the Night, the Haunter of the Dark, the Blind Ape of Truth (anc. Egypt); Resembles a life-sized sphinx with the body of a hyaena & the wings of a vulture with talons & claws, upon its squatting bestial body rests a massive anthropomorphic head, bearing the ominous triple-crown of the gods; not a man, not a beast, with no face only curious conelike head, has tentacle-like appendages, also several hand-like growths; gigantic amorphous, protoplasmic mass whose physical form is in constant flux; of earth deities yet travels in time & space; makes noise like howling wind when there is no wind; fears only Cthugha; before his appearance comes band of blinding light & wind-like howling; can take on human form.Appears within the mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion.[I Am Nyarlathotep!, Cthulhu Cultus #9] See Avatar of Nyarlathatep.In human form can eject a great tentacle from his mouth to grab a person’s neck and strangle them.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14] Seems to have no eyes, but if angered two great orbs would flare like great suns where eyes should be.[The Dark Man’s Assassin, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Nygotha.(Nyarlathotep?) The Dweller in Darkness [Salem Horror]; the Thing that should not be; a dark wave of irridescent blackness, neither liquid nor solid, a frightful gelinous mass, a pseudopod of blackness elongated from central mass;.
Oannes.Phoenician name for Dagon.
Othuyeg, Great.Human sacrifices are performed in his honour upon a monolith so that Othuyeg and the rest of the Great Old Ones can rise up and take back that what is theirs [People of the Monolith, Burnham]
Quyagen.“Who dwells beneath our feet” [People of the Monolith, Burnham]
Passiflora.She started as a self-system of pipes sprouting & sprouting under a wooden construction.All done up with coxcombs, half-diluted wattles, thick poultry skin, wings twice the size they should have been in any tenable universe, beaks and claw-boots with tufts and tails stained with her own droppings.Perches on roofs disguised as a chimney.Suckles her young through the skin of her belly; they underlie her soggier parts like blind nipples.[Alum Chine, Cthulhu Cultus #13]
Rhan-Tegoth.The beast god.Without whom the Old Ones can never return [Introduction, Shub Niggurath Cycle].
Rugose Cones.See Great Race.
Shambler from the Stars.Red & dripping, an immensity of pulsing, moving jelly, a scarlet blob with myriad tentacular trunks that waved & waved, there were suckers on tips of appendages & these open & shut in ghoulish lust, bloated & obscene, a headless, faceless, eyeless bulk with the ravenous maw & titanic talons of a starborn monster; originally invisible, but sucks blood from its victims thru suckers on tentacles, blood it ingests slowly makes monster visible [see quote below from Shambler from the Stars to summon]
Shub-Niggurath, Sheol Nugganoth.The goat of the woods with a thousand young; the Black Goat with a Thousand Young; the Black Goat of the Wood [Introduction, Shub Niggurath Cycle]; the Great Earth Mother.Wife of Hastur.Devil, married to Hastur to seal pack between Devils and Great Old Ones.[Hastur-The-Unspeakable Cthulhu Cultus #12] [At the Sound of the Tone, Cthulhu Cultus #13] Mother of Nug & Yeb [Introduction, Shub Niggurath Cycle].
Shudde-M’ell.Broods & bubbles, plotting the destruction of the human race & release of Cthulhu, lives in earth, causes earth tremors & tunnels thru earth to reach intended victims; leaves a hideous smell & slime, the burrower beneath.Looks vaguely like an elongated, eyeless squid [The Fairground Horror]
Space-Eaters.Soft like a sponge, feels like solid jelly; thin and white like an arm but tall as a tree; like a huge white arm walking on its hand; bore into head with long tongues, making bullet-like hole to suck out victim’s brain; victim’s brain is so cold they scream with pain; make droning & humming noises; lurks in treetops & drops onto shoulders, appear as spiral of blinding light that enters victim’s head.
Stalker Among the Stars.Another name for Nyarlathotep.
