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An esistential poem about the evil age we exist in.

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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Submitted: January 18, 2011



An evil times is had by all
Who live within this evil land,
And nothing ever turns out right
Not as you have wished and planned.

For evil stalks this loathsome place
And hope so rapidly has died,
Most are ‘fraid to show their face
As in their domiciles they hide.

No-one dares to ever hope
And no-one dares to ever dream,
Within this loathsome, deadly place
Where from the silence people scream.

An evil time, an evil age
Some call it a modern Hell,
And no-one sane would disagree
For lest they break the spell.

For day to day life must go on
Even in a place so foul,
A putrid, rancid age we know
Where silence gives way to howls.

An evil time in which we’re born
And an evil time in which to die,
While babies stare in silent fear
And watch their parents fitful cry.

A time of dread and monstrous fear
A fear that surely stalks this place,
Icy chills shiver ‘long your spine
As loathsome things dance on your grave.

An evil time to live and die
And evil tales are daily told,
Of horrors ‘gainst the very young
And terror for the very old.

An evil time with no respite
When every hope is truly lost,
When sanity and peace of mind
Must surely be the final cost.

An evil age; an evil land
With little hope and little peace,
Where people freeze to death each day
And babes have but naught to eat.

An awful time is had by all
An evil age has dawned,
And as this new age firm takes hold
The old age is sorely mourned.

For no-one dreamt a dream so drear
Cold conquers the once warm Earth,
An evil, festering, hateful time
When even life has little worth.

An evil age in which we life
An evil time is this indeed,
When all the world seems destitute
And no-one ‘live can slake our need.

An evil time is upon us now
For which we have no way to ‘fend,
An evil age that saps our hopes
Just pray to God it soon will end!

© Copyright 2011
Philip Roberts

© Copyright 2017 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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