Sthood.An idol too horrible to be worshipped by men.Sthood had created just three miracles since his image was carven from sandstone. The third was to create Mankind.Dreamt five million years on a pedestal before Mankind came to build a temple around him.[House of the Worm, Myers, p71]
Summanus.In human disguise: a chalky-grey colour, very tall, with no facial features below the nose (his mouth is painted on); bushy eyebrows over most penetrating eyes, thick & blunt ears.Has long white tentacles, which he can use to penetrate a person’s body to suck out their blood & vital juices; can send people into a trance state where they are aware, but unable to move; the Monarch of the Night, the Terror that Walketh in Darkness.His followers make offerings of cakes of Festus; Martianus Capella called him the Lord of Hell.His worshippers use rituals referred to by Pliny as Dreaded Tuscan Rituals, “Books containing the Liturgy of Summanus”. [The Fairground Horror, What Dark God both Lumley]
Tell.Fertility goddess of Mu. SeeShellcoveBeach House.[Goddess, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Tritons.Alternative name for the Deep Ones.
Tsathoggua.From N’kai; Amorphous, toad-like god-creature; has furry pre-human worshippers; dweller in depths of the earth.
’Umr At-Tawil.Another name for Yog-Sothoth.
Wendigo.Amer-Indian name for Ithaqua.
Whisperer (s) in Darkness.Seen November 3, 1927 at the Winooski Riv. near Montpelier, West Riv. in Windham County beyond Newfane, Passumpsic Riv. in Caledonia County above Lyndonville; organic bodies, pinkish, about 1.52 metres long, with crustaceous bodies bearing vast pairs of dorsal fins or membraneous wings & several sets of articulated limbs, with a convoluted ellipsoid, covered with multitudesof very short antennae instead of a head; huge light-red crab with many pairs of legs & two great batlike wings in middle of back, talk with their heads which change colour in different ways to mean different things; able to fly through space, but clumsy at flying short distances on Earth, have green, sticky sap/slime instead of blood; light hurts them for there is none in the black cosmos outside time and space where they came from originally.
Yeb.Evil twin of Nug.Offspring of Shub Niggurath.[Introduction, Shub Niggurath Cycle]
Y’golonac.Even Cthulhu’s minions dare not speak his name; can take form of a headless man, in true form has many wet mouths.
Yibb-Tstll.Alien god defying description; human sacrifices made to him.Soul-eater.
Yig.Prototype of Quetzalcoatl; Father Yig, Father of Serpents, able to control (sea) snakes. [The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14] Father of Serpents [Introduction, Shub Niggurath Cycle].
Yog-Niggurath.Worm?Possibly another name for Shub-Niggurath? [A Core Unto Itself, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Yog-Sothoth, Yogg-Sothoth.The all-in-one & one-in-all, not subject to laws of space-time; ’Umr At-Tawil; dwells in the earth; with Azathoth leads Great Old Ones; sacrifices made to him.Sent outside into a parallel place, conterminous with all space and time.
Yok-Zothoth.Possibly another name for Yog-Sothoth (See “Ubbo-Sathla” by Clarke Ashton-Smith.
Zhar.In Arctarus.
Zhothaqquah.Possibly another spelling of Ithaqua (from Book of Eibon).
Beloved Servitor.A huge, kidney-shaped mass, with sprouting, sucker-life mouths which killed Adam Radcliffe.Picks the mind of those who summon it and slaughters by siphoning away the blood of anyone its summoner hates.[Beloved, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Bowen Beast, The.Monster caught in nets (a Deep One?) that dragged father of Edward and Jonathan into water off Little DealIsland.green beneath the black slime, which oozed polychromatic emissions.Obscene, anthropomorphic, winged and clawed, the head lost in a riot of squirming tentacles.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Creature atop the Gables.An obscene caricature of a gargoyle: jet black, basically humanoid, but more than five metres tall, with large membraned wings extending from each of its six pairs of arms.Beneath & around the arms writhed dozens of long, snaking tentacles, attached to the ends of which were lethal, crab-like pincers which click-clicked continuously like bored castenet-players.Has snake-like slitted eyes.Hisses more like a cat than a snake.[The Watchers at the Portal, Cthulhu Cultus #10]
Creature in pool at TempleHouse.See Notes from Journal of Gavin McGilchrist: [House of the Temple]
Darker, The.Invisible cr eature 10 or 20 feet high and maybe as wide, lurking in the swamps around Gonzalos Texas.Killed Newley Meriwether & Jonas Anderson.Prints like tiny hand prints, but very deep as though creature has immense weight.[Darker, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
Deep Ones, Tritons.Ocean dwelling humanoids who serve Cthulhu and worship Dagon; scaled, green, walk with frog-like gait, cross between a hop & a step, somewhat hunched like most batrachia.Sub-human, gilled people, resembling frogs or toads more than fish, but eyes ichthic; See Harden, CountyDurham.See Scotland.Communicate making a sound like a drowning person trying to clear a phlegmy throat.Human kin of deep ones, who have blood replace by transfusion do not transform into deep ones.[The Steps at Siloth, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Dholes, Doles, Doels.
Fungi from Yuggoth.
Gomairians. Fungous moon beasts in Land of Dreams.[A Correlation of Facts Regarding UFO’s, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
gugs.Banished to caverns below by Great Ones because of their sacrifices to Nyarlathotep and the Other Gods.
Hounds of Tindalos.Live in time-space outside our dimensions; able to scent dreamers who pass through their dimensions(s) & chase them; can only enter our dimensions through angles (corners), so you are safe in a circular room; See Halpin Chalmers; they are living yet their essence lacks enzymes, so they can live forever.
Keeper of Dreams, The.More like a salamander than a leech, its eyes improperly placed, fretted wings.Sells dreams from doorway in alley behind Hall ofBurgesses in Ulthar, receiving as payment men’s desires which it keeps locked up in a little painted box.[House of the Worm, Myers, p30, 35]
Lathi.Eidolon that rules over Thalarian.
mi-go.Type of Abominable Snowmen, feared by Nepalese hill tribes, of Himalayas.
night gaunts, night-gaunts.Gigantic, winged elephantine creature, with no face; snatch luckless dreamers from the peak of Throk to drive them mad.Serve Nyarlathotep.
Pool thing at TempleHouse.See Yibb-Tstll, Bugg-Shash.Familiar of the Great Old Ones; parasite that lives on them as ticks live on men.Soft-tentacled, mushroom-domed terror.A star-borne wampyre.A monstrous amoeba; a sentient, poisonous jellyfish.A soul-eater.It can take on the face of anyone whose soul it has devoured.[The House of the Temple]
Ptetholites.Prehistoric, sub-human race who at very beginning of recorded time sent devils against Edril Ghambiz on the pre-neolithic isle of Esipish.
proto-shoggoths.Giant worm-like monster that races through tunnels in ground like express train.
S’gg’ha.A star-headed vegetable carnivore of Antarctica.
Shantaks.Serve the Great Old Ones; average height greater than a man, furred, bat-like bodies, bat-wings extending 91.5 cms above head; beaked face, otherwise resembling a bat’s; from Kadath in the Cold Waste.
shoggoths.Worm-like monsters, big & black; leave fingerprints 61 cms across toad-like thing atop Black Stone, bloated, repulsive.Can wrap themselves round a person to resemble a suit and gradually eat away their insides a hundred pounds a year.[The Suit, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
soul-eaters.Parasitic tick-like beings that live on the life-force of the Great Old Ones.Includes Yibb-Tstll, Bugg-Shash, and creature in pool at TempleHouse. [House of the Temple]
Whateley, Ralsa.A deep One; See under II. PEOPLE/SOCIETIES; Son of Ralsa Marsh & Sarey Whateley.
Whateley “thing”.Wilbur; 9 foot tall, partly human, with very manlike hands and head and goatish, chinless face of the Whateleys; above waist semi-anthropomorphic; though its chest had leathery, reticular hide of alligator or crocodile; back was piebald with yellow and black, dimly suggesting squamous covering of certain snakes; below waist skin was thickly covered with coarse black furr, & from abdomen a score of long greenish-grey tentacles with red sucking mouths protruded; on each of the hips, deepset in a kind of pinkish, ciliated orbit, was what seemed to be a rudimentaryeye; in place of a tail was a kind of trunk or feeler with purple annular markings, with evidence of being an undeveloped throat or mouth; the limbs, roughly resembled that of the giant saurians, and terminated in ridgy-veined pads that were neither hooves nor claws; when the thing breathed its tail & tentacles rhythmically changed colour, as if from some circulatory cause normal to the non-human greenish tinge; in the tail it was a yellow appearance which alternated with a sickly greyish-white in the spaces between the purple rings; instead of blood it had a foetid greenish-yellow ichor [Dunwich Horror]
Whateley monster.Wilbur Whateley’s twin: Invisible; bigger than a barn, shaped like hen’s egg, dozens of legs like hogsheads that half shut when they step, nothing solid about it, like jelly, made of separate wriggling ropes pushed closed together, great bulging eyes all over it, ten or twenty mouths or trunks sticking out all along the sides, big as stove pipes, tossing & opening & shutting, grey with blue or purple rings, has half face on top with red eyes, crinkly albino hair, & no chin like the Whateleys, yards across.
Zoogs.Inquisitive, brown.Caper & leer in shadows of dark mordant forests in the East.[House of the Worm, Myers, p26]
Live on red Betelguese.
Nodens.Lord of the Great Abyss.
II. PEOPLE/SOCIETIES/ENTITIES [name of story details come from]
Abrams, Brian.Young artist; appearance slowly growing dishelved and haggard since moving to Innsmouth; increasingly nervous with shaky hands, darting eyes, unable to finish one painting before starting the next.[Innsmouth Harvest, Cthulhu Cultus #9]
Ad.See Arabian Tribes.
Alhazred, Abdul.The “mad Arab”; author of the Necronomicron; world’s foremost authority on black magic.
Althas.Received the call of the Great Old Ones.A wise man from the peak of Hatheg-Kla gave him a stone from the ancient city of Mnar, which was engraved with the sign of the Elder Gods. Althas lived to a venerable age at which he died peacefully.[At the Sound of the Tone...., Cthulhu Cultus #13]
Anderson, David.Nephew of Jonas.[Darker, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
Anderson, Jonas.Friend of Newley Meriwether; also killed by the Darker.[Darker, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
Arabian Tribes, mysterious.Four little-known tribes: Ad (of the South), Thamood (North), Tasm & Jadid (both of the centre of the peninsula).
Archduke of Dankwell.Authored De Verminium.[Imelod #15, Fischer, p6]
Armitage, Dr. Henry.At MiskatonicUniversity, Arkham Oct 1929 [The Statue, Cthulhu Cultus #9] Author of Devils and Demons in the MiskatonicValley (Miskatonic University Press, 1937).See Antonia Siana [People of the Monolith, Cthulhu Cultus #13].
Asquith.Lawyer at Mcdonald, Asquith & Lee, Scottish soliciters.Tall, slender, high-browed and balding, with a mass of freckles, which seemed oddly in contrast with his late-mid 20s.Firm, dry handshake.[The House of the Temple]
Athib, Captain.Sails sky-bound galleys along CerenarianSea from Celephais to Serannian.
Atkins, Professor.Replaced Arthur Gillings as director of the Rare Books Collection at DwayneUniversity Library.[People of the Monolith, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
August, Howard.Lieutenant of police at Amoston September 1977 [People of the Monolith, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Bahadur, Selim.Turkish scribe & historian who fell in 1536 during battle for Stegoicavar.
Bates, Stephen. Boston cousin of Ambrose Dewart.[The Lurker at the Threshold]
Black Pharaoh.See Nephren-Ka.
Barzai the Wise.Advised burgesses of Ulthar to pass law against slaying cats [The Other Gods]
Bates, Jefferson.See Papers of Jefferson Bates.
Billington, (Old) Alijah.Country squire in early 19 cent.In old age moved to country south of London; but his land taxes were paid by solicitors in MiddleTemple.[The Lurker at the Threshold]
Billington, Laban.Son of Alijah & Lavinia Billington; solicitors continued to pay land taxes through New York bank.See Dewart, Mrs; Bates, Stephen; Quamis.[The Lurker at the Threshold]
Bishop, Abner.Grew bumper corn crop 1998 due to sacrifice of Sara Brown.[Bishop’s Harvest, Cthulhu Cultus #12]
Bishop, Daniel.30 yr old when murdered at age 30; his body cut to shreads and broken like a twig.Lover of Karla Hamford [Beloved, Cthulhu Cultus #11]
Blake, Robert Harrison.The Avatar of Nyarlathotep destroyed Blake, but lodged in Doctor Dexter (who pronounced Blake dead August 8th, 1935).In 1935 investigated the Starry Wisdom sect on Federal Hill and found the corpse of Edwin Lillibridge.Found red-black crystal polyhedron in its metal box and made the mistake of shutting the lid, thus summoning the Haunter of the Dark.See William J. Monahan; Fr. Merluzzo; Starry Wisdom sect; Federal Hill.[Shadow from the Steeple; The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Blake, Dante P.I..Goes to Harkess with Isobel McDonald & Antonia Siana to look for Professor McDonald.Is put into trance, stripped and tattoed all over with the marks of Othuyeg [People of the Monolith, Burnham]
Blayne, Horvath.See Narrative of Horvath Blayne.
Bowen, Enoch.Archeaologist, whose greatest achievement was finding the Black Stone Trapezohedron in Egypt.Great-great-grandfather of Edward and Jonathan.Ancestral home near Providence, Rhode Island.In 1843 in Egypt investigated the crypt of “Nephren-Ka”, the “forgotten pharoah”.In 1844 returned to Providence & purchased the Free Will Church and called it the Starry Wisdom sect.[Shadow from the Steeple]; he Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Bowen, Edward.Tended bed-ridden mother after strange death of his father, while Jonathan vanished, until death of mother ten years later.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14] See Bowen Beast.
Bowen, (father).Father of Edward and Jonathan.Died when dredging off Little DealIsland.He had been examining ooze-coating the dredge when a breeze blew up.As boat captain turned to wheel, he heard a scream and a plopping and looked back to see bubbles in water and no sign of Bowen.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Bowen, Jonathan.Blonde, sun-bronzed.Spent ten years travelling the world.[The Prodigal, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Bowen, Sally.See Cecil Clemmens.[Whipping Boy, Cthulhu Cultus #14]
Boyd, Clairborne.See Testament of Clairborne Boyd.
Bradford, Mr.Governor of New Dunnich c. 1871.[The Lurker at the Threshold]
Brotherhood of Yellow.Name von Juntz used in Unaussprechlichen Kulten for the cult of Hali.[The Sign of the Yellow Servitor, Cthulhu Cultus #9]
Brother Jacob.Krist-monk of 907 A.D. living in Norway.When Hrafn Grimirson throws knife into his left eye, thr Br. pulls it out and it is coated in green [Servants of the Coils, Cthulhu Cultus #10]
Brown, Jericho.Old man in 1997; sold daughter Sara to Zachariah Whateley so he could perform ceremony on top of Sentinel Hill to grow bumper corn crop for Abner Bishop.After sacrifice of Sara, Zak Whateley cut the throat of Jericho Brown. [Bishop’s Harvest, Cthulhu Cultus #12]

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